I Filed A Complaint Against Gary Gensler! (Bitcoin Rebounding)

I Filed A Complaint Against Gary Gensler! (Bitcoin Rebounding)

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0:00 Intro
00:38 Why you watch this show
01:31 Don’t Panic in the Market
03:04 Ben and Frankie Market Outlook
09:39 I’m not Scared of Gary
11:17 Eliens
12:29 Calling the SEC
18:22 Q&A

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That's my watch your show exactly just So you know if that's not why you watch The show that's right because I'm Incredibly good looking [Music] [Music] [Music] Bitcoin dominance 45.8 percent dropping Like a rock look at that Heath 20.1 we tell you ethereum is better than Bitcoin for a lot of reasons not not as A financial system but as an investment We do believe that Um no Um Jay and Carr says did you do your Homework today Ben are you just reading Articles as usual why why guess what That's all I have to do because I Understand it all a lot better than you Do so sorry it's a continuous stream I Actually did read an article this Morning believe it or not I didn't read An article you don't you don't watch my Show because of the homework I do on Every article you watch this show Because my experience my perspective That's years Beyond 99 of crypto that's Why you watch the show exactly just so You know if that's not why you watch the Show that's right because I'm incredibly Good looking hang on All right it's amazing isn't it Guys

There's no reason to panic what did I Tell you yesterday yesterday I told you We could potentially see some more Bottom action if a coinbase get sued Wasn't expecting to be so quick back to Back But don't panic sell there was no reason Yesterday for you guys to get out of This Market by the time the news came Out the action to the downside had Already occurred Guys Nothing is going to come of any of this Except for maybe a fine do you know do You know how bad uh Clinton Quarry says I watch her Common Sense Outlook and Metamask still has the old dog logo I Need to figure out how to change that on There yeah I agree with that one Bitcoin But guys you can't panic in this market There's no reason to do it by the time The retail is is at a decision is it an Inflection point a decision point it's Too late You've already missed it if you're Trying to get out before it dumped by The time you're pondering it you've Already missed it now this is different Than what we would say after the after a Peak after the the beginning of a bear Market when you're looking at things and You're saying okay uh actually like I Think the market is peaked over the next Several months I think it's going to go

Down Then yes that's a good time to Temporarily get out of the market Don't get out of the market on news You'll lose every single time every Single time you will lose another thing Don't get in the market because of news That's also you we've seen actually more Wins there than on the other side Um but also usually a bad idea so and Like if you measure this like 455 days of again if that scam uh you Know March 2020 price action didn't Happen over a year of just boring price Action the market likes to scare you out And then anyone left it will just go Ahead and board the rest of the people Out right that's where we're at right Now and you agree with that Ben yeah I I Agree I think Um I think when you look like I'm Telling you guys it's so much different To look at the chart than it is to Remember how it was right so when you go Back to that uh that pandemic Wick you Have to also understand what was going On at that time which was in January of 2020 we actually finally started moving Up and in February the price had gone Back to about ten thousand dollars which Ten thousand dollars was like our thirty Thousand dollars kind of kind of kind of Similar right so uh we sat there at ten Thousand dollars and people were like oh

My gosh there's a prehabbing pump things About to start going down and then all Of a sudden we start hearing the Whispers of pandemic of Italy of Spain Of China and then all of a sudden it Just keeps going down a little bit more Down a little bit more then it gets back Down to about seven thousand dollars Maybe six sixty five hundred uh in March And then you get that day March 12th Right was the day of that of the panda Crash down Um you know and on that day with the day A lot of us were questioning a lot of Things but it was just totally out of Nowhere but it wasn't just that that Wick down it was two it was a month and A half of the pandemic starting to weigh On the market ahead of that so what you Can look back and you can say is if we Had not got the pandemic a pandemic had Not occurred during this time then we Probably would have stayed steady Between about nine and eleven thousand Dollars I think until the having after The having you get a crash we might have Actually seen it you know it's very Similar to what we just saw because is If if we had stayed sideways and had not Had the pandemic hit then We probably could have seen it run up Much higher before the having it might Actually have gone back to about 14 000 Worth of having which could have set the

Tone for the entire bull market right But instead what happens is we get the Price plummet so when the having comes What does it do it goes right back to About that ten thousand dollar level Again it just returned to where it was Which is kind of what I can see Happening over the summer which is with A lot of excitement coming with the fomc Meeting not raising rates or they don't Raise rates in the next meeting you got A lot of kind of things bubbling up Right now where you you got Congress Yeah and we're gonna talk about this on Video tonight what Congress did last Week set the SEC up and they don't even Understand it yet and we're going to Talk about that tonight on a video but When we start getting positive Regulatory framework for crypto that's Not SEC that's Congress which is above The SEC then that excitement is going to Start oh here we go and we're gonna get Right back to thirty thousand dollars Right back to where we just were he's Like we're just gonna retrace to where We were Um and I can kind of see some Similarities between that but if you Really look at where we're at right now Compared to where we were at in 2019 Kind of in the market I would say right Now we're kind of heading into the fall Like we're heading into the fall of 2019

Right now so we're we're getting kind of To the end when we get to the fall here Like in September that's when we should Start seeing the market actually move up So I expect a long boring summer here Now now look certainly we and I talked About this on my video last week for a While we were looking impairing the Cycles like I was kind of torn because Like it kind of feels like there's a lot Of bullish action coming up soon but It does it seems more sense for us to Have the sideways market so it actually Makes sense You know comparing the cycles that we Had this big drop because now we've got Some room for this excitement to get us Back up to the standard level so um That's kind of what I see happening I Think it's going to be a long boring Summer for crypto I think you are going To see a lot of a lot of meme coin Action a lot of nft action maybe maybe Not ft's as much as meme coins but a lot Of smaller coins might do some things You'll get some outliers in the top 100 That move up to come back down to move Up um you know cardano was set for a Good move here and then of course now we Got this bad news you know but it's not Really bad news but Panic news I guess Um so it's just it's gonna be a very Interesting summer I believe here in Crypto and I think that by the end of

This summer I think we'll see the exit Of Gary Kinsler I believe oh hey I Believe I mean a nice little cherry on Top uh but yeah I would agree and uh Shout out there's someone in chat saying This isn't ta this is moon boy uh this Is moon boy math or something like that Uh which is funny because I'm we're Literally talking about the possibility Of going back to 25 20 000 uh it's it's People like that I think his name is Like one hit or quitter which is is I Guess what he does with his thumbnails He just reads the thumbnail and leaves But uh the the the the thing is here Right like that's not bull market Confirmed we're going to 100K right now It's a mistake that a lot of people make Right uh if you watch that whole video We talk about the possibility of Potentially even coming back down to Fifteen thousand dollars to double Bottom but the point of that video is to Talk about how close we are to the next Having and in every other cycle right After we hit that having very shortly After that's another thing that people Uh probably think too is as soon as the Data having comes we Moon we'll tell you Guys that to her blue in the face And still y'all will buy like the day of The having is the day everything goes up Yeah and then you'll be like oh you said We're like no that's not what we said

Yeah yeah and it's just uh it's all About like that's not really you know The way the market goes is like just Because the bull market might be Confirmed right maybe the Bottom's in That would technically in some people's Book confirm the bull market uh it Doesn't mean you go right up right uh so Again I I don't think it's impossible to Come back to twenty thousand dollars uh We do have I believe a CME gap down here It's also a very interesting volume Level that if we start breaking some of These highs from this previous range Back here it would actually make a lot Of sense to come back down to some of These lower levels again this is not the Exchange I typically look at so the Levels are different um but that twenty Thousand dollars twenty one thousand Dollar level is not impossible to come Down to but that doesn't mean that the Bear Market is not wrapping up so uh Just you know just just keep that in Mind guys Yeah all right see you guys later uh uh Bing bong Foreign [Music] [Music] SEC sues you for selling an unregistered Security seems risky AF Being in crypto is risky AF right now do You not understand that yeah but so do

Not get it you don't see first of all I Didn't sell any of these coins first of All I didn't sell a single coin uh Someone else did that I took it over Afterwards had no knowledge of a sale Before that number two guys I want to go Back to my tweet here I want to go to my Tweet which is going viral or it was was It was who was it at now Let's see Where is it where here it is 663 lights Not viral but I got 500 in a short Amount of time guys I know James Gunners in here all the Time I didn't even call you an idiot I'm Sorry I'm sorry the crypto Salem Witch Trials Are here guys it's crypto Salem witch Trials Every single project every single Influencer we're all on the chopping Block every single one of us anyone who Has a name in this industry is on The Chopping Block that seems risky AF Doesn't it doesn't that seem risky to Talk about crypto at a time like this Guys Gary's on his way out I'm not Scared of Gary I'm not scared of Gary Gary has basically won zero cases since He's been in charge even his Library Case that he won that's actually the Biggest failure and loss for the SEC That exists because it's at a precedent

That the secondary Market is or not Securities so no I'm not scared of the Guy I promise you I swear to God I will Never be scared of a man with a cold Attack on his head Ever in fact I also do not believe in Aliens yeah okay that's pretty cool I Like that and people watch the Ellie and Cult people there are people that are Literally in Alien cults aliens are Their religion If you try because their religion is Science right so science would kind of Say that like because the universe is so Big and there's so many possibilities Out there there has to be aliens And by aliens I mean more than just Plankton like intelligent life some Something give or take within a hundred IQ points of the average human okay not An IQ of two okay just because space Exists doesn't mean that the factors are Right for life and that's what I believe Until you show me an Elliot face to face And I talk to him I ain't gonna believe In him I don't believe it People are saying why are you all Spelling lens with an E I don't Understand this What are what this guy says what the f Is an alien guys It's an extraterrestrial being with Intelligence That you could see and talk to okay

That's what an alien is I don't Understand why people don't understand This it's weird December 23rd 2020 Literally three weeks after he filed the Case was Ripple Jay Clayton steps down Okay literally exactly three weeks after We file the case He knew he could not win that case okay Here it is uh well no let's see He knew he could not win this case So what does he do he steps down Are we seeing this binance and this Coinbase case is Gary ginsler Swanson He can't win those cases there's zero Percent chance you can win those cases I don't believe in aliens but if they Were real they would look like Gary guns Or there's a lot of crossover between Lizards and Aliens as a lot of people Know people think that aliens are Reptiles a lot of people think that Gary Guns are himself it's a lizard person It's also an alien so look at that Um let's let's watch this clip real Quick I can't keep up whether he likes me or Hates me we talked a little bit on Twitter one time I can never remember I I need like a meter to track Who Currently likes me and who currently Hates me on Twitter yeah there's got to Be an API for that is it doodas or dudas I think it's dudus Um I think it's dude is I think okay now

He was involved I believe with the I Think he was involved with the block but He came out like said a lot of strong Statements he didn't know about the Alameda thing yada yada all right here We go You could create Uber or lift one top of A blockchain technology today uh well Maybe in five years you could it would Be have the performance uh Sylvia Mccallie's algorand who's a touring Award winner at MIT that I work with um Sylvia's got a great technology that has A performance you could create Uber on Top of it the question is then who would Update the song governance is tough Um I think this is what we do today We call Hester Pierce and we explained To her that we would like to see Gary Ginsler charged with promoting an Illegal security Yeah you like that yeah let's do that Okay so this is the SEC Um this is uh Hester Pierce we're going To call her live on air here love it What is that here okay Um let's call Hester Pierce here All right let's see what what is the Number Okay this is what you get on this Channel we do the things that other People are scared to do because they're Pansies I'm gonna start saying pansies Do not order any pizzas to that address

Oh Wait wait I gotta call gangster I call Her on speakerphone Okay let's see there we go The office of commissioner Hester in Person Commission they pronounce it We've always seen it wrong When you are finished hang up or press Pound for more options Hey uh office of Hester uh purse maybe I've been mispronouncing I thought it Was pierce um but I would just like to Say my name is Ben Armstrong and I would Like to formally file a complaint uh Against uh your fellow commissioner Gary Ginsler Um who's the chairman of the SEC for Illegally promoting a security there is A video that has emerged of Mr Gary Ginsler promoting outgrand as a great Blockchain with utility and now it comes Out that it is actually a security so What I would like to do is I would like To figure out how I file a formal Complaint Um I lead a community of thousands of People actually millions of people and We would like to officially file a Complaint and I want to have a way where All of my people who are you know follow My community can actually back this up And also take part in this because it's An absolute fraud that Gary Kinsler

Could could promote this blockchain Algorand he even promotes the uh the the Founder of this uh project algorian as a Touring Award winner gives him Credibility when in fact the SEC has Said that he's a scammer Sylvia McCallie So what I would like to see is is a Formal complaint filed and how we can Back this up and how we can follow this Up as a community so if you could call Me back I'm sure you guys have my number Here you can also email me at uh uh Bitboy bitboycrypto.com thank you Goodbye see you after uh we'd also if You'd like to come on my channel we'd Like that too thanks bye foreign Yeah I mean why would we not yes do you Understand how powerful we are here uh The bit Squad you guys understand how Powerful we are Uh Hester Pierce's number by the way put Up on the screen I would like for all of You guys to also call Hester Pierce and Also back this up let's get a formal Complaint going against Gary ginsler I Want a formal complaint uh the number is 202-551-5080 we would like Hester to Come on the channel and explain how our Formal complaint Is not valid how in the world can the Commissioner of the SEC get away with Promoting an illegal security I want to Know the answer to that question I want To know how he loopholes himself out of

This Let's go guys you have the power we Together have the power please pick up The phone call Hester purse I guess We've been saying it wrong the entire Time and we love Hester we love Hester We love Hester Hester's the one person That will speak up against Gary that's Why we want her on on our team we want Her on our Squad we want her on the team Of pro Innovation uh you know Hester is The one that's sitting there at the Intervention and she's like I told him I Told him this was gonna happen I told Him it's going to happen I told him they Were going to come for him I tried to Tell him I tried to tell him It's not everybody else's fault it's Your fault but he didn't listen to me it Was not my fault that you were late to Work I did I didn't need to hear that Story about the dog you know the whole Thing is you never know which one's Gonna have that that black belt Guys I can't beat somebody he's got a Black belt I already know that I mean Maybe if I come in wearing my my poke High School Jersey okay score four Touching at one time maybe I'll be Scared enough but anyways I digress said That good stuff uh guys let's roll into The xrp segment uh don't forget this Segment is sponsored to you guys bye Steak here we go

Um you know what's so funny uh well you Can't play games with crypto by the way Uh go to bigboycreder.com You're us you sign up over here of your International sign up over here xrp is One of the coins that you can play with Um but uh in some parts of the world Maybe not everywhere [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music]