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00:36 Elon vs Mark
02:59 Amazon story

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Oh my God Amazon's gonna have Bitcoin Payment soon [Music] [Music] [Music] All right now is the Amazon news guys We're teasing we got uh jacked Bezos on The thumb You have any Jeff Bezos thoughts or Opinions Tim Oh man Good song Okay all right well I will say this About Jeff uh Jeff and Mark you know They're kind of like two Titans of the Industry we used to make fun of Mark Zuckerberg and you know we kind of Harold Jeff Bezos has this like Chad you Know he got jacked you know shaving his Head and he's like walking around in a Vest in his arms he looks like Tim after A chess session But then you look at him and he's like I Don't know man I I feel like Mark Zuckerberg is really the Chad now he's Like the one doing the fitness Competitions he's like doing Jujitsu He's like children know like 18 Languages he's just chilling with his Wife having a good time on vacation Mark Who you taking Zuckerberg or Mark Zuckerberg would wipe the floor with Elon Musk he is a that fitness challenge He did put some Mark Zuckerberg is

Literally much better shape than 99.7 Percent of everybody if not 99.97 he's In freak physical form plus he does Jiu Jitsu training and he's younger he would Mop the floor with Elon that being said I love Elon Musk here's what you're not Taking into account Elon Musk is real Life Tony Stark and he is Iron Man and Uh he's got some stuff obviously who Knows if he's half bionic at this point Yeah but here's where you're getting Something wrong Mark Zuckerberg is the Lawnmower man he's Mr metaverse how do You know he hasn't downloaded kung fu And he can't even figure out figure out Meta at this point I don't think he's I Don't know I don't know but yeah no mark Would uh mark would wipe the floor with Him I mean you don't you don't practice Jujitsu that heavily and that intensely And be in that Peak physical form he he Could run he could run a marathon here We go can Elon Musk run a half mile Without walking listen he's Mark Zuckerberg probably break 10 miles out Like no sweat he's Iron Man Foreign [Music] [Music] Word on this headline and then we went On a three-minute tangent there Amazon Collaborated collaborating and pilot Program for new cbdc proposed by the IMF And central banks guys the IMF the

Essential Banks they do these things With BlackRock they do these things with Fidelity they do plans and testing with Large corporations well it looks like Amazon just got invited to the party Here uh the monetary authority of Singapore has published a white paper That proposes conditions for the use of Central banks uh digital currencies Tokenized Bank deposits and stable coins Guys Singapore is a large economy fairly Certain uh you know pretty entrench in The top ten there uh it was in Collaboration with the IMF and Italian Bank and the bank of Korea South Korea Of course and is currently paired with a Pilot program that Amazon and several Other corporate Giants are participating In According to Singapore monetary Authority The white papers released was supported By prototypes that aimed to demonstrate A concept called purpose-bound money Which allows centers to specify Conditions such as validity period and Types of shops when making transfers and Digital money across different systems They say that Amazon Digital Finance Company Faz and a food delivery and Digital payments grab are participating In the pilot case involving Arrangements Of our online retail payments also got a Banking Giant in there uh in in the

White paper researchers say they that a New future digital asset ecosystem could Mainly comprise of cbdc's tokenized Bank Liabilities and stable coins so this is The uh is the APAC right isn't that the Consortium of Asian countries so this is Huge this isn't I have to look at the Total APAC GDP compared to America but This is significant this will happen Before we see some in America we would See it happen in a country with friendly Regulatory Compliance uh how about this Actual rules on you know they actually Have a speed limit on the highway way so Before they start test driving their car Well this speed limit you know says 55 And I look at that road and it's curvy And there's no speed limit and sometimes After a curve it's a cliff so I'm going To test drive here before we could test Drive in America this is a test drive For Amazon adding crypto payments and a Very large ecosystem we're not talking About just El Salvador for people buying You know their groceries no this is a Serious rollout this makes me pretty Bullish Good [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign