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Thank you [Music] [Music] Welcome to bitwood crypto my name is Ben Today I have a very special message for You guys Um right now it's Father's Day Happy Father's Day What's the best thing that you can do as A dad well obviously you love your kids Right you love your wife Your baby mama your kids first and Foremost As a dad you're a provider it's what you Do If you've ever been through times in Your life when you felt like You aren't getting the job done you felt Like you weren't providing you felt like You had to have help from the outside Because you just couldn't make it maybe You start questioning Do you have what it takes To be able to really be a good father And the truth is is that A lot of us go through ups and downs so Where am I today I'm at Epcot In Disney World with my family on Father's Day we came down here for the Weekend uh tonight I'm hanging out to Dubai and I thought this was a really Interesting place to make this video About been point one Ben is be

Everywhere now okay be everywhere now It's all about crypto adoption it's all About hitting everywhere in the world at Once Epcot what a better representation of That But these little buckets up here you see These Sky buckets I don't know what they call them this Guy something Every time I run on these things It gets stuck today When I me and my family were on this Every year It got stuck at the top And you know what It just reminded me Of the last time that I got stuck on Those Sky buckets Yeah I felt like I was stuck in my life In a lot of ways go back it was 2019 Nobody was watching my channel I wasn't doing well financially I knew about crypto but Didn't have the funds to really invest In a lot Starting to make money on the channel Doing side hustles trying to do what I Could but I really felt like I was stuck In life I was in one of those up and Down periods in fact The last time I was at Epcot with my Family I couldn't afford to go to Epcot I

Couldn't afford to go to Disney World my Brother-in-law Ironically what's his name his name is Ben that's right my wife's sister's Husband his name is Venezuela he's in The military and he got discounted uh Rooms at shades of green here in Disney World which is a military Hotel here on The property And They paid for our tickets they paid for Everything my sister-in-law who by the Way is much younger than my wife the Time she was probably only 23 maybe I don't know how old she was They were doing way better than we were I mean this was you know a few years ago So I was already mid-30s I couldn't Afford to take my family to Disney World Okay I was embarrassed but I was glad that They did it because we wouldn't have got To go and have that experience I knew one day though that all my hard Work would pay off I I knew that it Would You fast forward And we've got to take them to Disney World The top of the line way you know with a Nice sweet nicest hotel the whole thing You know we did that uh maybe last year Or two years ago But the fact is

That moment I kind of felt like Somebody else is providing for my family And it's not me because I didn't have What it took But I was building and I was moving Forward and you see it's those moments In the bear Market That made me who I am today it's it's Those moments In the bear Market of questioning myself And do I really have what it takes If I would have disappeared out of Crypto in the bear Market It is very important for you to Understand this There were times I wanted to quit and There were times I want to give up I just had too much belief in crypto to Do it I was too hard-headed I was gonna Go down with the ship okay Stuck with it stick-to-itiveness that's What they call it And now I'm here at Epcot Going around the world But in a later time also going around The world to Dubai I used to not be able to travel Internationally didn't have money for no Reason but now I do And it's because of the decision that I Make that I made in that bear Market the Things I chose to look at the things I Chose to get interested in that's what

My channel blew up I was picking all the Right coins Um now of course you know there would be Some coins it didn't do right But I knew what to look for I knew what To look for I I already understood the Marketing behind crypto Guys If you don't understand What's happening With Bitcoin I would just tell you this There's a lot of YouTubers out there Making videos about Bitcoin A lot of them of course some people Criticize me A lot of them out there are smaller YouTubes YouTubers they're not people That are super well established in the Industry compared to a lot of us Old-Timers okay What they're doing with Bitcoin what I Was doing with Solana Before I hated it when it was at a Dollar That's what I was doing with cardano When it was at Five cents two cents It's what I was doing with v chain and Chain link and polygon when most people Didn't even know what they were I was researching what I saw to be the Future And I knew that even though the prices

Were down they didn't look of course Chain link was good in Bear Market but Outside of that I knew there was Something there I could just look at These and I could see the marketing Behind it I could see the hype Didn't know the Aslan and polygon would Have so much incredible hype But I knew there was something there Telling you guys I'm the largest influencer in crypto if You take all my socials together Especially including my Tick Tock Account which we're still trying to get Back three million followers but I Digress Hey guys let's take a break from the Video for a moment let's remember what's Really important in life Go into our sponsors steak make sure to Biblic.com and you can sign up whether You're United States or International we Got two different spots for you uh and Will you be seeing bencoin on steak I don't know maybe it's we're the role Of the nice all right guys Back the video The fact is This coin guys people and their people Have entire channels talking about me Okay You don't think more people are going to Get on this Bitcoin train when they Start seeing what we're doing we've got

So many big announcements coming up one Is of course we put on Twitter yesterday That we actually are going on the buy Bit by vote contest okay so what that Means is people are gonna get the Opportunity to vote for Bitcoin to go And buy bit and if we win the contest or Which we all win or if we get 800 people To deposit with new accounts on biped to Vote We automatically get listed and so uh We're gonna win but we want to get the Backup plan as well I'll let you guys Know when it's time we have a link for You guys to sign up because you have to Sign up around the time the contest Starts which I can't give you exact Timeline But we got at least a few weeks here Okay so we have that going on so guys Bible is a top five exchange Internationally Five minutes is where it's at five bit In okx have taken and filled in the gap For Um building the gap for uh you know Finance it's been going through some Issues here as you know All right we love binance as well it's Easy we love you've been going on by Hands Um we haven't we haven't uh reached out To them yet maybe we should we should do That but the fact is is that why that's

Going to be a massive massive boost in This community and it's spot training We're not we're not and if they want to Start their own leverage trading Market There it'd be fine but we're not we're Not advocating for that well bitcoin's Not about leverage trading okay Bitcoin Is about crypto adoption so the more new People come into crypto where do you Think they're going to be looking Where do you think they're going to be Looking for Um you know where they fit in a coin That's about crypto adoption well that Sounds great doesn't it remember when You got into crypto do you remember You remember when Um How in love with it you were when you First got in right think about all those People Everybody's gonna be coming to my Channel again we're all we're gonna be Growing we'll be the number one again We're number two right now overall but We'll be number one again Um and I'm not concerned about that at All It will happen so So much attention is going to be on Bitcoin We've got the volume matching up we have A couple other exchanges that we're Trying to work with

Um I believe we will get on Um kucoin uh fairly soon I'm not sure Exactly when Um okx and finance are next on that list We're gonna go after so those are the Only ones we're going after or exchanges That are uh you know top top five top Ten exchanges going forward because you Guys can already get it on big head Stuff like that But the fact is is that The price right now I can't talk I can't Really give you guys details about the Price It's just not so I should be doing in Charge of the Bitcoin Foundation but for The face of the Bitcoin Foundation but The fact is is that Guys The market got absolutely crushed this Week And you know for an altcoin that's top 600 right now but not above that Bitcoin held very well and I think we're Very positioned uh we're very well Positioned going into the end of this Year as crypto starts going up to you Know get that mainstream attention Um we've got tons of other stuff coming Up guys Um I'm going to Dubai mean with some Potential advisors some digital Partners Um uh one who actually either does still Work or was a major major player at one

Of the largest exchanges in the world So really excited about that one Um but even more excited about trying to Get There may be there may be a meeting with The royal family there may be a meeting With the royal family this week so Definitely be on the lookout for that uh Could you imagine if we could tap into Some of that Middle Eastern money and Get it flowing into Bitcoin and it makes Total sense because the government and Leadership in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates they obviously want crypto Adoption that's what their entire thing Is Um and it's not going to get completely Straightened out until the United States Fixes their junk and so um I think There's a lot of crossover a lot of tie Over there Um we are going to be meeting with Um Several several big people can't really Do the details of all it means right now But just understand We're moving forward we have our first Uh our first billboard campaign is going To be coming out Um probably in the next two weeks or so Definitely before the end of the month So we're working on finalizing that Um so uh people are gonna see where this Is people are going to be excited about

It trying to get Trying to get one more piece to it Secured uh while we're in Dubai which Would be really awesome if we're able to Get that done I can't give you exact Details on that because I don't want to Set you up for expectations so it Doesn't happen But here's the point guys The point of this video is Bitcoin is the gym Of this Expo version I know it I know it is I'm I'm going to If I have to single-handedly uh well Thanks to Casting she also has two hands Our CEO I'm going to quad handle it Deliver this project Into Valhalla That is my mission and the way that this Coin works it's all about awareness and Marketing the entire coin is awareness And marketing Because without that we can't achieve The goals we're looking to achieve Um so we'll probably be doing a spaces Um on the main point Twitter here pretty Soon Um but really excited about everything We have going on and if you are a dad Today Happy Father's day and just Remember Some some sometimes sometimes you get Stuck it doesn't feel great

I know in a bear Market that's how so Many people feel when you got in you saw This is your ticket you either lost your Money Or you got it at the wrong time and you Never made it But I'm here to tell you from someone That went to the top The top of the mountain came back down I'm here to give you the gospel Crypto is where it's at this is how You're going to go the next level And it doesn't always feel great it Doesn't always feel comfortable when You're we're trying to make that move But I can tell you today I feel great life is good That's all I got be blessed new Bitcoin Website be done soon [Applause] [Applause] All right [Music]