Altcoins May Pump 25X+, When This Happens…. | #bulls #btcnews #altcoins #news

🔴Video Title: Altcoins May Pump 25X+, When This Happens…. | #bulls #btcnews #altcoins #news
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Crypto influencers have been exposed the Markets have crashed for the last 4 Weeks some crypto down 20 30 even 50% or More if you fell for the crypto Influencer trap don't worry we have some Great news for you as always this is not My opinion this is just the facts from The charts these Corrections typically Last somewhere in the vicinity of 1 to 2 Months do not that does not mean the Market will pump after 2 months that is What the crypto influencers want you to Believe what typically happens is the Markets take 80% of the time to figure Out what they want to do and then they Spend 20% of the time getting there Using the facts from this first stage of The bull market cycle we can identify if History is to repeat then we should see A bottoming pattern sometime in the First half of 2024 whereby this would be The best Stage to be investing into Altcoins this is your chance to break The Habit cut out the noise follow this Channel and I'll see you at the next [Music] Video