Biggest GAMECHANGER In Crypto! (Ethereum Merge Better Than Bitcoin Halving?)

Biggest GAMECHANGER In Crypto! (Ethereum Merge Better Than Bitcoin Halving?)

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Since ETH merge not only price has been moving up but also the amount of Ethereum coming into supply went negative! Find out what this means in this video

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If your emerge occurred back in September Since then not only have the prices been Moving up But also the amount of ethereum command To supply well it's gone negative find Out what this means and why this could Be the thing that finally makes ethereum Flipping Bitcoin let's get it Welcome to bitwood crypto my name is Ben And today we are going to be talking About ethereum and what the tokenomics Mean going forward it's absolutely Phenomenal I'm going to show you a chart I put together on bitcoin that is gonna A spreadsheet it's going to explain a Lot of why ethereum is currently better Than Bitcoin to economically and will be For quite some time so what is the merge The merge of greatest ethereum's Long-awaited migration from proof of Work to proof of stake basically from Mining to validator nodes that hold Ethereum that's our incentive for Pushing transactions forward It was officially kicked off by Bellatrix on September 6th 2022. Um and so basically the long and the Short of it since then ethereum Initially began adding to the supply at A very small number it was supposed to Drop the inflation rate 97.5 percent you Got to see to believe how low it is now Then we have this

4.6 billion dollars in ethereum up in Flame since EIP 1559 this is January 21st but this is really what I want to Show you ethereum Improvement proposals that's what EIP Stands for 1559 was launched in August Of 2021 a lot of people didn't know what It was going to do if it was going to be Helpful but this is what it did it was Implemented and a grand total of 2.8 Million ease has been removed from Circulation roughly 4.6 billion at Today's prices just last seven days the Urban protocol has destroyed more than 16 364 eth an estimated rate of 1.62 each Per minute now here's what it does the Burn mechanism means there's more eat Being destroyed than being issued to Miners Supply growth has now dropped to Negative 1.06 percent the idea was this They had to fix the max Supply because There wasn't one it was totally uncapped And a lot of people were extremely Worried that ethereum would eventually Balloon and have inflation problems like The US dollar however the ip-1559 was Voted on and placed in order so now a Portion of the ethereum fees the gas Fees well they're burned and at higher Points of congestion when there's more Usage on the network they get burned at A higher rate so the more people are

Using ethereum the more eth is going to Get burned we weren't sure we knew it Was going to help but we weren't sure How much and we've been blown away by The results now of course Bitcoin right Bitcoin has the having the estimated Date is Tuesday May 14 2024 many people Believe this is going to end up in March Because the hash rate starts picking up As you get closer to the having as Miners try to get their last rewards now Why am I telling you this well I'm Telling you this because Bitcoin having Is the thing that drives the Bitcoin Price it's what makes it tokonomically Superior to everything else fifty Percent of the block rewards are cut Every four years approximately usually About three years and ten months and so Let's look at what this actually looks Like In numbers this is insane in 2009 you Had 50 Bitcoin per block that means in The first four years of bitcoin's life 10 million five hundred thousand were Brought in the supply Half of the entire Supply was mine the First year that's why satoshi's so rich 2012 they dropped to 25 they half every Four years you can see approximately 5.25 million were brought into the Supply now what I've got over here this Is the total amount of circulating Bitcoin at the end of each cycle so you

Can see it goes from 10.5 million 15.75 Million 18.37 million 19.68 million 20.34 million and it goes on from there But let's look at these numbers because They're really really really insane here When you get to the end of this cycle or The end of Bitcoins uh having Cycles Will be 21.40. so when all the blocks Are mined miners can still make money Through pushing transactions that's a Whole other story as you can see my math Added up perfectly here 21 million total Bitcoin that's what happens this is the Amount that comes in every Supply and Added up perfectly to 21 million that's How I know I did it right and check this Out in the last cycle The block rewards are Point zero zero zero zero Zero zero zero zero Zero zero five eight two zero seven six Six zero nine one You can't even put that on a calculator In the last cycle There will be point zero zero one two Two two three six zero eight seven nine Bitcoin brought into the supply in four Years And if you look here what's really Interesting in my chart it's so close to The total Supply 2128 four Cycles away From the end of the Bitcoin cycle Pattern

That my Google sheet was like not just Call it 21 million for the last three Cycles It's unbelievable and in real time if You think about this right now on Average we're seeing 900 Bitcoin mine Per day brought into the supply 450 will Be brought in the supply in the next Cycle per day if you like that we do Things like this cover Bitcoin we make Nice fancy charts for you compare Ethereum to bitcoin make sure to check Out big boy crypto all you got to do hit That subscribe button don't forget we Got a lot of other fun channels for you To subscribe to as well smash that like Button while you're at it so here we go Back to ethereum I want to show you all That about Bitcoin because it's Phenomenal it's unbelievable how good The drugonomics for Bitcoin are Now Ethereum tokonomics Are better than Bitcoins it's actually a Better digital gold right now and for The worst evil future than Bitcoin is Where we're going to see a dual utility Of ethereum Look at this absolutely insane so here We go you see the supply this was the Supply at the day of the merge it went Up you see we are seeing it Go positive It dip negative briefly and then it came Up and now look how far negative it is

.023 percent to the downside now With proof of work look what this would Have been Ethereum Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin Bitcoin was having less part of the Supply than ethereum but now it has Changed negative 11 093 ethereum since The merge check this out simulate proof Of work That's negative 11 000 versus 1.7 Million eighth we would have had with Ethereum Mining and proof of work so These are the effects of EIP 1559 They are burning 1.911 million eth a Year however Maury was getting brought Into the supply to balance that out Since the burn 551 days ago since it Started 2.47 per year Supply growth but Right now we're seeing that number go Down because of so much burning Um and the issuance right here 493 Million but so many of those are getting Burned uh you look at the gas uh you can Look at projections for what this is Going to look like over time is this website this is What you need to take away from this Ethereum is going backwards in Supply It's shrinking Bitcoin is has an Emission rate it's bringing more coins Into the supply up to that 21 million Number That means that Technically when more Bitcoin comes in the supply your Bitcoin

Should be worth a little bit less but With ethereum with eat coming out of the Supply your ethereum should be worth More and in the Bull Run This is going to be insane just wait for The bull run the highest congestion is Going to be absolutely phenomenal uh Here we go uh here are the stages of the Of e 2.0 we've got the merge that Already occurred The Surge The Scourge The Verge The Purge the Splurge we got a lot more steps to go Before eth is in its final form and each Of these are helping the network But that's going to be very slow because These road maps take a long time the Digital gold narrative is also going to Continue getting pumped during this Entire time if you like this eat Jersey If you're all in on eath and you think Ethan is going to flip in Bitcoin which I do believe this cycle this is going to Be the main reason why Check out our ethereum Jersey 49.99 it's worth this bad boy look at That let's go it's all got to be blessed Big boy out Foreign

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