Bitcoin Is CRUSHING Key Resistance Levels Triggering The Latest Crypto PUMP. Will This Rally Last?

Bitcoin Is CRUSHING Key Resistance Levels Triggering The Latest Crypto PUMP. Will This Rally Last?

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Over the last several hours Bitcoin has Climbed to 28 000 it is looking like It's going to put in a very strong close To the end of this week and also a very Strong daily close this is also Triggering other cryptos to pump as well So is this time going to be different We've seen over the last several weeks a Downtrend is this going to be the pump That gets us through that gets the Bulls Through and sustains some stability in The market before we test some higher Prices I'm going to go through total Three so the total cryptocurrency market Cap of all coins with you guys looking Out for any particular areas of Resistance uh the ethereum USD price and Also ethereum against BTC as it is also Holding up relatively strong which is Also a proxy for the altcoin market We've got some more macro stuff to have A look at for BTC on the back of our Video just last week looking at some Timing aspects for BTC so don't go Anywhere hit that like And subscribe if You haven't already and the best thing You can do is share the content with a Friend share it in WhatsApp Twitter Whatever group it is go for gold and a Quick shout out for the Aussies if you Are getting caught up with the binance Problems not being able to trade your Cryptocurrencies on and off or get on And off uh the exchange with Fiat swiftx

Is offering zero percent trading fees And their 10 free BTC until the 31st of May so you've got basically two and a Half days to get in on that link in the Video description for that offer all Right guys let's start with some of the Major headlines or the major headline Before we get into what's going on with BTC because this is probably one of Those reasons why Bitcoin is pumping and The thing we have here is the agreement In principle with the US debt ceiling There has been so many bearish Narratives we covered this just on Saturday and Friday every time these Bearish narratives come up the market is Shrugging them off this is very key to a Wall of worry so bearish news markets Going up that is a sign of a bull market And these things happen early on in the Piece all the way through to the end of The market and so what we've seen here Is a potential U.S debt ceiling raise Meaning potentially more money coming Into the piece and so just looking at The the data here potentially we'll see Some more money come in uh in the likes Of us has added 8 trillion since 2020 This brings up to 31 and potentially Some more estimates of 4 trillion in Debt will be added by 2025 so we could See the debt ceiling raise the limit to Be uncapped until 2025. note the dates And the timing so you guys have been

Following the channel for some time Understand these dates we're looking at A peak in the cycles and the real estate And economic cycle not the stock market The stock market might go in a little Bit longer but we've got plenty of years To get there not to confuse it too much Make sure you are subscribed to the Channel because we've been talking about This uh rise in stock prices crypto Prices real estate prices towards the End of this cycle and the Cycles looking Like it'll peak in the next few years And all of these things are coming Together to keep pushing the markets up So we've covered why We see the markets in a bull market There are so many bearish narratives That continue to circulate yet the Markets keeps shrugging it off putting In higher lows yes they still have to Have some move to the downside but then We get a push to the upside which breaks The previous tops and then another Higher low and then A break To the upside this is a bullish Market Structure higher highs higher lows here Is the bad news markets rise here is the Bad news shrug it off and the markets Rise here is the bad news markets shrug It off and they rise again this is what We continue to see time and time again So one of the last key wordings or

Bearish narratives that we can Potentially see is what is also Happening in Germany at the moment so in The last few days Germany has gone into A recession but note where the recession Is it's well and truly at the top it Doesn't mean we're going to screen past A new highs or dump to new fresh lows it Just means that maybe we need a little Bit of time to cool off after being up For so damn long since the September low With a uh 37 rise in the market so just Note about these bearish narratives in The background Of a bullish Market 37 up 231 days up 33 weeks up this is probably Going to take a little bit of time to Clear the air and realize that a Recession is just a word we trade the Markets not the economy and this has put Really really well by Peter Lynch one of The most legendary Traders or hedge fund Uh traders of all time Peter Lynch more Money is lost anticipating Market Corrections that is exactly what we have Seen since October 2022 when the lows Came in for the s p November 22 when the Lows came in for Bitcoin uh no October 2022 when the lows came in for the NASDAQ and look at how high things are Screaming there is going to be some Corrections we've talked about that here Is your low here is your correction Higher low here is your push to the

Upside higher low this was a banking Crisis look where the market is now Market to the upside higher low this was The regional Banks going down another Push to the upside yes AI bubble all These sorts of bubbles that continue to Form but in the background we have a lot Of strength forming here so keep an eye On some of these key support levels We've got the previous uh loads that are Coming in here in case of any sort of Corrections we are now past the 50 level So keep an eye on those for Corrections Which we will do on the channel you know What to do like and subscribe so this Comes through to your news feeds So that's what we're looking at in terms Of the macro cycle so it's important to Put that into perspective especially With the likes of the BTC scares as well To the downside so we've covered a bull Market what we can expect to see the uh Investor psychology that comes through In these bull markets a lot of people Waiting in anticipation for a correction Waiting and waiting and waiting with While they lose money basically losing Those gains to the upside and what then Happens is they start to fear more Losses and that skyrockets the market in At the end it happens every single time In every single Market we see it in all Coins we see it in big coins in stock Markets we will see it in property we

Saw some of that in 2021 with property Prices going nuts around the world Everyone was freaking out that they're Not going to get in now they've got a Good time there's an opportunity to get Back in while the market is down and Starting to roll to the upside again but They'll probably wait and miss those Moves so the the quote highlights a very Common mistake we've covered that there Far more money has been lost by Investors trying to anticipate Corrections then lost in the corrections Themselves think about that for a moment As we do This is what we've seen on bitcoin think About that quote and we can see the dump On BTC so basically holding out Potentially if you've bought in the top Hoping and waiting then people sell at The bottom because they think it's going To go down further Bitcoin will go to 10K that was a huge call last year and I Think the call still hangs around but People are sort of waiting for that 18 Or maybe 15K now rather than 10K so They're upping that lower limit Last cycle they're all waiting for a Thousand bucks and we only got to 3 000 In this case the cycle before that They're all waiting for a hundred Dollars and it spiked to 150 but Basically traded at around 200 so never Got there and these previous Cycles it

Was sitting around two or three dollars Now hoping for a dollar so this is very Typical in every single Market it's just Part of Market psychology so don't feel Too bad if you find yourself in that Mindset it's just typical of the markets And once you've seen it once or twice You'll start to know the signs of it and Hopefully you pull yourself out of it And you uh understand what Peter Lynch Is talking about here that more money is Lost anticipating Market Corrections Because once you get sucked in and hope For the low and the market actually Rises now and you see that it's 100 up From where that low Point came in you Anticipate and hope for another Correction it just doesn't come so with That in mind What we're now seeing on BTC was the Hope for lower prices and over the last Uh two and a half to three weeks we saw A low coming at 25 800 for a brief Moment and then another low coming at 25 800 again so just a few bucks off each Of these loads this was a 23 and this One's 75 so 50 difference on these lows To the upside for Bitcoin on the weekly Which is about to close in five minutes You guys will see the close yourself it Does look like it's going to be a Reasonably strong close uh we need to See Bitcoin get above 28.4 doesn't need To happen today we've had a pretty good

Basing pattern here and like we pointed Out in the video on Saturday looking at Some timing for Bitcoin we've been down For I believe it was uh six weeks to This week and potentially looking for Around eight weeks in this level maybe All the way up to 14 weeks which is what We have seen in the past through the Bear market so you can see these lows Come in at 11 weeks and we had the top To the bottom here in 10 weeks and then In some cases on the move to the upside There was 14 weeks so topped to the low Here so that's why I'm looking at around That halfway point in terms of timing From the top to where we currently sit So we're sitting at around six we weeks Now you can see that is at about halfway In terms of timing it's possible we have A little more time here at these levels Between 26 27 and these upper levels Here at 28 29 000 for the market to Figure out is it ready to move this is Just part of the timing so looking at The bigger picture there is still some Time here for the market to decide Whether it's ready the key for the Bulls Is if we get above 28 4 and start to Consolidate above that level that is Going to be a a very critical level so Far it looks like we've come back down To test somewhere around the 50 and Remember the calls that were made here Everyone was anticipating 24K they were

Hoping for a break of 22k they thought It was going to break 19 and a half K And so far it hasn't happened so we just Don't want to be in that basket like a Lot of the investors whether it's retail Or hedge funds they do the same thing They lose money in anticipation for a Big Market correction so get your plans Ready and have a look at what's going on In the market look for these key levels For the breakout to the upside Now in terms of strength I have a look At ethereum and cryptocurrencies as well The total one market cap that you can See here on the side uh it's up 3.6 in The last 24 hours total two this Excludes ethereum so everything Excluding ethereum it's up 2.7 and total Three is up 1.7 now this is going to Reset at the end of the day in a few Minutes so just keep note of those those Figures now it's only up 1.7 so Bitcoin That's included in this one up the Highest This one has ethereum also up as well But less than if Bitcoin was included And total three up the least which Doesn't have Bitcoin or ethereum so what That's telling us is this charge is Being led by Bitcoin and then it's Getting the the profits are getting Shifted over into ethereum and then Altcoins are coming second overall but There are some altcoins which are

Popping off more than the others and you Can see them on the side here that have A stronger uh BTC push to the upside so That's actually gone into negative but You can see Quant two percent which Means the US dollar value is going to be 5.6 whereas for Bitcoin it's only at 4.5 So there's going to be some better Trades to be had out there but we're Just looking at a broad overview here For the market so let's jump to Total Cryptocurrency market cap 3 which Excludes Bitcoin and ethereum because What we're now looking for is a move to The upside if Bitcoin is able to sustain This move to the upside maybe even hold Out here break that 20 8400 and Consolidate then that puts some of the Old coins in a good position to then Start popping off and uh bringing up Some good trades there because there is Still a fair bit of room to the upside To move before it gets hit by our 50 Resistance level at 370 billion Currently sitting at 352 billion which Gives us 5.6 to the upside and of course For the degens Among Us which are Trading on Leverage Then you've got a better percentage move To the upside so keep a lookout for Where that resistance level comes in for Your altcoin that you're trading so Overall the total Market has a little Room to the upside to move before it is

Met with a significant level of Resistance if in fact it's able to get Above that level Then that's going to be a good Consolidation area for those altcoins so They can probably or possibly test that Upside The macro picture that we're looking at Here for all coins is that this is Possibly but not guaranteed to be an Accumulation zone now I'm hesitant on That because we still have a fair bit of Time to go within this Zone similar to The last period which means we still Have the possibility of breaking down These significant low levels which would Then put it in another distribution Pattern but nonetheless on the short Term maybe there are some moves to the Upside for some of these cryptos if Bitcoin is able to maintain the strength Here so there are a few things way on That which is why it's still quite risky To be trading alts definitely have a Plan like our Tia premium members do Making some pretty epic games here 219 These are the things that we looked at After I showed you the other massive Gains from last week I've also got 100 Here from Giovanni so well done to you Guys if you guys want to get involved With this check out the link in the top Of the description before our price Rises for Tia premium uh sign up to the

Newsletter you also get a discount on That as well so links in the top of the Video description so that's total three There are some games to be had there we Still have plenty of time to go I think In this move we can see about 80 weeks From the low to that significant Breakout and you can measure it Somewhere between 80 weeks and all the Way out to about 100 weeks this time Around we'll see maybe it might be a Little quicker at 60 weeks but if we Look at what's happened in the past Using around uh 80 weeks so coming back To this level here then that takes us Out to somewhere in the summer period of 2024 so although we could be getting Excited in these early stages there Could still be some movement to the Upside or basically sideways period with Some good trading ranges until we get Through to summer in 2024 for us here in Australia winter in the middle of the Year of course we'll continue to follow All of that up on the channel so make Sure you do like and subscribe and Obviously share the content with a Friend now on to ethereum as this one Has been a pretty big one for many Analysts who are expecting lower prices Than this low here in June of 880. so Far ethereum has been putting in some Pretty significant higher lows now it Hasn't broken past these tops like

Bitcoin has but the lows have been Relatively strong and you can see to the Upside now at 1939 so that's our halfway Point You can see here from the current top in April to the bottom in May for ethereum To get above for that resistance level So like we covered with the old coins There is a bit of room to move to the Upside should Bitcoin continue to remain Strong and potentially find a little More strength above its resistance Levels as for eth it's getting close to That resistance level now probably only A percent or two away from 1940 after having a reasonable bottom Put in here so in terms of eth and the Hopes waiting for the downside going Back to Peter Lynch's quote here more Money is lost anticipating Market Corrections The market not my opinion but what's Going on in the charts for the market of Eth seems to be these lows continue to Hold and hold and hold and it continues To climb so In case some investors are on that Sideline waiting in anticipation of Prices to go back into the triple digits Maybe think about putting posting this On your trading room wall in your office Or somewhere more money is lost in Anticipating Market Corrections because What the market is telling us at the

Moment is that there is probably some Reasonable strength in the background Based on many fundamental factors but Even if we don't know about those we Know about the chart we can see some Pretty uh Hefty lows coming in you move To the coinbase Chart here throwing the Volume on you can see it's very very Significant volume coming in at the June Low it was not able to break that June Low on the FTX collapse low so remember The dates and the news events that Happen now it's very severe news events So this one here is November 2022 Extreme volume so the most extreme Volume eth has ever experienced in its Entire history on coinbase one of the Biggest markets in the world that has a Lot of volume so huge volume in its Entire history the market was not able To break the June low keep that in mind If you're anticipating lower prices of 1100 it doesn't look like the market Wants to go below that sort of 11 or 12 Hundred dollars I'm sticking my neck out Here to explain that But I'm just following what the chart is Telling me and what those investors are Actually doing not what they're all Hoping the market to do so we've just Seen the market close Bitcoin has closed Relatively strong now the key level to Watch this week is 28 400 to see if we Get some daily closes above that level

And then eventually the weekly close After we've covered these weekly time Frames to the downside we're getting Close to the end of a move here let's See what Bitcoin can produce over the Coming weeks On the back of the old agreement in Place for this U.S debt ceiling crisis Yet another crisis in the ever never Ending wall of worry hit that like And Subscribe share the content with a Friend I'll see you over on Twitter for Some Mega updates over there and until Next time have more fun to get more done Peace out guys