Bitcoin Price $1 MILLION by July 17th! Microsoft Buys Ethereum!

Bitcoin Price $1 MILLION by July 17th! Microsoft Buys Ethereum!

Microsoft Integrates Ethereum! Bitcoin Price to hit $1 MILLION by July 17th former Coinbase CTO predicts.

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0:00 – Bitcoin hits $1M in the next 90 days
0:48 – FTX Fraud is NOT Bitcoin
2:15 – Bitcoin hits $1M in 90 days (Coinbase CTO)
4:16 – Bitcoin $1.5 Million TOP in this bull run?
5:06 – Microsoft is testing Ethereum wallet in Microsoft Edge
7:02 – Ethereum L2 Arbitrum Airdrop (How to Claim)
8:52 – How many Bitcoin to be a millionaire?

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!
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It comes to Bitcoin in particular I Think the value of Bitcoin has never Been clearer in the current economic Environment and in the current banking Environment 25 of American adults According to some research owned Bitcoin 300 million people around the world have Exposure to bitcoin or have used Bitcoin In the face of a banking system in Crisis not just in America but around The world plus a collapsing Financial System in general the value of Bitcoin Has never been clearer so much so the Former CTO of coinbase is making two one Million dollar bets Bitcoin hits one Million dollars in the next 90 days is The claim Bitcoin Hits 1 million dollars In the next 90 days is the claim before We get to that if Bitcoin is going to Continue to grow how do we convince Someone who looks at all the FTX fraud The sandbagment freed fraud how do we Convince those people who look at that And are nervous how do we convince those People to get into Bitcoin I think Bitcoin is going to continue to grow let Me let me just jump in there if Bitcoin Is going to continue to grow how do you Convince people who are out there who Saw the FTX headline see the Meltdown They see Sam bankman free on an island Somewhere with billions of dollars it All looks very scary how do you convince Those people who aren't in Bitcoin now

To jump in that's what you need for Growth right Well look Sam Beckman free does not Bitcoin and vice versa that's very Important to distinguish many Industries Have had bad actors whether it's Tech Whether it's Pharma right this is not a Problem that's unique to crypto and Again there are many different ways to Get exposure to the crypto space Coinbase is a regulated publicly listed Company my company coin shares is a Publicly listed regulated company that Provides transparency so again there are A lot of choices a lot of different ways For people to get exposure and I just Want to make it clear one person does Not represent our industry Bitcoin has No leaders has no rulers and there are a Lot of different ways that people can Interact with it it's going to take time I don't disagree with you but we just Need to let things take their course and I don't think there is a rallying cry It's people learning getting interested And then taking the risk and jumping Into Bitcoin if they feel it's Appropriate for them Former coinbase CTO makes a two million Dollar bet on bitcoin's performance over The next 90 days Former coinbase Chief technology officer Balaji s has made a millionaire bet on Bitcoin's price over the next 90 days

Predicting the cryptocurrency's price Will reach 1 million by June 17th The Wager was initiated on March 17th when Pseudonymous Twitter user James Medlock Offered to bet anyone 1 million that the United States would not experience hyper Inflation a few hours later the former Coinbase CTO accepted that bet under the Proposed terms if bitcoin's price fails To reach 1 million by June 17th Medlock Will win 1 million dollars worth of Dollar pegged stablecoin usdc and one Bitcoin the same way if Bitcoin is worth At least 1 million by that date then Balaji can keep the one Bitcoin and the 1 million in usdc 40 to 1 odds as per The thread other Twitter users help to Set up a smart contract with the betting Terms Balaji also disclosed that he Would move another 1 million in usdc for Another wager on the same topic who Wants to take him up on this I'm moving 2 million into usdc for the bet I will Do it with Medlock and one other person Sufficient to prove the point see my Next tweet everyone else should just go Buy Bitcoin as it'll be much cheaper for You than locking one up for 90 days what Gives the former coinbase CTO the Confidence to make such a wager well Balaji argues that there's an impending Crisis that will lead to the devaluation Of the US dollar and thus a Hyper-inflation scenario that would take

The Bitcoin price to one million dollars Per coin why does it seem that some People are not only bullish on bitcoin But they're just really bullish on Bitcoin this interview we did about a Month ago doesn't seem so crazy after All or does it like I think 1.5 5 Million in the next Bull Run is like not That crazy I think nation states are Going to get very much into the Bitcoin Game and you know they have blank checks They print money and buy things with it The demand is there like think about the World that is interacting with Bitcoin Today we have a world where the US Dollar is losing its hegemony you have Countries who are deciding between do I Want to stick with the US dollar or do I Want to go with the communist China Regime those are my two options right Doesn't Bitcoin being this third Apolitical Switzerland type option for Global Currency already show its value I Mean people are already holding gold These countries are already accumulating Gold so you know this is just one Narrative yeah I could see it run up Pretty hugely in the next cycle hey I'm Bullish on bitcoin I don't know about 1 Million in the next 90 days in the next Bull Run but I'm certainly bullish on This space for reasons like this crypto Wallet prototype discovered inside Microsoft edge browser yes Microsoft is

Testing a built-in in crypto wallet in Microsoft Edge guess which crypto They're integrating into Microsoft Microsoft is working on a non-custodial So you'll be able to hold your own Keys Built in ethereum crypto wallet ethereum For the win for Microsoft Edge to allow Users to send and receive crypto and Nfts that are ethereum based so as you Know public Keys could and can be shared With others to receive payments while Private Keys should be kept secret not Your keys not your crypto don't give Away your private keys and this is Non-custodial so who gets to use this at This point well it's not even yet Rolling out to insiders yet it's most Likely only available to Microsoft Edge Dev Channel users the developers as part Of a very limited test phase quote this Is a non-custodial wallet meaning you Are in complete control of your funds we Will not have access to your password And recovery key it is embed added in Edge making it easy to use without Installing any extension Microsoft said During the onboarding process like other Cryptocurrency wallets Microsoft Edge's Crypto wallet supports multiple ethereum Accounts allowing you to switch between Them as needed the Microsoft Edge crypto Wallet can also connect to decentralized Apps or dapps and has a new section to Keep track of the latest developments in

Cryptocurrency they should integrate Some altcoin daily videos Microsoft has Partnered with consensus to offer a Built-in cryptocurrency swap feature Between ethereum Dia stable coins Uniswap usdc tether and more and Speaking of ethereum in this case eth Layer 2 arbitrum airdrop finally Announced airdrop claimable by March 23rd the arbitrim community is rejoicing Ethereum layer 2 solution arbitrum Finally announced today that it would be Air dropping its long-awaited governance Token ARB to early users of the network You might be able to claim quote after Years of development in nearly 18 months Running on mainnet the arbitrine Foundation is extremely excited to Announce the launch of Dow governance For arbitrary 1 and arbitrary Nova Networks a massive Leap Forward in the Decentralization of the two networks Check arbitrum's website be careful make Sure it's the right website you could Connect your ethereum wallet and see if You'll be eligible to claim in four days Eligibility for the airdrop was Determined by a number of factors Bridging to arbitrum 1 or arbitromova Transacting on the eat layer 2 network Over the span of several months Interacting with multiple smart Contracts can get you tokens conducting

Transactions over ten thousand dollars In value and providing over ten thousand Dollars in liquidity to various Protocols can get you tokens the Completion of any of these steps Guarantees users a portion of the ARB Airdrop with the size of the allocation Increasing based on the number of Fulfilled criteria Just to refresh your memory arbitrum is One of many crypto projects such as Optimism polygon ZK sync and starknet Aiming to make transactions on the Ethereum network more affordable by Outsourcing computational data and Subsequently sending validity proofs Back to the mainnet the scheme saves Block space and allows for transactions To be bumbled Allows for transactions to be bundled Together further reducing the amount of Data committed to mainnet while Splitting gas fees between many users The future is bright my friends we keep You updated on a daily basis subscribe To the channel like the video see you Tomorrow how much Bitcoin do you think The average person could save up today To be considered a millionaire within 10 Years be real within 10 years that would Be 2032 or 2020 2033. so if we say 2025 Will be a top 2029 will be a top 2033 could be a top so you know we'll Pretend like it is so 2033 I would say

The top could be somewhere in the 10 to really 100 million dollar range Per Bitcoin at that point could you be a Millionaire holding point zero one BTC I Think it's totally possible you know I Would not be surprised 0.1 BTC .01 BTC Holy hell and the the price the actual Prediction of the price you said was 10 Million possibly Yeah I think it could go as high as 100 Million in one of these bull runs Totally possible

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