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Welcome to bit boy crypto my name is Ben Out here in sunny well actually a little Overcast Los Angeles California here for The Outer Edge nft conference This week really excited uh gonna be on Twitter spaces here in a few minutes uh Talk about the conference and uh you Know they renamed it to the outer edge Why well it's a Disney World right now Wait no no that's not it uh it's because They decided that nft word itself is a Bad word right all these nft conferences Are taking the word nft out right am I Right Um but look guys let's talk about Bitcoin now Bitcoin right now is coming In at 28 000 212. 28 212 is the last Time I looked be honest with you it was An hour ago Um and I just want to have this talk About Bitcoin about opting out of the Bank system About the the Ponzi scheme that is Bank Stuff that we're seeing around the world Right now So let's start with the price of Bitcoin So price Bitcoin is 28. now Can we just officially put to bed the 12K narrative can we put to bed the bubble right uh that we're Going to see the price of Bitcoin go all The way down to a few thousand dollars Because they're on a 10-year cycle it's Not on a four-year cycle repeating

Okay I can't with these people I Literally can't like guys all the Evidence is there you just look at the Price of Bitcoin every four years and it Does the same thing and you would think People would be smart enough to realize It by now but yet you know for whatever Reason people just want to continue to Ignore the obvious And people are calling for Bitcoin now Look this is important I think it's a Really important point of here is that You have to keep in mind that a lot of Times uh someone will give you a Target Like I gave that I said ten to fourteen Thousand dollars where we expected Bitcoin to bottom but what happened November comes around which when we are Targeting for the bottom and it gets Down to 15-2 on some exchanges And I started looking I started saying If FTX can't send it down further than This then what can and that has been Proven true and so we pivoted it's okay For people to have targets and pivot and I think a lot of times people really Want to like ignore the obvious and I Think I think I think for for me a Little thing coming on my shirt there Look at that for me being able to Pivot Is something that has been very Important because when we thought Bitcoin was going to a hundred thousand Dollars a lot of people got hurt by that

Because we just stayed so stuck on the Number and we didn't pivot and we tried To wait too long when it was very clear That the price had moved and things had Gone differently and we pretty much the Last 15 months we've freaking nailed Bitcoin on this channel we've nailed it Like almost with a dollar like The bottom we called the bottom we you Know we called the the pump at the Beginning of the year we called it all Because I stopped looking at the numbers And I just started looking at the flow Of the Fourier chart and what's going on Started focusing more on that and Guys These people are still telling you we're Going to 12K they're insane like we've Now invalidated every freaking structure That would send us down that low I mean You want to see something impressive go Look at the one year weekly chart of Bitcoin And take a look and see what that thing Is doing it don't look bearish at all it Does not look bull trappish we we and You know this still may end up being Considered technically a bull trap but That doesn't mean we're going to lower Lows like I think we're gonna go to 30. Come back down maybe test 20 again pop Back up guys as long as there's a gap Singular 20 300 it's hard for me to Really believe that we're going to move On from that and unfill it

So definitely you can look for that Um in my opinion at some point you know People told me that or they asked me They said well you know what do I do I Didn't dollar cost average in I said We'll wait for 19 000 because I think It's going to go back to 19 000. even Though it doesn't feel like it The history says it's gonna go back down To 19 000. you know what I did went Right back down nineteen thousand bump It right back up the history tells us It's going to go back down to twenty Thousand three hundred dollars that's What history tells us CME Gap the Probabilities are it goes back down There does it feel like it now no I feel Like we could go 35 40K maybe yeah But ultimately I think we're probably Going to retest that just because that's What history does Now will we retest it after a bull run That's possible as well But guys Remember this Bitcoin is fuel bitcoin's Fuel is the macro environment Bitcoin is Still doing what bitcoin's always done Regardless of the macro the macro is Fuel the stuff that's going on with the Banks right now We're looking at a world collapse of the Banking system you understand that right Like we're This legal Ponzi scheme just like any

Ponzi scheme it's eventually gonna Topple and that's what we're seeing with All these pains guys I want to give you This number again 220 billion dollars sounds like a lot of Money 220 billion Guys The banking systems are supposed to have 22 trillion dollars in it and it's got 220 billion And what you understand is oh well no They're lending it out they're they're Just tied up in Investments well yeah They're tied up in Leverage Like nine like nine trades down the road Is where you can find the source where The actual dollars are backing it it's Leverage on top of Leverage on top of Leverage on top of Leverage here's Another interesting number for you guys Uh 500 billion dollars 500 billion Uh that is no that's not right 500 Trillion dollars excuse me that is a lot Of money 500 trillion dollars is the Estimate of the total value of all of The money in the world together that's Including real estate markets uh Anything that's real or any real assets Okay you guys know how much money is in The world Two quadrillion that and that's an Estimate but that's maybe on the lower Side of the estimate there are literally

There's literally four times the amount Of fake money and derivatives which is Leveraged on top of Leverage on top of Leverage it's not real money it's not Real assets okay Four times more fake money than real Money in the world when you start Realizing that you really start breaking Down this banking system you really Start to understand that you've got to Detach from this banking system if You're not in one of the major four or Five banks in the United States you need To be moving you need to be getting your Money out of your bank because there's a Great chance it's going to collapse a Great chance if you listen to what Janet Yellen was saying the other day with the In uh I mean I think on the senate floor What you're saying about Community Banks Like Community Banks are not protected Guys if you've got a local bank you're Not protected and I know it's Unfortunate that you would have to move From a local bank to like Bank of America or something like that but you Know or you can be like me just Unplugged from the banking system just Unplug for it get get crypto cards spend Your crypto and just be done with the Banking system that's what I've done I'm Done with it I no more banks for me only Crypto cards from this point forward That's what we're going to be using now

I we were able to secure a back up bank Account Uh we actually did get one it's uh I Can't remember the name of the company But the point is why do I have that well In the rare case that like I could only Write a check I have as a backup but I'm not putting Money in it I'm only gonna put money in It when I need to put money in it if There was a check that I had to write For a large amount so that's how I would Really encourage you guys to use the Banking system use the banking system as A backup use it as a backup don't ever Let your bank be the main place you're Running money through Sounds crazy I know but you look around With the Ponzi scheme that's going Around the rest of the world with the Menu system and you understand the only Way to protect yourself Is to unbank yourself And I can tell you from using my car my All my debit cards in different places You know the only card that never lets Me down that I never have to worry about Getting decline so I is the Only one that I never have to worry About getting a client I've always got As a backup well now the backup is Becoming plan A Plan B well that's Bitcoin you can Unbank from banking system you'd be

Better off for it all right guys that's All I got be blessed bye

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