Celsius STILL Screwing Over Customers! (Tether Going Down?)

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0:00 Intro
00:49 getting screwed from celsius
03:37 tether is fine
04:52 teher fud-Wendy be/careful with alts
06:36 Wendy feet
06:48 Ben feet

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I can't even focus on doing technical Analysis because That's a fun that's what you you were Funny Right then It is not true girls can be funny I Broke something I think girls are funny [Music] [Music] [Music] Given the regulatory climate and Discussion with the SEC and other Regulatory bodies Celsius and the Celsius UCC have decided out of an Abundance of caution To convert all altcoins to bitcoin each Starting on July 1st except for those With designated uh withhold or custody Accounts they'll use commercially Reasonable efforts to maximize the value During the sale and conversions I wish They did this when I requested it I know Like I said he requested earlier in the Bull market when the alts were up on Bitcoin rather than when Ultra down Relative to bitcoin but important move But it important move is describe the Equitable haircut strategy I published My seven part video Series last year Guys We gonna get screwed on this We gonna get screwed on this I I believe That and it could be maybe when the xrp Case does end is when we get the reverse

Remote for all coins but Companies like this make these moves at The wrong times We've seen it all throughout history There's a famous uh uh are you familiar With uh substratum no no no so Substratum was a company that launched With a big you know went way up I know Somebody who uh Made a ton of money in 2017. Substratum goes into orbit Moon launch 1000x People make a lot of money Bear Market hits price starts going down It goes all the way back down to Virtually nothing okay The team behind substratum decides Because ethereum is down this would have Been uh probably uh 2018 maybe over the Summer-ish I can't remember exactly when It was but they decided they were going To take the eat that was in their Company Treasury And they were going to like 10x short Ethereum with it That was the bottom of ethereum that was The bottom of a theory now it may have Gone lower at the pandemic crash but That's separate They shorted the market the exact wrong Time they lost all their money and it's A dead project now Um so uh Jamie Gonzalez was about me one Bin token how about that

So what we generally see that's not the Only time we've seen stuff like this We've seen tons of these companies Making big moves based on the market at The wrong time and in my opinion I know we lost support and we certainly Go down a little bit more from here This tweet is a bad sign I mean for for Bitcoin ethereum for Celsius holders I Think it's a bad sign Why would you do it when Bitcoin Dominance is it basically the top right Now of where it's been over the last Couple years Isn't that crazy To do it at the top the risk reward here Is totally out of whack in my opinion I Haven't really looked in this was three Hours ago right after I woke up I just Saw the it trending I saw what Wendy Said so a couple other people say some Things I haven't really looked into the Usdt store yet I don't really have to I've heard tethers collapsing a hundred Plus times each time it's been fine sure There's a chance something could go Wrong but history tells me it will be Fine again People want you to panic for clicks all The people that say tether's dirty bag Guys they've been saying this stuff for Eight years now Really since 2017 hardcore so for six Years now yeah tether's gonna collapse

Tyler's gonna collapse Tyler's gonna Collapse A little stronger you think it is guys [Music] [Music] Anyways Market Cipher looks like hot Garbage on The Daily Um everything is dumping everything is Falling there's also this tether fun That's happening in fact tether also um Dropped um point or de-pegged 0.41 which Is embarrassing we've been here when It's deep like if you guys go on coin Gecko or coin market cap you will see The highs and the lows of these stable Coins and we'll see they actually are Historically are able to depeg it just Kind of what happens Um but anyways if you do take a look at The daily chart you will see a little Bit of negative price action obviously We've had a lot of fun in the market a Lot of people are very very you know Scared and nervous I do think that Bitcoin will be okay with all coins I Don't necessarily know so one of the Reasons why you do need to be careful With all coins is you need to kind of See what the SEC is calling out is the Penn Central Security also too there's a Lot of fuds surrounding that understand Just because the SEC says it's a Security it does need to be proven in Court oh shout out to Cali frios Cali

Frios is pretty awesome Um he's a he hangs out on my channel too But what we're seeing right now with Bitcoin we're seeing a bit of a sell-off Um some people might say that this is One of these um descendant wedgie Thingies Um and you guys will have to bear with Me because I'm not used to this mouse But we could do something like this Um where we continue to fall fall and Then we do have some sort of bounce up Um That's actually one of the patterns that I'm seeing now we're kind of forming a Channel where essentially fall and you Bottom out but the EMA 200 does look Really really really nice Um we do have this area over here where We're currently trading at approximately 24 8 and then we do also have this air This lower area here at about 23 8. on My chart on my chart I will tell you I Do like the 21 000 area that does look Pretty Um interesting to me I do like it I Think it's fascinating but again we're Kind of free falling and I feel like we Will probably touch down to this EMA 200 Was this the bottom though is this the Bottom so try and put your foot up on The desk Wendy I'll put my foot up on The desk yeah Zoom out there it is look at that

She's had rocks in her uh in her boots The whole time they want to see your Feet I mean we're already we're already Going that way I mean we're already Going towards wood modeling I mean we Might as well look at that oh hey that's It imagine that foot coming at you Imagine that footage No no big toenail Wow That's right guys [Music] All right [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign