DeFi Ready To EXPLODE (Ethereum Profit Strategy by EllioTrades)

DeFi Ready To EXPLODE (Ethereum Profit Strategy by EllioTrades)

Ethereum is booming and it’s only going to continue to boom. There are two places that this money is going to be flowing when the profits and the gains reach euphoric status: NFTs and DeFi. We’re joined with one of the best experts around on both of those subjects: popular YouTuber EllioTrades. We’re going to listen to his thoughts on where Ethereum is going and the future of cryptocurrency.

When it comes to Ethereum, what will happen in 2021? Can it continue to rise or will another DeFi coin step in to take its place? EllioTrades will tell us where he thinks the crypto money will be going in 2021 and beyond. We’ll also talk about EllioTrades’ project SuperFarm. Find out what his crypto project is!

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0:00- Intro
1:30- Ethereum Hype
4:47- NFTs
8:00- SuperFarm
9:33- DeFi

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