DoorDash Rival Launches on Solana!🔥 Devour $DPAY CEO Interview

On Devour ($DPAY) users get a convenient way to pay with sweet perks and restaurants gain access to a loyal customer base.

Guest: Shelly Rupel – CEO/Co-Founder Devour
Devour website ➜

00:00 intro
00:09 Pauls Food Industry Background
00:57 Market Size
01:55 Restaurant Loyalty War
03:53 Boba Guys Case Study
05:43 $DPAY Launches on Solana
06:16 What is Devour?
08:23 Flaunt x Pepsi x Roblox Example
10:15 Wow Bao Partnership
11:42 Olo Tech Stack
13:19 In-Game Ordering
14:38 Game Integrations?
16:40 Honeyland Integrated Ads
17:32 Play2Earn
18:38 International Markets
19:50 Convincing Older CEOs
22:27 Industry Pass NFT
24:49 Solana NFT Integration
26:02 Restaurant Onboarding
27:56 Delivery Drivers & Teleport
29:18 Hivemapper
30:51 Affyn Geo-Location
33:40 outro

#DoorDash #Solana #Crypto
~DoorDash Rival Launches on Solana!🔥 Devour $DPAY CEO Interview~
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