Ethereum Hits $3,500!🚀Solana Continues To Skyrocket🚀

Ethereum’s price has encountered intensified buying activity, driving a significant surge towards a pivotal resistance zone, notably the previous major yearly high at $3.6K. A breakthrough above this crucial level could set the stage for Ethereum to establish a new all-time high (ATH) in the near term. Meanwhile, Solana continues it’s mega rally above $130.

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Sponsor: Artrade
00:51 PCE Inflation + Bitcoin holds $60K
02:05 ETF update
03:00 Bitcoin IPO moment
04:51 BTC Price Prediction + ETH ETF
07:17 Did the altcoin cycle change?
09:07 Financial adoption
09:45 Solana Skyrockets
10:58 Memecoins
11:29 Mainstream adoption
12:12 Charts
13:38 Outro

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~Ethereum Hits $3,500!🚀Solana Continues To Skyrocket🚀~
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[Music] Eth is passing 3500 and a lot of Altcoins are on the run it's going to be A good one you guys don't want to miss It my name is Paul Baron welcome back to Tech paath before we get started I want To thank our sponsor tokenizing every Artwork on Earth let's transform Physical artworks into real world assets On chain one of the things you can do of Course is visit R trade. apppp and You'll learn a lot more about getting Physical art into the world of onchain Technology be unique if you're an artist This is one of your methods of being Able to jump into an nft Marketplace and Bring your real world assets to reality All of this on the salana Chain so make Sure and check out R trade. apppp use Our link down below to help the channel Out all right so let's get into it today I think the biggest thing has been Ethereum uh hitting 3500 there has been A little bit of a a correction I would Say I don't know if it's going to hold Throughout the day here as we record This but some things to be watching Right now that could be causing this is Core pce inflation uh all coming in Fed's preferred inflation me measure pce Falls to 2.4 this was in line with the Expectation was core pce inflation tell Fell to 2.8 also in line with uh what Expectation was but it is the lowest

Core pce inflation number since April 2021 so this is something the FED has Been looking at uh and does this lead Into a potential rate cut I think of Course we already know I think most People Now understand fewer rate cuts Are priced in or if we even get a rig Cut this year that'll be the big Question mark going in if the market Looks like it's starting to correct Question is going to be jobs numbers I Still think is going to be a critical Measurement for the fed's expectation Bitcoin holds above 63 after inflation Rises as expected however Bitcoin is now Struggling to hold the 60k mark As we uh Record this I'll jump to the charts here A little bit later and we'll show you Some sentiment data and all that good Stuff so stick around for that some Other things that have played into this Of course everybody knows Black Rock now Holding 151,000 Bitcoin that's insane almost 10 Billion for their spot Bitcoin ETF that Just you know who would have expected That that's what I want to know I think We kind of expected that it was going to Be a little bit of a run and by the way If you're not subscribed to the channel Make sure and do that right now take a Time just press that little subscribe Button right there and hit a like on This video to help others start to learn

A little bit more about what's happening Out there in Sovereign Finance ETF uh Inflow for Bitcoin has increased to a New high 673 million in one single day Most of that volume came from Black Rock And then total accumulated exceeded Seven bill in the uh inflow estimates Are that this bull cycle an inflow of 200 billion is expected I want to kind Of re highlight that right there 200 Billion expected on this cycle we're 7 Billion in uh right there so that'll be One to watch for sure I've got a couple Of Clips here to give you guys some Insights on what could be coming down as Bitcoin's IPO moment listen in you're Seeing retail investors come into these ETFs you're seeing hedge funds you're Seeing raas or independent financial Advisers I think there's an even bigger Wave coming in a few months as we start To see the major wirehouses turn on but This has been bitcoin's IPO moment it's In a new era of price Discovery and I Think prices could go substantially Higher from here That's Matt how that's Matt hgan uh who Has talked about this and very big bull On bitcoin he he goes into we've got a Couple of Clips here from him uh as to Who is buying the ETFs now remember this Is causing price to move obviously in a Very ferocious way maybe a little bit Over aggressive I think or is it that's

The big question listen in oh I think It's I think it's both I think it's both It's just new demand if you think about Bitcoin pre the ETFs there was only a Small set of investors who could buy it Now almost everyone can buy it and the Supply demand Dynamic is just off the Hook there 30,000 ETF uh Bitcoin Purchased by ETFs this week alone Bitcoin miners have only created less Than 3,000 that's what's driving the Price and it's both hedge funds and Retail and that advisor Community and and be thinking he's Talking hedge funds retail advisor Community advisor Community I think is The one that is probably the most Uh generous right now in terms of the Push into Bitcoin and that is really Splitting out the percentage of capital That's being deployed into these assets Question will be do they go from the one Or 2% to a 3 to six we talked about this This earlier this week uh that I think Is going to start to indicate a Potential future price run here Matt Hogan talks a about about what that Prediction might be for Bitcoin and also Whether or not an ETF is uh for ethereum Is in the cards listen in uh at the Start of this year in December we Actually published our 2024 predictions And we said that Bitcoin would trade to New all-time highs above $80,000 a coin

Based on what we're seeing in our ETF And these other ETFs I think we have to Revise that upwards it could be 100,000 It could be 200,000 it could be higher Than that and real quick do you expect To be offering the bitwise um you know Ethereum ETF anytime soon yeah you know We think the door is opening to more Crypto ETFs Bitcoin ETFs have proven It's a lowcost secure way to access the Market we're getting enormous positive Feedback about bitb and we want to be a Player in every crypto category for ETFs So we're looking aggressively at the Ethereum space I think there's a good Chance we'll see one by the end of this Year listen I don't think uh we're going To see it by the end of this year I Think we're going to see it sooner uh Mainly do we see May the real date for An ethereum ETF or early right after That as we start to see this the SEC but More importantly Wall Street look at how You know how scrumptious these gains Have been remember these guys are Getting paid on Asset Management so the Fees for that so that in itself with the Kind of volume that's coming in it only Points one way and that is yes now Whether you like Jim Kramer or you don't Like Jim Kramer he now says hey it makes A pretty obvious prediction about Ethereum ETFs he says they're coming They're coming right here given the

Success of Bitcoin ETF it's pretty Obvious that an uh ETF will soon come Out the market depth tightness of Spreads price correlation all across the Markets are highly indicative of Market Resilient to fraud and manipulation now This is something we've talked about Yesterday this is a thing that I even am Concerned about with seeing Bitcoin Going up to 64k in such a short period Of time obviously the market has settled Down since yesterday in the coinbase Debacle but you got to remember what What happened yesterday with coinbase And that was that they had been prepping For a 10x Surge and it superseded uh um Or I guess over extended what the Potential of what coinbase was even to Happen so the happen so question is was That all retail was that a push quickly Of people trying to Mo move into the Market because it was hitting that Psychological barrier around 60k lots Lots of things brewing in the market for Sure all coins are the next question Because this is the cycle that I think a Lot of people are confused by and what I Mean by that hear me out is in the past We've seen cycles that have been Somewhat predictive the way they move The way the market regresses the Adjustment out of one asset into others The liquidity pools that move from one Area of the market to the other area of

Risk asset markets including all coins That's been somewhat predictive this Cycle already has started off with high Unpredictability meaning very fast Movement up here on bitcoin etherium Lagging slightly behind it salana taking A big run today uh I think it was Cresting 130 and of course if you look At the uh gains that you've seen in Salana since just back in October over I Think it was 472 per. so crazy numbers But ethereum does lead the altcoin Season uh eth around 17.4% more valuable Than it was seven days ago it's up Salana 25% greater than a week ago and Then you can see of course according to Other forecast numerous allcoins are Expected to experience explosive growth Possibly 20x to 100 X by the end of 2024's bull cycle that's the real Question is the bull cycle only a 2024 Run or we do or will we get a a Multi-year bull cycle that we've seen in The past where you have these early runs Market regression another run those kind Of things that could happen that is the Big question many people are looking at This at maybe a much more shorten cycle That could go past just past the Election and depending on what's Happening with rate cuts and I think That the will be the big factor on a Macro standpoint obviously we'll see Some other things that play into that

And that's going to be coming around Adoption speaking of that this was my Tweet this morning UBS Morgan Stanley uh Bringing in multiple Bitcoin ETFs in March Already you know and uh you know JP morg And I was just having some fun with them Of course with Jamie D always talking About pet rock uh as Bitcoin uh but Hey Listen they're just fom moing because Black Rock's you know getting all the Bags I think that's what it pulls down To and Fidelity is kind of making them Look a little bit silly in the sense That Fidelity uh emerged as one of the Leaders Fel digital Fidelity digital Assets as one of the leaders on Understanding how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum way before an ETF so this I Think is uh just the rest of the crew Salana price prediction right now daily Trading volume blast 8 billion in the You know many people saying hey is this The super cycle because that's a that's Something still that you know people are Considering this could be a super cycle On a lot of these major assets and Remember there's a lot of projects that Are starting to roll you've got a lot More access in the D5 markets you've got A lot more liquidity in these def5 Markets especially in the salana Ecosystem when you think about what's Happened with Phantom and all the dexes

That are out there lot Happening Here Salana rally 23 uh to 25 in the last 30 With the allcoin now posting a 48% expansion in the past year most of That coming in the last six months you Know back into October so price Prediction uh right now could it could It hit um I'm looking is this a 101 Billion doll potential pump right here On salana because it did crack the 130 Number and I don't know this is one We're watching we love salana of course It's one that we like at at the same Time I don't like down times they've had One here recently there is a lot of Projects that are working deepin is a Big part of that gaming is starting to Surface there very strong uh but you Also have to just take a look at you Know what's happening in the rest of the Market speaking of that mean coins Mcoins have been flying off the chart Here's Doge which Rises 32% last 24 Hours surpassing 17.5 billion market cap Moving up the chart pushing some tokens Back down this is going to be one to Watch I'd love to know what your mem Coin is drop some comments down below Are you liking Doge kind of the OG of Meme coins what do you like maybe whiff Is it something like in the Bon or the Cockin new what what is it that you like Around dogecoins or excuse me me coins So blockchain one step away from

Mainstream adoption I'm a little bit Hesitant with this because I talk to a Lot of Business Leaders and I talked to A lot of Brands and companies that are Trying to figure out how to you know Implement blockchain whether it's Through nfts or gaming or anything that Applies into a connected tissue into AI I think that's the real question if we See AI connect deeper into Blockchain maybe that is the mainstream Uh moment for blockchain I think right Now it's still uh a speculative asset That's going to get a big run here Bitcoin back to Matt Hogan if it hits The 200k number that's a pretty crazy Number I was surprised he said 200k uh For sure all right so let's jump into Charts real quick we'll take a look on The let's go over here to the Daily and Start to squeeze this out a little bit I'm using the Lux algo uh indicators if You guys are uh wondering sometimes We'll use those I use this oscillator Matrix down here mainly for just money Flow but looking at uh a little bit of a Red candle now forming here on today on Bitcoin and when you look at the Sentiment data on bcoin I'm going over To our own MSI this was something that We noticed this was yesterday's Sentiment data we'll print another Sentiment this afternoon and uh in Yesterday's numbers in our amplification

Sentiment which is is kind of a an Action area of sentiment on the market We saw even though Bitcoin was flying Remember yesterday was a huge day for Bitcoin Bitcoin was flying you you can Kind of see the move that it's taken Over the last four Prints but right here We had this little fallof and that might Be what we're starting to witness right Here on both Bitcoin and also ethereum As it retraces back down around 3,300 as We're filming this right now so Depending on where you are looking at Some of these uh tokens that's something To kind of consider however you do have To look at the money flow coming in on Eth right here definitely very strong uh That is one thing I am looking at is eth Just in a pause moment before we do see 3500 start to hold and close on today That's the one I'm watching salana is The other one that I am watching we will Be doing an altcoin show uh for you guys This week that'll be breaking down a ton Of alts that we're looking at and a ton Of alts that we think might be big Winners in this coming market so if you Guys are not in the diamond circle make Sure and get in now it's a great place To catch additional content and catch me On X Paul Baron catch you next time Right here on Techpack [Music]

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