MASSIVE XRP Finding! (Ripple Lawsuit Implications)

MASSIVE XRP Finding! (Ripple Lawsuit Implications)

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I’ve just gained info on a huge finding that may hint towards the end of the longstanding SEC v. Ripple lawsuit. In this video I detail everything you need to know and what it could mean for XRP.

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Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey guys welcome to bitboy crypto my Name is Ben we have got some explosive Uh insight into xrp that you've got to See to believe here we're going to Explain to you why we now believe there Is something Brewing under the surface With xrp we might be seeing the end of This case coming sooner rather than Later and I don't mean the next few Weeks there could be some things going On in the background here that imply the Case has already been decided we're just Waiting for the announcement but before We get to that news you need to Understand what link2 is so link2 is a Platform that actually allows you to buy Shares of Ripple before shares of Ripple Go public because you see Ripple is Aiming to do an IPO or an initial public Offering after the SEC case is over But it hasn't got there yet but you know You can still buy those shares this is Investing through it's called the Private Equity market for the past 25 Years the private Equity Market has Actually outshone the public market by a Considerable amount so you see link2 has Already purchased private Equity shares In the company Ripple even though They're not public yet per se now you

May say who do they buy these from how Do they get them well they get them from Purchasing what's the equivalent to Stock options from former advisors and Team members of Ripple itself because When you work at a company you get stock Options if it goes public because a lot Of companies obviously never make it That far but if they do you want a big Incentive you want a big piece of that Pie well a lot of those people Especially with the SEC case they may Feel like hey this is never going to Happen because the SEC like let me Unload these and you can do it on the Private Equity market and you may be Saying well has this done and done Before have we seen any other companies In the crypto world uh that have done This private Equity Market well yeah That's right on LinkedIn you could have Actually bought private shares of Coinbase before it went public good About private shares of Robinhood and Also Sofi Um which was the crypto friendly bank I Don't know how creative friendly they Are now um but fact is this has been Done before this is not unique to Ripple But we're going somewhere with this so Stick with me Foreign [Music] [Music]

Thinking like oh my gosh this is such a Great opportunity like how in the world Do I do this this would be absolutely Awesome but there's some requirements Here number one you have to be an Accredited investor and number two you Had to buy at least five thousand Dollars worth now here's the thing That's not even really the important Thing I'm trying to show you from this Video and of course keep in mind if the Company never does an IPO or if the SEC Let's say comes after them Um and well not comes after they're Coming after them now but if they Actually stop them and make them you Know give them a death penalty as a Company or something like that then you Would have bought all this for nothing Because it didn't go public but of Course we all feel like Ripple's going To win the case and they are going to go IPO here probably in the next few years If not later on maybe even this year or Next year so the thing is we've got a Lot more evidence to believe that this Is going to happen no what does that Mean if they're gonna IPO well That means they're going to win the case There is some movement on the price of Link to of these private Equity market Shares on linked to that definitely Apply there are people in the know that Understand something that's coming with

Ripple and the average investor does not Have that advice of course none of this Video is financial advice but I'm just Telling you guys I would send some Screenshots from a guy I know who Actually uh you know from time to time Goes in and checks these prices I think Maybe he buys these I'm not 100 sure but If I got Joey swollen Tick Tock you guys Go check out Joey swollen Tick Tock yeah He's pretty swole I'm gonna challenge Him to a bench press competition we'll See who wins so he sent me these Screenshots that you have to see to Believe that's right guys on June 1st One week ago the shares on linked to Were priced at 35 dollars per share with An overall valuation of 5.7 billion Dollars let's fast forward just seven Days later on what is the price 56 dollars a share and over a nine Billion dollar valuation I want you to Think about what is going what is going On what has happened in this time frame When this price has almost the market Valuation has gone up like 60 or 70 Percent During the same time that coinbase gets An SEC action and binance gets an SEC Action something doesn't pass the smell Test here here's the facts there's Something going on behind the curtain Underneath the hood that we can't see Yet that is making this price go up with

All this negative action around the SEC And all this negative action around Exchanges exchanges by the way with Coinbase for instance there's already Said they're not going to delist all the Assets that the SEC Center Securities But yet Xrp is still delisted so in my opinion This thing is one of two things either Xrp is going to get relisted at coinbase What a power move that would be for our Dear Uncle Brian Armstrong Or Do people in the know have inside Information that this case has already Been decided or maybe something along The lines of Gary Kinsler getting kicked Out of the SEC which is something that Definitely should be on the table if You're watching right now so let me know What you guys think is this big news Have we seen the price of these link of These shares on linked to double just Randomly or do you think there's Something more to it because I believe There's something more to it xrp Army Throw the x that was me throwing the X Out but I got my phone in my hand you Couldn't even see it xrp Army throw it Up where you at we are almost to the Finish Line that's all I got be blessed Foreign [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music]