Monumental Crash Incoming (Bull Run Over?)

Bitcoin tumbles down past 40k and more downward price action is expected…but how low will it go and is there something to be worried about?

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A Monumental crash is coming to Bitcoin's price right now Mount goau is Looking to drop over 200,000 Bitcoin This is the equivalent to 7. like5 Billion dollars and now people are Worried that this could send Bitcoin to New lows I'm talking 25k 22k we don't Know what the bottom looks like that's Exactly why today it's time to discover Crypto so I'm rushing back to my PC here After the morning show because we're Getting more and more tweets coming out And of course more and more Announcements that this Mount goau Bitcoin crash could just capitulate the Majority of retail investors out of this Market because it could push prices to Things that well really no one ever Foresaw check out this tweet from whale Wire who said that Bitcoin plunged below 39K as Mount Cox is set to commence the Distribution of 200,000 Bitcoin for Creditor repayments after over a decade Of planning this is worth over .796 billion surpassing the value of Micro strategies and El Salvador's Bitcoin Holdings stating that this could Lead to a Monumental crash potentially Bringing prices back under still Overvalued mind you levels like 20K yes Accounts with half a million followers Are saying that this could be the sole Cause that Bitcoin breaks all the way Down through $220,000 so should we Panic

What should we be doing what levels Should we be watching out for because if R 39K we're talking about Bitcoin Dropping over 50% which would mean Altcoins could very well drop 80 70 90% In value so let's break this down we Have billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin we're talking the most OG Holders in this space that have been Holding Bitcoin for over a decade when This first got locked up these holders Are now going to be getting cash Payments if they want their cash they Have to wait a little bit longer but They're going to be receiving a mass Massive amount of cash and if they want Bitcoin The Company Mount goau has to Then go purchase Bitcoin in send it to Those holders now my question for you Guys would be okay if I am somebody that Obviously this exchange got hacked they Don't have the Bitcoin at this point if I'm somebody that wanted to sell my Bitcoin why would I have the company go Purchase Bitcoin then send me Bitcoin so Then I could sell the Bitcoin rather Than just purchase the c or take the Cash right This tells me that a lot of these Holders or at least the trustees that Want it in Bitcoin are more than likely Going to want and hold now for the rest Of these trustees that have been Receiving it in Yen which is the

Japanese Yen you can get a payout Earlier from there if you're going to be Receiving in cash if I was somebody this Is my personal opinion if I'm somebody That has been now through multiple Market cycles and has held Bitcoin for Like a decade at this point and watched It go up 999,000 I would 100% take pack that cash Payment but I would put at least 10 to 50% of that back in Bitcoin these are The truest Believers these are people That watch it go from pennies to tens of Thousands of dollars just remember that While everybody is going to be Fearmongering while they're all going to Be questioning whether or not to Purchase because Bitcoin has dropped now 30% or 25% altcoin is down 40 50% this Is because they have no idea what's Actually happening in these markets and That's that's completely okay but you Know are we going to to see a 20K Bitcoin are we going to see a 30k Bitcoin it's it's honestly very hard to Know we're at at the most bullish time And bullish point in bitcoin's history This Mount gaau unlock everybody is Fearing and futing over actually could End up being very well bullish again you Have millions of Bitcoin looking to be Purchased in Saudi Arabia you have a Supply chain or a supply crunch a supply Shock right around the corner as we have

Our Bitcoin having it is bullish ETFs Are out IPOs are coming guys Now's the Time to dollar cost average and stop Panic