The REAL REASON Bitcoin Is Going Up… [Whale Buys $1 BILLION]

The REAL REASON Bitcoin Is Going Up… [Whale Buys $1 BILLION]

The REAL REASON Bitcoin Is Going Up… [Whale Buys $1 BILLION]
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0:00 – The REAL REASON Bitcoin Is Going Up
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Is there any fundamental reason why We're seeing cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoin moved to the upside in the last Week or so most people do not understand The real reason why Bitcoin is going up I do I follow the crypto Market every Day you watch this entire video Until The End and you will become a smarter Crypto investor get this video to 7 000 Likes we can easily do it we've done it Before let's get right to it bitcoin's Rally is actually kind of remarkable Especially considering how Banks Across America and around the world are in Crisis bitcoin's rally is quite Remarkable especially considering this Past weekend there was essentially Mass-market chaos amid news that Circle Had funds stored in SBB they had about 3 Billion and so this suggested that the Stable coin they were issuing ustc Essentially could have had a deepegging Event which would have been devastating For the entire defy ecosystem in Particular so right when news broke that The government essentially would Backstop all depositor funds markets Rallied and that's what we're seeing Happen today Bitcoin is rallying after Joe Biden's big Bank bailout the U.S Government is bailing out U.S banks in Crisis including Silicon Valley Bank Usdc after losing its Peg is regaining Its Peg Circle company behind usdc was

Banking is banking with Silicon Valley Bank Joe Biden guaranteeing their 3.3 Billion held by svb will be available Bitcoin is rallying because of this all Customers who had the process in these Banks can rest assured rest assured They'll be protected and they'll have Access to their money as of today every American should feel confident that Their deposits will be there if and when They need them Bitcoin is rallying Because around the world banks are Getting bailed out Credit Suisse a much Bigger Bank than svb its Shares are Soaring again after the bank secures a 54 billion dollar Lifeline from the Central Bank of Switzerland so Credit Suisse securing a massive 50 billion Dollar funding deal is good for Bitcoin For two reasons one it keeps the markets Level it keeps everybody feeling good in The markets number two it shows how BS The Central Banking and banking systems Around the world are in other words Central banks deployed more fake money To save the House of Cards fake money Has an unlimited Supply this is why we Bitcoin Bitcoin ethereum crypto is going Up because ethereum finally set an Official date for its Shanghai hard Fork Upgrade ethereum's Shanghai upgrade goes Live on April 12th if you hold ethereum Set your calendar for April 12th the Ethereum Shanghai hard Fork which will

Allow users to finally withdraw their Staked eth if they're validating the Network is a highly anticipated event Perhaps the upgrade will also have an Effect on eth market demand so what Improvements is ethereum Shanghai Upgrade going to bring well of course The biggest Improvement is that it will Allow users to unstake their eat from Now until eternity the ethereum upgrade Also has several other proposed changes Related to the ethereum virtual machine Evm object format which is a software Component of all evm compatible Blockchains that gives decentralized Programmability to the network and it Sets the stage for sharding later which Should add scalability and faster Transaction processing for ethereum 2023 Is going to be the year when Roll-Ups Really come to maturity we have 4844 That gives ropes more space and we have The trading wheels on Roll-Ups that Really get weakened a lot that kind of Gets us to like most of charting being Finished and then Roll-Ups going fully Trustless and then there is full tank Sharding for me personally I think after The changes that would be the first Points where I would feel comfortable Saying even if nothing else happens past That point I would be happy with Ethereum if we need to we could stop There we're not going to stop there

Right and we want to kind of like go Ahead and try to actually make sure that The ethereum ecosystem gets support 500 Million users before the ball were 500 Billion users been knocking on the door Actually ends up happening that's Probably the next part of the future the Transition from ethereum as this kind of Very theoretical ecosystem that's still Discovering and finding itself to Ethereum as an ecosystem that actually Is you know tries to be useful and Usable and uh you know secure and and All those things and like actually Provide value for hundreds of millions Of people with everything going on with Bitcoin ethereum banks in general the World in general another reason Bitcoin Is pumping is because binance the World's leading exchange suddenly Converts one billion dollars from its Industry Recovery initiative to bitcoin Ethereum and BNB here's why so back in November binance announced it was Setting up an Industry Recovery Fund to Help rebuild the crypto industry Everybody was psyched about this at the Time now they had one billion dollars in Their native stable coin and now they're Converting what's left of that into Bitcoin ethereum and BNB this move comes In the wake of paxos Busd's owner and issuer this is finances Stablecoin being hit by a lawsuit from

The United States SEC with the agency Claiming last month that the firm Violated investor protection laws while Paxos announced it would Halt busd Minting and end its relationship with Finance Finance putting what's left of The one billion dollars into Bitcoin Ethereum and binance finance announced That they would actually be converting 1 Billion busd into Bitcoin and ethereum And BNB this is significant by pressure On the entire Market which is Essentially skyrocketing prices all Right that's really interesting so that News about converting to bitcoin and Ethereum so the the fact that they want To take their coin and turn it into These other more popular well-known Coins you're saying that's just creating Some of the rally right Yes definitely so essentially they're Going to be selling 1 billion busd and Buying Bitcoin in ethereum and some Other are crypto assets and so this is a Lot of money and especially because Crypto markets are relatively liquid Right now that will cause significant Buy pressure and so that's I think what We're seeing today it's unclear whether They've actually started these purchases But the news alone instantly caused a Market rally close to one billion Dollars has entered Bitcoin ethereum and BNB it took 15 seconds and cost 1.29

Imagine moving 980 million through a Bank before banking hours on Monday this Is why Bitcoin will continue to win this Is why banks will continue to fail or be Forced to change everybody's reporting How Facebook and Instagram stopping Their nft plans well not a lot of people Are reporting this the Pokemon company One of the biggest brands in the world Might be preparing to make moves in the Metaverse why do we say this well the Pokemon company who's the corporation in Charge of the development of the Pokemon Brand preparing to make some moves Regarding the franchise into the Metaverse because was the company Recently opened a job opportunity that Includes experience and knowledge in Fields like blockchain web 3 and the Metaverse as a requirement for the job Including connections with investors in These Bitcoin is pumping because reverse Indicator cnbc's Mad Money Jim Cramer Recently said I would sell my Bitcoin Into this rally and I would sell my Bitcoin right into this rally and Believe me I had been a believer One Time in Bitcoin not here not now this is The same guy who backed Silicon Valley Bank a month before its collapse not to Mention the Mush Mouth on this guy in General the ninth best performer year to Date is svb financial don't you want This company is a merchant bank with a

Deposit base That Wall Street have been Stately concerned about so you could Argue spb's nearly 40 rally this year is Barely a drop in the bucket and that's How I want you to think it stocks still Cheap these stocks could have more room To run I'd like to take a minute and Thank the sponsor of today's video swiss Cheese Finance linked below they are the World's first ever decentralized Stock Exchange we are developing radically Futuristic user-friendly multi-chain Stock and crypto products on top of a Robust decks called swiss cheese the Swiss cheese token is the backbone of The Swiss cheese ecosystem it's an erc20 Standard token built on each layer 2 Polygon making it more widely accessible And easy to use as a total supply of 120 Million so what exactly is Swiss cheese I still don't get it swiss cheese is Developing a set of products and Services designed to simplify the way You trade stocks shares and bonds using A single swiss cheese finance account You can trade stocks crypto bonds shares And invest in any Global Currency you Wish without having to interact with the Underlying technology I liked the Information provided by Yahoo finance They go over the problem comes with Traditional exchanges and why swiss Cheese could potentially solve those Problems the problem with traditional

Stock exchanges expensive transactions Opaque operations centralized nature Restricted accessibility possible Fraudulent activities on the worst and Worst of the worst so what is Swiss Cheese aiming to solve decentralized Structure swiss cheese operates on a Decentralized platform eliminating the Need for intermediaries and reducing the Risk of cyber attacks and other security Breaches this also allows for more Transparent and secure trading Environment low transaction fees we all Love to see if they're on polygon Accessibility swiss cheese decentralized Platform eliminates the Restriction that Often limits accessibility on Traditional stock exchanges making it Easier for a wider range of investors to Participate in trading increased Transparency of course it's on the Blockchain with these advantages swiss Cheese is poised to become the future of Decentralized stock exchanges it's Innovative platform offers a more secure Accessible and efficient way to trade Making it an attractive option for Investors and Traders alike anybody Interested on more information on Swiss Cheese Finance March 17th to doing a Little AMA March 17th 4 pm UTC with Leading influencers and the CTO of Swiss Talking about decentralized stock Exchanges in general now swiss cheese

Fits into that check this out for more Information website linked below check Them out and remember there is risk Involved do not make any financial Decisions without fully understanding The risk our audience is global and Because our audience is global make sure That you understand and follow all laws In your respective jurisdiction nft la Is coming up March 20th through 23rd my Brother and I will be speaking Moderating a panel get your tickets Altcoin daily VIP code linked below to Get 10 off so this is coming up in a few Days and then in May Bitcoin in 2023 Miami use code altcoin daily 10 off both Discount codes are linked below hope to See you at both of these the night is Always darkest before the dawn my Friends Bitcoin and crypto are the Future subscribe to our Channel we Follow the market every day we keep you Updated see tomorrow

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