Why Has Bitcoin Suddenly Fallen Down ? | #recessionnews #crash #short

🔴Video Title: Why Has Bitcoin Fallen Down ? | #recessionnews #crash #short
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Crypto investors have been selling their Bitcoin in droves over $2.8 billion has Been liquidated now this is not fud it's Not made up it's just Market data now It's possible this selloff is our silver Lining for 2024 this could be the best Opportunity to get into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in 2024 before the Market takes off I'm not a Perma I'm not A moon boy and I do not say that lightly We have specific data to back us up on This cycle leading into 2025 in the Short term Bitcoin could see further Downside but this is the most important Part now we cannot get greedy with lower And lower targets 2024 and 2025 are Going to be phenomenal it's a macro bull Market and these opportunities do not Last forever cut out the noise now Follow the channel and I'll see you at The next [Music] Video