XRP Portfolio Update! (Last Chance To Buy These Levels?)

XRP Portfolio Update! (Last Chance To Buy These Levels?)

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Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Welcome to billboard crypto my name is Ben uh today we're gonna be talking About our portfolio briefly uh and then We're going to be talking about some Prospects for some positive movements Here in the market buy some coins maybe Pretty soon Uh guys first and foremost our Portfolios they're pretty much all down A little bit our 25k portfolio is down Pretty good bit it's down like maybe 15 To 18 today uh guys it's just when you Have a massive nuke by Bitcoin the all Coins get hurt more than Bitcoin gets Hurt and even when they have those Massive gains Um you know following Like either I have 20 or 40 days they're Just kind of catching up to where they Were so because of that almost nothing In our portfolio right now from any of Our portfolios is doing that great Um however we did have one meme coin in Our grudu Casino portfolio that excuse Me we're actually a big fan of we love They're actually a partner of ours Um uh beep you guys know beep they're Doing absolutely phenomenal we put three Ethan uh it was worth about 35k the Other day

Um now it is important to note that While we are partners with them uh we've Never gotten a token from them or Anything like that no this has been Marketing it's just we like beep we like What they do they're very smart with Their content hung out with these guys In Dubai you guys are going to find out More about some of the people we met Hung out with in Dubai in the next you Know coming one to two months you're Gonna find out we made a lot of really Great contacts I met a lot of cool People and the beep guys are definitely Uh you know some of the cooler people we Met while we were out there looking Forward to working with them over the Long term Um however our you know our business Department our training department we Did take a little bit of profits off of That uh we took about ten thousand Dollars in profit of that 35 000 Position so sorry we hold a little bit Just a little bit uh guys and and why This is not my personal portfolio this Is in our crypto Casino portfolio so This is a this is a portfolio that we Have to show you guys in order to for You guys to follow the moves we make Along the markets now we can't not make A move that's best for the investors Watching the channel not Financial Advice of course but we can't like based

On our personal relationships with Projects we can't say you know what People because we like you guys we can't Take profits off of you guys at all Because if we do that uh you know we're Not giving the best to our audience so That's why we did that big fans Definitely don't think their run up is Uh over anything like that but you have To take profits along the ways it is What happens hey guys come here real Quick Let's take you wanna find out more go to Billboard.com you can sign up here in America or even if you're International They have a place for you there too say Bye Um so uh I think that a couple other Things that we're looking at right now Very pay a lot of attention to xrp pay a Lot of attention xrp right now we are Coming towards the end of this case You're going to see a lot of movement Start taking place I honestly think that Uh you know the prospects for xrp Following this case are massive you're Definitely going to get what I consider To be probably a quick two or three x Um if they win and this is over uh now There could be some split information Coming out by the way there's some split Information about you know the SEC still On them for this or they admitted guilt To this or whatever then that could

Change but if they were to win outright With no chance of um or get a settlement That says there's no chance of going to The Supreme Court I'm telling you guys Right now like this is what we're we are Aggressively accumulating xrp In our corporate portfolio not our Example portfolios but our corporate uh Hit network uh you know billboard crypto Portfolio we are actively accumulating Xrp uh another coin uh that we have high Prospects for of course is bencoin can't Talk about the price of Bitcoin I can't Guarantee you you're going to get Returns on that investment Um but I can tell you is the things that We're working on the back end right now We're still bearing out our advisory Team we're still building out Um our internal team we're getting ready To to make a few new hires here so a few New hires for bencoin that will work Specifically for Bitcoin so excited About that and I think right now we're Working on some of the stuff with the Market with some market makers to try to Give it a more stable environment I mean If you look at the chart of Bitcoin Compared to the chart of some of its Other competitors I'll say uh we have a Very healthy chart and um you know super Exciting to see where this can go Um we had a big buy the other day and That big buy it wrecked uh the markets

Of a Mev bot so we're working on getting Some market makers in place to stop that From coming in when some of these big Buys start coming to bitcoin they will Be coming in uh you know relatively soon They would have already been in but like I said we did want to work on make sure That we were going to be able to fix Um you know that issue to where you're Getting you can't stop a methbot per se I mean there are some things you can do But if you have some market makers out There to help balance out uh you know The negative activity that they cause Then you know you can be okay so Everybody pay attention to some more Updates from Bitcoin coming over in the Next few days very excited about that Working on securing uh Market maker We've already got our liquidity locked Up uh so a lot of good stuff happening Around the way that's all I gotta be Blessed oh yeah Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]