🚨URGENT!🚨Crypto Crash Inbound (Be Prepared For This)

🚨URGENT!🚨Crypto Crash Inbound (Be Prepared For This)

A Shocking Bitcoin collapse that has broken critical support levels is rocking the crypto world. What is happening next?

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Bitcoin is crashing and the altcoin Market is probably going to follow these Are the key levels that we need to watch For as Bitcoin struggles to maintain the 42k Zone what's up guys I wanted to give you A quick market update as Bitcoin has Broken below 42k is currently sitting at Around $41,500 and you're starting to See a lot of influencers talk about Specific price levels where can Bitcoin Head was 48k the top of this Market are We going to drop all the way to $225,000 These are questions these are what Influencers and analysts are now Projecting and that is what we're going To be talking about today so the first Thing I want to discuss is going to be The fear and greed index all right if You guys are new to this Channel or if You guys are just new to crypto in General the fear and greed index is a Great way to analyze where Market Sentiment is currently sitting today it Is currently at 60 this is a pretty Neutral position now this is a very Basic indicator and not a lot of people Love utilize ing it but this goes to Show markets are indecisive on which way Bitcoin's price is going to move next Now if you guys have been following us On the live stream you guys would know That we took tens of thousands of Dollars in profit at the top of this

Rally we called the ETF news being a buy The rumor seld the news event was I Wrong about the postponement yes but it Still allowed us to take massive profit And just call out what was a rumor based Event and this is the projections moving Forward okay we're going to be looking For 39,000 39,600 to be exact that is going to be a Massive liquidation level that is where Prices and liquidity do tend to want to Attract to and so the only way we get a Bounce off that is if we get enough Short positions to really start stacking On top of Bitcoin at where we're Currently are now we are starting to We're starting to see more people become Bearish and that is actually incredibly Bullish in fact Jim Kramer came out and Tweeted today uh that he is really Bearish on crypto and believes the Bottom is no nowhere near in and in fact It's just getting started so we all know What that means inverse Kramer rule but The next level guys okay as Bitcoin Drops if it drops you need to be Prepared for this because we are going To be tried to be fed out of these Markets indefinitely over the next 3 Months we have less than 100 days until The Bitcoin having that means within the Next 3 to 4 months these institutions These news outlets these major asset Management groups they're going to try

To FUD you out of your backs guys this Is the biggest event in crypto's history The four-year cycle the Bitcoin having Is what matters most and it's what sets Up the Catalyst for every single borun We're going to have IPOs we're going to Have more ETFs we're going to have Hong Kong issuing their own funds it is more Bullish than it ever has been and we are Now watching even potentially Presidential candidates run for office And if we get an Administration that's Bullish on crypto as well guys the Upside to this is immense this is going To be the biggest boring ever so I Welcome lower prices I want lower prices We called the 465 to 48k level it's Peaked at 49,000 and now we're looking For that 39,600 zone now if you guys follow the Bitlab academy make sure you guys go to The description below we'll be hosting a Class in there tomorrow as well I did Dollar cost average into a layer two or Sorry an actual Dex on top of Bitcoin It's considered the Unis swap so to Speak of Bitcoin the new defi now with That though that was the first step in Dollar cost averaging the 39,600 level If we drop to that that means altcoins Guys they're going to drop by 10 20 Maybe even 30% and in fact uh that is the first Level if we do not get enough shorts in

If we do not get enough Bears to cause That liquidation that and cause a short Squeeze back to the upside the worst Case scenario in my books is going to be That 34,600 that is the next major Liquidation level so we have to hold That 39K Zone and by that zone I I mean You know it's roughly 375 to 396 but if We break through that barrier the Downside is even going to be more Immense and that is where we're talking You know again 50% drops on some of These altcoin prices so what I would be Doing right now if you want to be Prepared we need to focus on the market Sentiment all right the moment I I Called it on the way up I said once we Break $40,000 the Cockroach influencers That were gone all of bare Market that Told you to S sell at the bottom they Were going to come out and tell you that Bitcoin was going to go to 100K and that The Bitcoin spot ETF was going to make Us all millionaires of course guys fast Forward to today they were very much Wrong and I believe the same thing is Going to happen once we break down to These high 39,000 levels and that's what We want to pay attention to okay you Want to buy when there's bled in the Streets Baron Roch child's famous quote You want to buy when there's bled in the Streets even if that bled is your own

Okay this is how you beat Market Emotions this is is how you become a Successful crypto Trader this is the Number one skill set that every success Successful crypto Trader hodler anybody That's been this industry that's been Here for a long time that has made Hundreds of thousands if not sevens of Figures we're talking millions and Millions of dollars is because they were Able to navigate through the emotion and So the strategy here guys I'm still Following my 5025 VC rule I'm Anticipating these lower levels we're Looking at dollar cost average and with The profits that we took at the top from There maybe we break down the 34,000 you Know maybe maybe that happens again Worst case and I welcome it please bring Prices down guys we have a spot Bitcoin ETF launched I I I don't even know why People are concerned with prices going Down the question I have for you is if Prices drop back down to that do you Have the balls to actually accumulate This time because most people guys they Did not they were sidelined while we Were buying at the bottom FTX all Through the summer dollar cost averaging We got into dite saw 30 20 40 X's most People were sideline out saying that Bitcoin was going to go to 10K it never Went to 10K this is that opportunity so Get your portfolios ready get those

Watch this ready make sure you turn on Those post notifications subscribe to This channel because I'll be dropping my Thousand portfolio strategy this week uh My VC strategy this week we'll be going Over altcoins I'm watching what I'm Looking to accumulate the top underrated Cryptos like arbitrum sayu we have so Many ecosystem videos about to drop and You guys need to be prepared to be able To accumulate this and take ad of the Opportunity thank you guys for watching We'll see you guys in the next video