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01:40 Charts w/ Frankie
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Will not stand on the mat okay I will Not stand this is my real height why is There a phone book here [Music] [Music] [Music] This is our new advisor this is uh at Fitty uh at fitty eath you guys can find Him on the Twitter's verse here's our First official public advisor we've got A couple more behind the scenes Um uh The Duchess of defy and myself pit Boy crypto uh Cassie and I are also Going along with uh some other employees Here uh we're going to Dubai next week We're meeting with at least one more Advisor who's already agreed so we're Gonna go make that official which is Big You guys will find out who it is Um and it's it's not Carl or Chris or It's not a YouTuber we love those I mean We love the YouTubers out there but That's not who it is it'll be somebody That will really be able to help us in Some big ways Um but we're also going to be doing some Cool stuff we're going to be going to Abu Dhabi for a day we're going to be Having a bit get party of the night of The 23rd uh so a lot of big stuff while We're out there we're doing a lot of Bitcoin stuff Um you know for that but uh I know 50 in Real life he's a great dude I can't wait

To see uh he's already added a lot of Value Um in a lot of different ways to what We're doing Um so super excited to to announce that Maybe we could take out these lows put In a lower low here I'll kind of just Show you we do have some support down Here so I will look for a potential Short-term move to the downside before Getting another bounce and then maybe That is where you get the daily starting To roll up and that's able to push you Back up to these prices uh closer to That value area low at the levels I was Just talking about so uh you know in the Immediate short term four hour could Bring us down just a little bit more and If it does push us back into this white Box I will be looking for bullish Confirmations to go long and then Obviously if that does wind up playing Out we'll uh I will be looking to take Profit here and depending on what the Charts look at look like at that point Um if I am if it is looking like uh we Are probably going to continue to the Downside and reject this level I will Look too short this level Um but if not uh I obviously will look To just lock in some profits on that Long and then hold the rest uh for some Potential higher prices but again guys Be very careful if you're out there

Trading because there is likely going to Be some crazy volatility coming in here Uh this week uh but with that being said Guys I think that's all I got Um real quick yeah I'm interested Because we're going to talk about it's Like the first story is going to talk About yeah uh I know uh corn market cap Has Bitcoin like 47 dominance but btc.d Could you take a look at that chart real Quick yeah yeah and I want to hear what You think about the dominance it Definitely looks like we're close to Conquering we got really close to Conquering 50 on btc.d but what are your Thoughts what are you seeing on this Chart do you think the altcoins can make A push or do you think that we're going To continue to move to the upside with The dominance uh all right let's see Here coming on to the Daily so kind of What I was looking at on the dominance Last time we looked here now obviously We did get a push to the upside here Um but something you know again at least You know when you're looking at Market Sniper which is one of the main things That I look at uh you know you you can See here with the money flow although we Did get this Pawn to the upside money Flow is still just kind of continuing to The downside so more often than not when You're looking at something like money Flow um because it indicates the longer

Term Trends unless it tastes a little Bit for it to play out especially when It kind of hovers down here a little bit Until I see this money flow really start To make higher highs and after higher High uh that is kind of where I would Expect you know a much much higher push On the dominance here uh but with the Money flow just still bleeding out I was Kind of curious about this because we Looked at this recently uh and money Flow is coming out uh but obviously we Have gotten a push up here Um and kind of what I was expecting was A push up to the highs of uh this range Right we had this value area high right Here coming in at about uh you know 48.2 Percent uh and then we have these highs Up here you know getting a little closer To 50 about 48.88 uh percent was Expecting to come somewhere up in here Before reversing um so you know we could Potentially see a roll over here as uh And then you know as the dominant starts To come down we see that money flow Cross over and then that would Eventually bring the dominance down uh Likely a bit more there uh and that Probably that would likely give the alt Room to run uh you know but this stuff Does take time to play out so um I'm Just gonna go ahead and stick with the Money flow again until this money flow Starts coming up and making new higher

Highs I wouldn't expect anything too Dramatic out of this Um and I would have to lean a little bit More uh a little bit more bearish uh Until again that money flow starts to Come back 12 hour money flow did cross Over into the green right as you got That move up um but again might take Time to play out here but again you know Not possible for this to flip around uh But until it does start doing that I Gotta start you know I gotta continue to Lean that this uh this money flow is Bleeding to the downside so make sense Um but yeah guys that's it you got the Levels of resistance and support and Kind of what I'm expecting Um you know watch that if we do get a Move up watch that 200 week moving Average for some strong uh strong Resistance and with that being said Shout out to DZ oh oh uh uh uh I was Gonna do my outro because DZ is part of My uh my intro for my live show because We're right after ATB and I always say Shout out to my boy dizzy so shout out To my boy dizzy back to him [Music] [Music] All right uh algorand algorand and Flo Crashed to all-time lows following SEC Lawsuits uh prices for a number of Altcoins fell after they're name checked By the SEC algorand flow polygon Solana

Cardano all these things felt pretty Hard They also have significant declines here Uh algorithm flow trade a hands at 9 Cents and 45 cents respectively According to coin gecko both algorand And flow are down more than 60 percent From their 29 and dollar 39 highs just In February they're down 60 percent not From the bull market top from February Toppling uh more than 28 during a seven Day span this week brought the lowest Price in both coins histories I bought a Market bot cardano the coin I bought Before that algorand I'm not saying I'm A biggest fan of uh their centralization Or uh you know what they got going on With uh certain people uh that were used To be in the white house but I'm I'm Pretty bullish on those because of those Reasons too it's newer Tech and well I Don't know I think big money can choose Winners and big money's back in it hey Supposedly they're supposed to be bigger Stuff coming out too so okay supposedly I mean I don't know AJ AJ talked me into It okay I'm just gonna blame AJ if it Goes down all right so transition here Couple a couple Q A's here 120k Portfolio 25 each 25 Bitcoin 15 Ada and Xrp 10 algo file ICP and then uh seven Percent Crow Yeah that math doesn't add up right I Don't know I'm not saying 65 75 85 95 it

Should be five percent Crow Um The rest oh yeah now now we're well Above so we were already at 102 and then You say the rest I'm just gonna attack Your math uh this whole time I'm not Even gonna talk about your portfolio the Rest is a mix and sand op Matic Quant Ape H bar and swee adding 1500 a month Through 2023. I like the yeah add 1500 a Month through the next six months you Will want to slow down as we get closer To the bull market you're gonna then Pause for six months maybe you know give Or take a few months and then you're Going to want to start selling uh for About a six to 12 month period I like it I would say Uh I think it's actually a pretty good Portfolio I'm not the biggest fan of Seven percent Crow I'd rather you know Maybe go in some of the other that you Have in the mix there Matic you know I Would maybe put in more l2s than Crow There but other than that uh besides Crow I like pretty much everything about That I'm seeing here what about you yeah I mean no one can see it 25 e 25 Bitcoin 15 Ada yeah I'll go file ICP Um All right yeah I mean it's solid and to Each his own when you start using Certain details but I I there's some

Good diversification there yeah another Question from bit frog why do coins Inflate what is the point most of the Time the point is the team to raise Funds uh so they're they're releasing New tokens selling them onto the market And then uh you know taking that money And you know maybe operations maybe it's Lamborghinis we don't know uh with Bitcoin it's uh part of his distribution Model you Satoshi you know at first it's Him and of some buddies and then it's 10 People then it's 100 people then it's a Thousand people you don't want to Release all 21 million Bitcoin at that Point that would be uh probably not good For the health of the network uh what Else do we got what else do we got Next Bull Run good question there risky Question for me to answer not many People would answer this question DZ Will answer this question if you can get These likes up where are we at right now Uh I'm looking okay we did get over a Thousand I'll go ahead and answer So our previous all-time high you know Some charts are going to say you know Three dollars nine would just say Roughly three ten three twenty five Shortly above three dollars you think a Little above you think the high of no no I'm saying previous previous was three Oh okay so next time I'm looking at a 2.5 x ish so I'm going to be looking at

Around 750. I don't think we can hit ten Dollars I think there's a lot of cell Pressure at six dollars ninety cents for Obvious reasons a lot of cell pressure At seven eight nine and so that's why I Don't think we'll get to ten uh can we Use the First Amendment to protect Crypto use as free speech and protest to Current economic policies and structures Regulation is chilling effect down our Speech well uh all pulse X sacrifices Was labeled as an exercise in free Speech and so that is a argument that Has been used in the crypto sector in The crypto industry before I don't know If it's been tested in court though but To me code is speech it can't be any More clear it's freaking letters speech It is speech it is speech folks uh it Reminds me of the story I've talked About the story before the guy had the Schematics for a 3D printed gun and the Government tried to say it was illegal So you know what he did he printed out The code and put it on a T-shirt and Wore the T-shirt said it's free speech What can you do so uh yeah to me free Speech uh d by DX Hybrid next Bull Run I'm not sure I'm not too familiar with That protocol so I can't really give you A good uh prediction there Foreign [Music] [Music]

[Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign