$1,000 Crypto Portfolio (Best Strategy To START NOW)

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What would I do with $11,000 if I was Just starting out in crypto today we are Going to be building a $1,000 portfolio Together it's time to discover Crypto what's up everybody welcome back To the discovered Channel today I'm Going to be showing you some really cool Tricks and how to find underlying or Undervalued cryptos in the crypto market So the first thing we want to do is of Course head over to coin Gecko and Create that ,000 portfolio this is where We're going to be adding our new coins And analyzing the projects as they come Through now $11,000 really isn't a lot Of money so I traditionally follow Something called the 5025 VC rule which We do have an in-depth video coming out On later this week if not within the Next two weeks but ultimately $1,000 Really isn't something that we're going To want to just diversify and divid up Between 10 or 20 different projects it's Not a lot of capital and honestly I'm Going to imagine that if you're starting Off with $1,000 this is money that you Can afford to lose you should not be Utilizing you know your rent money or Your cell phone payments or your student Loans this thousand bucks is money that I'm willing to take a higher risk on to Get a higher reward and that is the First di disclaimer guys if you're not Here watching this video because it's

Money you can afford to lose this video Is not for you all right so here's the Trick okay we are going to go over to Coin Gecko and this is perhaps one of The easiest tricks in the industry in Finding an undervalued cryptocurrency so We're really going to want to pay Attention to the market cap here on the Right side of the panel strip now you'll Notice I do not want to touch anything Within the top 10 in fact probably even The top 30 cryptocurrencies these are All cryptos that have large market caps And really are going to be hard to Double that value in your investment There's not going to be a lot of reward And they going to be lower risk so for Example here when you look at bitcoin's Price right if I were to allocate let's Say 500 or even the full ,000 into Bitcoin it would need to see another Trillion dollars roughly fled into that Market cap just to get it to double in Price so right now it's sitting at 42,000 the all-time highs of last cycle Are roughly you know about $770,000 if We were to see that price point again we Would need to see that amount of money Come back into this Market another $883 Billion so you know the upside reward of Here even if we were to see aund and 50,000 Bitcoin uh in this bull run you Really are only seeing the chance at a 1

And a half to maybe a 3X on that Investment so we do not want to be in The top market cap altcoin it's going to Be a lot harder to see that reward so What we're going to want to go ahead and Do is you're going to see 1 hour 24 Hours 7 days and 24 uh the 24-hour Volume spread here we're going to just Want to Simply click on that and it's Now going to uh filter the cryptos in Order for the cryptos that have the most Amount of volume in them now all this is Important is because as you guys look Through cryptocurrencies sometimes You'll see a cryptocurrency you really Really really like and it might have a Hundred million market cap but the Problem is is there's like no volume There's no activity there's no Network Volume so volume is going to show which Projects are showing signs of a lot of Growth of a lot of Engagement and this Is where we're going to see okay which Layer 2os or layer ones or altcoins are Outperforming some of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies so you'll notice like The first 10 here look at this you know Stable coins you want to ignore of Course stable coins usdt and usdc are Going to be the top of the market so is First digital also be very very careful With first digital here watch them very Closely this is binance guys that's Binance's new stable coin uh you know

They turned off BD and just printed a New one to get around those sanctions or Whatever the US is trying to you know Push on them with their investigations But then you'll notice okay salana xrp Chain link and then wow look at that Guys arbitrum andu sui here number 37 in Market cap number 54 in market cap are Both outperforming a lot of your top 10 Cryptocurrencies Arbitron was 600 Million in fact it was at like 2 billion I think yesterday and it was outpacing Even salana in xrp but a a crypto with The market cap of number 37 and 54 when It's competing with a six a five a four A two that's when you need to open your Eyes and go wow there is something to This ecosystem and it very much could be Undervalued you'll see Celestia down Here 33 comparable to Avalanche right at Number 10 now of course you don't only Want to go off this metric but we're you Going to use arbitrum as an example Right here so arbitrum right now guys Sitting at a you know again $2.6 billion Market cap out PAC seeing a lot of those Top 10 has 1.27 uh cryptos in circulation for Tot Amount of tokens and when we go to defi Llama this should be your best friend And you type in arbitrum you'll notice That there is more locked value on this Network than its market cap in general There's a lot of money locked up in this

Ecosystem tvl is very important the Higher the tvl generally the higher Engagement the higher activity the Higher growth within that so it's safe To say here that arbitrum is quite Undervalued in terms of the price action Compared to the volume here now I do Want to point out quick disclaimer guys That when you go to like a vesting Schedule.com arbitrum has a massive Selloff in Cliff coming in March where It's going to add about 100% more tokens Into circulation so personally I would Probably look to add arbitrum around That March time frame if there's a Massive drop but right now for the sake Of this video this is a winner this is Something I think could outperform and Is very much undervalued and will Probably be a top 20 5 if not top 20 Token in the borine as everything moves Up it has a high chance at seeing a 5 to 10x return so number one guys in this Portfolio we are going to add arbitrum Again arbitrum ARB here that is added in Now what we're going to go ahead and do Is add a transaction because of course We want to show that we are buying uh You know $500 worth ultimately so price Per coin here uh we got to go about to Twice about half that so 250 so about Half the portfolio here guys Is going to be an arbitrum now the next Thing I want to do here and you can you

Might like sui which is sweet you might Like Celestia you might like optimism You might like you know another project On this ecosystem but I'm doing ARB jump For the sake of this video now the next Two tokens okay we have a $1,000 in Portfolio we now want to increase that Risk right now we're at about medium Risk and that's to see hopefully a five You know four five 6 7x in this bll run Which you know with 500 bucks that's a Decent amount of money there we want to To increase that that that risk to Reward we're now going to be choosing Two different cryptocurrencies so out of That ,000 guys again in the th000 Portfolio I'm going to have three Cryptocurrencies you're definitely going To want to stick around and smash that Like button so you see the third crypto That we pick up here but in the crypto Portfolio here guys we're now going to Scroll down we're not going to care About the top 100 tokens anymore okay Yeah we're going to skip the top 100 We're going to scroll all the way down To the bottom of this page and we're now Going to click on page two on page two We are going to do the same exact thing You'll notice that number 101 is rocket Pool with only 9 million in volume with A $700 million market cap look what Happens when we click the 24 hours boom Uh B USD ignore stable coin xai right

Here $11 500 million in volume in the Last 24 hours half the market cap of Rocket pool there so xai looks like it Might be a bit of a bread winner here Let's go ahead and check on the max here Looks like it's a pretty pretty brand New token circulating supply is about 33% in terms of circulation uh this Looks like a decent play here now of Course guys you don't want to just smash These and put them into the portfolio But ultimately this does look like Something that's going to allow us to Have exposure now to that AI Market in Fact it looks like web 3 gaming Blockchain gaming developed for Mass Adoption arbitrum I feel like didn't an Introduction it's a layer two this is Going to give us that exposure to that Web 3 gaming now it has a lot of Partnerships works with Anoka Brands one Of the largest gaming providers in the Crypto industry I've never even seen This project here until today uh so this Is that this is that token this is where I would go okay this looks like it's Something I would add to that portfolio Of course this is just what I would do With $11,000 and I would go ahead and Allocate now $250 to xai here so we're going to type In xai X it's it's actually the trending Search that's crazy it's popping off Right now so xai and we're going to go

Ahead and add to debt again 250 so it's Going to be about 230 probably so $230 Yeah about $250 that's good to go there So that's now 33% of our portfolio now The last one okay what do you think We're going to do here you are more than Welcome to look at the top you know Again top 10 projects here uh I actually Made a video on my Tik Tok Channel where I ended up choosing magic for that Exposure to the nft market so we're Probably going to go ahead and choose The same one it is still trending look At that $100 million in volume the last 24 hours it's been tring the last few Days it's been holding that volume and a $300 Million market cap so magic is an nft Project it's been around for some time It did have a lot more tokens in Circulation or a lot less in terms of Circulation last Bull Run nothing crazy Uh but I do believe nfts in that gaming Sector are going to come back this comes From the treasure ecosystem one of the Largest gaming uh decentralized video Game consol out there that exists so This is kind of going to also fall into The category of the xai gaming I love Gaming uh if I'm betting on the industry I do not want to touch Gala games Whatsoever I think Gala games is one of The worst tokenomics it's also never Going to hit all-time highs based off

The fact that it's already a $5 billion Market cap or whatever and now needs to Hit like 30 billion to regain its Alltime highs last uh Bull Run uh this Is a project I really really do enjoy It's also a part of arbitrum ecosystem So it's going to kind of Follow The Narrative of we're now exposed to AI We're exposed to gaming we're exposed to Layer 2os and this does look like pretty Portfolio to me so I'm going to go ahead And add magic here and this would be my Last $250 so another about 230 it's literally The same price of xai almost in terms of The comparison and values so uh look at That our xai is already pumped in the Last 24 minutes so this is exactly what I would do with $1,000 all right we've Gained 66 bucks in literally the last Five minutes of making this video uh but You need to take that risk okay $1,000 Do isn't that a lot of money you have to Be okay with probably losing that Position you need to take those higher Risks now I would not go de gen out and Just go hop in on a bunch of like random 1 million 2 million5 million $10 million Market cap altcoins I would slowly gain Some profit from this midcap range where We could see those 10 XS those 20 X's Potentially But ultimately take some of Those profits and start allocating them Now to these smaller one to5 10 million

Market caps and start building that 50 25 VC strategy rule I will follow that Standard I will still continue to follow That strategy this is the best way Though I believe if you have $1,000 and You're you know someone that's just Looking for exposure it's money you can Afford to lose you want to take a little Bit more of risk I would be choosing About three cryptos like I showed you One undervalued top 100 and then two Undervalued uh of course top 200 Top 300 Projects up to you and your risk levels Other than that guys though let me know Your thoughts on this down blow and of Course uh you know I might open up some Trading here on some blof fin if I did Have some of those profits you can also Do that as well you can see we have a 50% actually live right now p&l position That I've actually been opening up some Trades here uh so of course there is That route where if you guys already Haven't signed up the the link is in the Description below but if you take those Profits from those top three tokens with That thousand of course you're going to Want to smash that subscribe button Follow along but I would take some of Those profits and probably start out Ating those to maybe some trades to see If we can you know prop up some of those Price points and make a little bit more On that ,000 portfolio uh but let me

Know what you guys want me to check out Next let me know what you would do at $1,000 in the comments below because This is a bull run guys we are early we Are before the Bitcoin having and of Course see you guys at the Top [Music]