100x iPhone Altcoin (Huge Crypto Potential For Next Bull Run)

100x iPhone Altcoin (Huge Crypto Potential For Next Bull Run)

The crypto projects that are going to withstand the test of time are the ones that have the most real-world utility. When it comes to real world use cases, there’s one project that stands out above all the others: XYO.

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Stop and think for a minute the crypto Projects that are going to withstand the Test of time well they're the ones that Have the most real world utility when it Comes to real world use cases there's One project stands out above all the Others you got to catch them all and Today we're going to catch xyo let's get It Welcome to Big Boy crypto my name is Ben Today we're gonna be taking a look at Xyo now think about how temperamental Our Postal System currently is The U.S Postal Service Mills 146 billion Pieces of mail every year it's estimated That around one to three percent of them Get lost very least that's well over a Billion pieces of lost mail every single Year if only there was a way for Blockchain to solve this well is where Xyo or the XY Oracle comes in Understand that data arguably is the Most valuable asset in the world and Xyos is a protocol designed to improve The validity certainty and value of that Data especially when it comes to Location data now think about all that Lost mail it's no secret traditional Location data is unreliable it can be Spoofed or manipulated for example if a Package or piece of mail gets lost it's Not always easy to determine where it Got lost at and whose fault it was this Cost corporations millions of dollars

Xyo solves this by using blockchain and A network of devices create a trustless And secure system of location data this Isn't their only use case either think About how much this Tech could optimize Supply chain issues thereby Location-based events deliver trustless Location data and like we already Touched on dispute resolution xyo Doesn't only have to work in the real World though this Tech can be used in The metaverse which is why last year Coin market cap was at xyo is a top Metaverse coin by market cap eventually When metaverse mirrors the real world Xyo can be there to zero in on the Locational data but how does all this Actually work well before I get into That take a second and hit that like Button and don't forget to subscribe to The channel it's on top of the latest in Crypto now xyo has four components to Solve this problem these components are Sentinels Bridges Archivists and diviners sounds like I'm Trapped in a World of Warcraft game Sentinels gather the data the bridges Lay the data the archivists store the Data the diviners are the answer Aggregators they search the data for a Specific thing Sentinels are the eyes And ears of xyo physical devices in the Xyo network like a phone or a Geo mining Device broadcaster signal with data such

As their location time temperature Etc So in the Sentinel records data the Bridge node moves that interaction and Sends the information to the archivist The archivist is a database that Confirms all of the bound witness Interactions it's basically the treasure Chest for all of the xyo data final Component vexyo is called the diviner Which are devices that analyze the History recorded by other components the Diviners submit queries to the archivist Or bridge for a specific or a collection Of bound Witnesses interactions for Example did the package pass the gas Station when I was getting gas this was Confirmed on the blockchain and this did Happen and it would be confirmed Anonymously genius this way they can Trust that all this happened because Xyo's proof of origin exists there's a Key that proves that all the location Data is legitimate this key is a unique ID that uses transient key chaining so It cannot be smooth or falsified as you Can see here I try my very best to break Down how xyo works as simply as possible If you understood that you can see how Much of a threat the technology is to The current system the xyo team Understands this and their CEO Airy Troll told be encrypto.com web3 is key In disrupting the current systems that Fail to serve the majority of Internet

Users web 2 led to the rise of big Tech Entities gatekeeping our data however The new internet will enable us to Pivot From centralization towards an open Source model Xyo is really just getting started in The past few years have been massive for Them is they've locked down some big Name Partnerships as they're the only Blockchain company with a firm grasp on Geospatial services Back in 2018 they partnered with FedEx To help build out location-based Tech 2019 they even partnered with Microsoft To bring push button geospatial apps to Microsoft Azure which is their public Cloud platform last year they even Partnered with here Technologies to Upgrade the future of data if you didn't Know here Technologies is the world's Number one location data platform you Might recognize their name from a stamp On some of your Amazon boxes your wife May be getting them all before you see Them before you get home xyo is exciting Because what you get when you mix real World utility with blockchain can't tell Me this project isn't way ahead of the Curve and the catch here it's xyo is Actually ranked 347 on coin market cap That means his market cap of around 60 Million dollars has plenty of room to Grow and maybe xyo can track that Movement that's all I got be blessed

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