180 Million Users Coming! 🔥 Avalanche Destroys Polygon …Again!

MapleStory Universe was originally planned to launch on Ethereum scaling network Polygon, as announced this time last year—but on Monday, South Korean gaming giant Nexon revealed that it will use the Avalanche blockchain instead.

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Sponsor: Coinledger
00:45 MapleStory comes to Avalanche
01:29 Nexon leaves Polygon
02:01 Demographic
02:31 What is Nexon?
03:37 MapleStory Universe
05:07 Minting + Marketplace
06:41 In-game minting speed
07:33 Pulsar Transactions
08:22 Why AVAX?
09:34 Shopping experience
10:04 Epic Pulsar Giveaway Soon!
10:30 AVAX NFT ranking
11:25 MapleStory x GDC
12:29 GDC x AVAX booth
13:56 Off The Grid will be HUGE
14:34 AVAX chart
15:03 Outro

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~180 Million Users Coming! 🔥 Avalanche Destroys Polygon …Again!~
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Something big is about to happen with Avalanche today we're going to be Breaking down a full run of what could Be brewing with this blockchain and how Things are moving you guys don't want to Miss it my name is Paul Baron welcome Back in Tech path all right before we Begin I want to thank our sponsor and That is coin Ledger if you guys are Looking at get well of course you are Looking at getting your taxes done Crypto taxes are done in minutes the Cool thing here is it goes into Exchanges into defi your wallets all of That can be centralized into one app to Be able to combine all your tax Reporting so it makes it easy all you Have to do is go over to coin ledger. to Sign up make sure and use our link down Below all right let's get into a few Points here on Avalanche one thing to I Think everybody's if you're following Avalanche then you probably saw this Headline right here legendary um maple Story comes to Avalanche one of the Things that was kind of inter Interesting within this article was Something I highlighted right here Partnership with aval laabs Will Allow Will allow us to build stable and Complete blockchain ecosystem enabling Us to securely service various daps Along with maple story so there's a lot More here that seems to be coming and

When you think about where maple story Was and what they were starting to do on Polygon and what they're now doing on Avalanche it's a pretty big deal so this Is of course next on the company that Produces maple story selects polygon Supernets for their Global hit maple Story this was back in March of 2023 Just so everybody's aware so that's a Year Later they were on and we've had polygon On the show talking about these uh Subnets of sort and these supernets I'm Just kind of curious if if this is the Reason they moved what was the issue why Were they mov moving so well we're going To find out couple of things that is Happening if you look at just where the Growth of Nexon is coming from you can Kind of see right here Korea is pretty Much one of the bigger Market well the Biggest market for them China 24% and You see the growth right here Asia Continues to be the market leader when It comes to gaming nft adoption and Really when you look at Avalanche this Could be one of these centers for where Their growth is going to come from I Want to also go over to a clip real Quick around what Nexon is listen in We're listed in Japan and within the Japan game industry Nexon ranked the Second in terms of uh market cap uh Placing it uh as a next biggest game

Company uh following Nintendo we've been Servicing over 50 games all over the World for uh past 20 years and we Continue to scale as we speak now right Now maple story has approximately uh 180 Million cumulative Global players among Which roughly 50 million account have Been active for over 10 years and from Uh Revenue perspective uh we continue to Demonstrate a rising curve as we grow in Size yearly maple story is now uh Expanding beyond the gamees space to Whole culture of its own every game Wants to achieve a such a decade long Sustainable life service but not every Game Can all right so that was the GDC event Last year March of last year 2023 You saw that 1880 million players second Only to Nintendo and now this company Moves into blockchain here's a clip on Maple story making the move listen in Maple story world and the other is maple Story SDK and these two will help in uh Building up a new relationship with uh Community uh with the help of blockchain Technology you can see the massive Amount of item bases uh which have been Been created along with the 20 years of Service millions of trillions of game Player have experienced the game play And as result of that uh they earn they Obtained the many of these item as a Reward these items will also be uh major

Goals for Community Creator as well We're going to do two things for this First we're going to open up the IP Assets to community creators and Secondly we're going to Distributing I am creating power to the contributors All right so this could be the largest Event that has happened in blockchain Gaming to date uh even greater than some Of the mergers and and programs that We've seen even going in from Web Two to Web 3 and and I don't know if you guys Caught that but the number they were Talking about in terms of ingame Assets In the dilians we were trying to Calculate that into billions I mean the Calculation alone is insane Union to Billion conversion point being is that When you look at the size of the Ecosystem with maple story this is by Far the biggest yet now I want to get Into another clip real quick that goes Into a little bit more around menting Examples and this is also talking a Little bit more about Asian Gamers they Affinity toward nfts listen it so the Rest of it the customization are all Still there right still have the Original maple story customization and This is a different one okay as you can See this is the one over here that's a Mint down here that's a link character They use this uh cryptocurrency over Here which is called neso so basically

At level 30 you will be able to Mint a Character to create it as an nft yes Then you can sell that character itself After meting you can participate in Various onchain activities such as Assigning a unique nickname activate Character tra functions so after Character meaning item can be minted and Enhan wow Hey imagine you get an aring shade in Like what five years time right you can Sell that arane shade and and you can Min it oh my God all right that's the thing I think You know when you look at Asian Gamers They they're starting to get it you know And I think the rest of the Gaming Community is now starting to get an Understanding especially when you see a Project like maple story making this Leap the opportunity here is pretty Significant when you look at their Twitter account this shows just how Quickly that they've got the marketplace Already in place that alone I think is Going to continue to be a pretty Interesting Advantage especially going Into Avalanche and that's where it's Going to get interesting I think let me Go to a clip real quick this shows In-game menting speed listen In All right so you can kind of so the only Way that that speed is going to be

Obtained you think about this not only In the gaming ecosystem let's just talk About all things um tokenized in essence Speed is going to be very critical one Of the ones that we know that is one of The fastest ones out there for this is Of course Avalanche Further into this if you want to compare And you look at transactions Pulsar is a Good example remember we've had Pulsar Talking about the total number of Transactions now almost a quarter of a Billion right now this is still a test Net this will become and when you look At some of the just the charts here this Is the growth right now it's continuing To climb this will be if not the largest One of the largest uh transaction pools Within the Avalanche ecosystem now with Maple story coming to this this could Get a little bit interesting they Themselves have a ridiculous amount of Ip already within this game remember This is a a Legendary game coming over From web 2 into this phase and I think This is going to be a a definite boost In terms of total transactions which is Going to equate to a lot of revenue for Avalanche hence you're going to see Avalanche move pretty aggressively let's Talk a little bit further around why These companies are choosing avac now Here's a good example Pulsar talks about This listen in if you want to play like

Sbox sbox has a huge headache with the Time that takes the transactions and Then uh when you want to transact Something uh that you bought in sbox you Need to pay maybe I don't know back in The days when the gas fee was super high Was like 100 or more dollars to send uh To him for instance my nft was like what The heck man this is unusable and slow Right and for us that was not an option Because if we need to to tell our users Go and buy to an exchange register Kyc all that mess man no in our subnet Is if you have whatever EVN compatible Uh token and even stable coins you can Meet our nfts and also uh having Everyone in the game working with one Token that was important so there was no Other choice right yeah not for us it Was a probably the best one yeah I try Cardano Solan Harmony the guys of phanto I mean was Was really hard to get answers all right So let's just kind of run through the The the shopping experience if you look At this let's go in and we'll just add One of these cats right here a starter Pack you go into the shopping cart you Can kind of start to see the pull down Opportunity so there they are all of That available of being able to go and Again this is in within Avalanche this Is again one of the big advantages that Avac and the subnets represent

Especially in the gaming community which Is why you're seeing so many gaming Companies start to move in this Including the maple story situation now One thing we are going to be doing here On the channel is we've got a a huge Giveaway going on within the Pulsar Community we'll be announcing that very Soon well you guys of course make sure And stay tuned right here make sure and Subscribe to the Channel watch out for Those it is a really serious giveaway You guys do not want to miss it so make Sure and just subscribe now uh when we Get the Pulsar um interview going we'll Drop that uh giveaway for you further Into this just to give you a framework Of where Avalanche is right now in Comparison to some other uh ecosystems Out there you can kind of see Avalanche Setting at number eight right now this Is in reference to nft sales volume by The 24 if you go in and we'll take a Look at the let's go to the 7day moving up still holding number Eight the point being is is that when All of this comes on Board this is going to completely Explode AAL lanch in terms of nft sales Volume numbers going to absolutely Explode this is going to be big now There are some other things happening This week that I think a lot of people Are prepping for from Avalanche remember

GDC big game developers conference Happening this next week in San Francisco this is where all the Developers come together it's also where A lot of companies who are looking at Maybe going into web 3 start to really Take consideration into this further Into this right here was an announcement By maple story only two weeks left Official GDC if any one been keeping Track you know that we talked about it Nextg reward experience last year Probably going to be some pretty big uh Opportunities here uh the real deal is Bringing the real world economy uh to The game that's again more creative ways You saw that with the video that we Showed earlier of the Asian gamer that Were kind of showing really the surprise And awe of how this could use work Within a game so it's pretty cool and of Course if you're looking at what's Happening with GDC this is happening March 18th next week San Francisco I Want to scan down here to the sponsors This is kind of cool so Diamond Partners I mean there's epic Google meta Microsoft and then you've got Salah and Then also we made these are web 3 Companies right here tensent maybe could Be considered that point being is Diamond Partners now on the homepage of GDC and you've got all this happening The week before within the Avalanche

Ecosystem get ready something's big is Going to explod load other things that Are happening on the same period of time Is of course GTC which is nvidia's event Guess who is at GTC that's Jules herbach That's the CEO of otoy otherwise known As render now future of rendering Real-time rat tracing holographic Displays and the blockchain that's going To be interesting then he talks about He's going to present his future his Vision for the future of GPU and Aid Driven rendering and how it will impact Gaming big deal here so I think this is Another reason we continue to see render I still believe is the AI token to watch Now there'll be a lot of others that That do well that may get you know 10 20 30 50x who knows what we see question is Is this could be the long-term play in Partnership with where Nvidia could be Going in the gaming space so a lot Happening right now in this space this Was GDC last year for Avalanche and word Is that they will have the largest web 3 Facility at GB at GDC this year and if That is the case you can imagine the Number of game devs that are going to be There and paying attention to all these Very interesting moves that are Happening and Avalanche is sitting right There at the beginning it's what we've Said often is that Avalanche is the Gaming chain uh and it definitely

Appears to be that way here was another One of course guns uh did their official Launch uh integration after they did Their lir lay zero Labs launch and of Course the cool thing here and one thing I want you guys to do if you haven't Downloaded the guns app go go do that Now I you can get it on iOS Android but There the cool thing is is there's a lot Of featur set within those nfts again All of this on Avalanche that's going to Build into a future I think of where Nfts are going uh within all of this and Of course here's Trader Joe another Avalanche ecosystem talking about Hearing big rumors of a big week for Avalanche would agree with that I think This is definitely coming down the pipe You look at Avalanche going in right now We'll take a look of course Bitcoin Coming in at 72 as we're um recording This right now and if you take a look at Avalanche hitting 47 after this huge Jump right here some of this on this News but I think it's a little bit more Of the GDC Narrative of where this is Going to be taken there's a lot of Things are going to be revealed this Week so get ready uh for a big ride I Think we haven't hit that uh that local High of about $48 but it's coming Quickly so if you guys want to continue To catch all of that and more make sure And subscribe to the channel right now

And if you're not in our Diamond Circle Get in it's one of great places to get Additional content and catch me out There on X at Paul Baron we'll catch you Next time right here on Techpad

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