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Welcome to Big Boy crypto my name is Ben Today we're going to be talking about Bitcoin everybody's favorite coin Everybody loves the Bitcoin I mean the fact is uh I think a lot of People think I don't like Bitcoin he's Really stupid I do like Bitcoin there's Like other stuff too is that okay is That okay Here's the thing Bitcoin pump last night really hard and It is at this point almost impossible Still believe that Bitcoin is going to Hit new lows the bitcoin's going below Fifteen thousand dollars which means who We called the bottom back in November we Told you the bottom was in November we Told you all year the bottom was going To be in November There was bottom in November guys if you Were still telling you 12K they're Insane uh you need to move on from those Folks uh 25.2 is really one of the last Numbers that we really needed to kind of Invalidate we had to get above to Completely destroy all the bearish Narratives now you got people out there That are still saying 4K for Bitcoin 4K Legit is what they are look here here's The facts The fact is Remember this The macro is fuel for the direction Bitcoin is going

Say it again The macro Is fuel or in some cases breaks for Where Bitcoin is going to bitcoin is Already doing what Bitcoin has done Every other cycle however now the timing Is the timing just always favors Bitcoin It's insane the timing that we're Looking at now we are looking at Bank Insolvencies we're looking at possible Hyperinflation we're looking at people Wanting to exit the banking system oh This is extremely bullish For Bitcoin and for good reason So we've got this guy on Twitter uh Balaji It's verdinson I think is his name I'm Not going to pretend to know how to Pronounce his name right but he just Posted a big long thread uh about Hyperinflation coming to United States Now he's saying that the government is Getting ready to print 2 trillion more Dollars Amazing isn't it getting you this year I Told everybody I said you know what the Way things are looking right now I Believe they're going to turn the money Printers on by the end of the year People assassinated my character said I Was an idiot said the fat is too Determined the fat is too determined Oh that's false guys They're pretty I think they just printed

300 billion if I uh if my sources are Serving me correct here uh but the fact That it's hyperinflation I don't look I don't think we're gonna See hyperinflation anytime soon now when You do see hyperinflation it's kind of Like Um you know how I compare the growth of This channel right it was gradually and Then it was suddenly that's the way that Hyperinflation works is Graduate inflation goes up goes up and Then suddenly before you know attack Control and there's nothing you can do About it Um so in my opinion in my mind Um I I think we could see that but I Don't think we're gonna see Hyperinflation in the next one to two Years I think that what we're gonna see Is we're gonna see one last big money Print Be the printer is gonna go right let's See one last week money print before the Switch to the digital dollar and I've Been telling you guys this for years on This channel when we move over to the Digital dollar that's when things are Going to get quite the spicy quite the Spicy that's right because the demand For the US dollar the US digital dollar Will shoot up all around the world and We will be able to get that inflation Back in check

For a temporary amount of time I I tend To think we're probably 20 years away From hyperinflation I know that sounds Really crazy if you're a hyperinflation Guy and you think that it's coming 20 Years sounds like a long time But the fact is I've said forever once We switch this digital dollar which I do Believe is usdc despite the problems Recently with Silicon Valley Bank uh I Believe that we are going to see this Um you know this happen and this is Going to increase the demand and this is Going to kick the can down the road for Another 20 years until they figure out The next thing but overall here's what You should know Bitcoin is going up the price right now Is very extremely bullish are we going To top 30k possibly does this mean we're Not going to retest 30k again Or 20K again excuse me I believe we Still May test 20K one more time so we Got that gap down there at 23 all right 20 334. it's also possible We don't we don't retest it maybe we go Up to 100K come back down maybe test it Again sometime in the future hi what I Want the next Bull Run to look like so I Won the next Bull Run to look like The price goes up to 250 000 we never Test these levels again however Bitcoin has proven that these bull runs Over time get less and less to the

Upside we call this diminishing returns And if that's the case when we should be Looking at Bitcoin it'd be about a Hundred and five thousand dollars will Be a Target on the upside but I Certainly hope we're going to see higher Than that Um the macro is certainly giving some Good fuel for Bitcoin right now it's not Everything though because remember this I know everybody's getting very bullish About the macro right now and saying oh Look at how everything's lineup for Bitcoin well you could have also looked Up and said on the on the way down that Everything was light up against Bitcoin And everything was lined up to have a Worse bear Market of all time Dollars and cents wise of course we did Percentage-wise we didn't even come Close Um and so something to keep in mind There Is that you know these Cycles they just Keep uh they keep rhyming they don't Look the exact same but they always just Keep rhyming and regardless of what the Pressure for the macro was to push Bitcoin down further it didn't go there Um so Bitcoin is quite resilient it Either adds brakes or fuel To the Bitcoin price Doesn't ultimately determine the Direction that Bitcoin is going into

So I don't know drop your comments down Below let me know where you think Bitcoin assigned to so I got be blessed I'll bet your boy out

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