25x Bull Market (Sei Price Prediction)

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2024 set out to be the biggest year for Crypto with new airdrop farming Opportunities new blockchains and new Projects hitting the market daily There's so many coins it's hard to keep Up so today I'm going to highlight a Brand new blockchain that's already hit An almost $2 billion market cap it Doesn't seem to be slowing down my name Is Dey it's time to discover Crypto airdrops which is when you're Rewarded for contributing or using a Protocol kicked off past full runs in 2024 looks no different normies and Deans have already earned tens of Thousands of dollars each simply by Being early adopters of the right Projects and we have the right project Here the SE blockchain it's only been on Main net for a few months but in that Short amount of time it's generated tons Of money-making opportunities now let's See why this token is up massively since Launch and more importantly how to farm These sweet airdrops says a top 50 coin With a fairly large market cap around The same market cap as coins like bsv Quant and algorand but what makes say Different well for starters it's one of The fastest blockchains out right now it Can transact 20,000 orders per second When compared to ethereum's 15 Transactions per second it blows it out Of the water not to mention Bitcoin but

This isn't anything new to the crypto Ecosystem we've seen fast transaction Chains before like Stellar lumens s Tron Salana so why is SE different SE was Built by Jay jogs who got to start as a Robin Hood engineer he wanted to create The crypto version of Robin Hood using The cosmos ecosystem Jay set out to Solve The Exchange trilemma scalability Decentralization and capital efficiency In a recent speech Jay said that dexes Are one of the few things in crypto that Have true product Market fit but current L1s have failed this trilemma looking at The top dexes such as as Unis swap they Have scalability and decentralization But no Capital efficiency on the other Hand binance has scalability and capital Efficiency but isn't decentralized Jay's Solution involved completely overhauling The basic system and introducing some Major Innovations such as built-in order Matching engine Advanced consensus Mechanisms and Market driven approach to Efficiency however I'm not going to get Technical here let's focus on the Practical aspects starting with the First question where the heck can you Purch say all right we've now teleported Okay to purchase say simply just head Over to your favorite centralized Exchange I like using coinbase but you Can use Kraken Gemini whatever you have Then now that you have a little say in

Your account right here now let go ahead And time to put it into a decentralized Wallet but now we got to go ahead and Get the wallet after we go ahead and buy The say we're going to recommend Compass Wallet here Compass wallet is made by Leap and it's and it's currently Compatible with all the daps that we're Going to be using in this video here now To get started I always recommend use The official X account folks never want To Google this okay you want to make Sure you have the correct link once you Click on the correct link we're going to Go ahead and download the wallet it'll Bring you to this download wallet page And then just put it on whatever browser You're using we're going to go ahead and Use Chrome after you do that you go Ahead and create a new wallet by writing Down your seed phrase don't share with Anybody or import an existing wallet I'm Going to go ahead and create a new one All right now it's time to transfer the Say from coinbase or whatever exchange You're using to the new account to do That you just go ahead and copy address And then just send over your coins and It might ask for a memo here but if You're just sending from one wallet to Another amongst yourself you won't have To put anything in the memo and you just Hit skip and send it and it'll honestly Be there within about 5 seconds and

We're waiting on this 27 cents to Upgrade and it should be having in while I'm saying the sentence everybody we Maybe have to go ahead do this do that And yeah just like that it pops up all Right so we got our say tokens our Wallet's funded it's ready to use and Now what is the next step all right well There's going to be many options but I Would recommend go ahead and navigate to The stake button at the bottom of your Wallet right here you can go ahead and Stake natively through the wallet you Can see I did a little test stake of for Say you know what let's just make it an Even uh let's make it an even 50 okay We're going to stake 46 more so after You hit stake is going to take you to a List of validators and I recommend you Know don't do the biggest validator Let's keep uh this chain somewhat uh you Know decentralized and so I'm going to Go ahead and do the one that I did Earlier which honestly I just like the Name we're going to go ahead and uh Stake within the cross net uh validator Here we're going to click more and we're Going to do 46 additional say and just Like that it's done but what if you Wanted to stake and still use your Tokens that's right I'm talking about Liquid staking well folks say has liquid Staking as well and they got a pretty Good platform for it some would say it's

The Kryptonite to some of these other L1s that it is called kryptonite say Liquid staking cryptonite so we're going To go ahead and once again you want to Make sure you have the right link Kryptonite Finance here Knight spelled n It once you click on that it'll take you To it exchange here now you go to the Home you'll see some stats but what We're wanting to do is create a liquid Token here and that is St say and here We're going to Mint St Say by converting Our say so we go ahead and click the Mint and burn option right here and here You'll see we'll turn our say into St Say and we could still trade this asset So we're going to go ahead and do uh Let's just you know we got 300 in the Balance left let's go ahead and let's Spend about half of it here we're going To do 100 50 and there's a little bit of A loss we lose one uh less than a dollar Here we're going to go ahead and hit Mint and then the fee will probably be Less than a dollar as well wow look at That 12 cents 17 cents just to make it High I'll spend an extra nickel and that Was incredibly fast all right mint Success here and if you wanted to go Back I do want to give you a warning There's a 21 day weight period to Withdraw your say after you go ahead and Burn uh your St say into say so just a Little warning there you got to wait 3

Weeks but it's it's almost instant when You convert to STA and we're going to Use this sta in def5 so you know there's A potential airdrop opportunity right Here and then we could still deploy the Assets and we're going to use astr port To do this and again folks you always Want to make sure you use the right link Here we're going to go to astroport DOI And then eventually you go ahead and Open the app here and now it is time for Us to swap into some tokens so we go to The swap function right here you can see They got a whole list of uh coins but we Just remember we converted our say into St say and now we're going to go ahead And spin that you see has a value 97 Cents right around say's price and we Have 149 and some change in the wallet Now we're going to go ahead and look Into the meme token that is on uh the SE Ecosystem it's the most popular meme Token I like meme tokens I'm not going To deploy my whole bag here but you know I think meme tokens a lot of times There's only going to be one winner in a Chain and I'm just going to go with h What is going to be the most popular one Here we go to the Twitter here it's Still not that popular folks it only has 12 12,000 followers they are uh you know They have regular coms here you know They're tweeting two hours ago I got This pin from uh Valentine's Day okay so

You know I'm I'm seeing a little bit of A I'm seeing some good signs here if we Look at the price chart I don't really Mind coming in you know if I buying here Might not feel that great uh but also I Like the price point here it seems like Meme coins don't want a million zeros Anymore I think Trump and the magga coin Is kind of proven like well I I think It's better to launch a in the pennies Range and then shoot for a dollar for Moon math here now I'm not saying we're Going to go to a dollar but you know That would be a 30X from that level I Would like to get a 30X so I think it's Worth a little bit of a gamble folks uh So you know I would check this uh chain Out if you're if you're looking into the Meme tokens here now SE has had an Incredible run recently so you know you See a little bit of a spike here but Let's just go ahead and uh let's be a Dean transform this staked SE uh you Know token into seen you can see it just Coming in top one right here is because I have a little bit in the wallet and uh We're going to go ahead and just convert Go ahead and convert 149 we'll leave a Little for uh the gas right here it'll Give us the math get 11 tokens uh let's See 4,282 we already had 11 just go ahead And hit swap folks and then go ahead and Hit confirm pending you're going to have

To sign your transaction I like to you Know what I don't mind spending an extra 4 cents on uh you know that fast gas fee Right there eth it might be $40 folks I Didn't even get to finish that sentence It already uh swapped those tokens so Now I have 4,200 all right so now we have converted This into a meme token so now we're Fully Deen but I'm not done yet we're Also going to check out nfts but one Last thing I want to show on this site Here they actually have a reward center So as air drop start rolling into this Ecosystem which is going to happen some Are are confirmed uh you can go ahead And track your balance here and you can Go ahead and just claim all your rewards So as report I would say build a very Very good product all right we go to Pallet and we see the different nft Projects and folks I'm just going to Talk about one in particular here uh you Know this is the top collections you see By floor price one of these is a little Bit more than it's peers here and I Think we bump is going to be uh well Positioned if the say nft ecosystem Thrives I I do think it will here and uh One thing I found pretty exciting about This one is that there are Builders Within the ecosystem here so you see This is a long time ago in crypto this Is June 3rd of last year so uh you know

Looking about 8 months ago uh they were Introducing uh basically ways to make Nfts on the network so they deep deep in The ecosystem in fact they're uh you Know helping other people here guiding This mint tomorrow this is a a free mint Right here C say Scapes uh free Min so Deep in the ecosystem you start Exploring this you start seeing free Min So you know to me this ecosystem is very Very exciting feels uh gives me Similarities of cardono and late 2021 a Lot of excitement a lot of people just Being real giving uh and look at this This this only has 1100 followers I Don't know anything about this project I Just saw that they retweeted it three Hours ago I would like to have something Like that for free in my wall it looks Pretty cool so uh hey I I I hope they do Well I might actually try to Mint this One for free but hold on folks we got One more thing we want to check out here And that's the test net ecosystem and Folks test net ecosystem is really going To be ripe with airdrop opportunity Nothing is confirmed you know nothing is Uh nothing in life is free folks so you Know you at least have to spend some Time if not a little bit of gas fees Here but you won't have to spend gas Fees on this one this is yaka yaka Finance here y a Kaa yaka finance and if You go here you could claim the free

Tokens with the testnet just have to Link your Discord there and then uh you Can build in this ecosystem you see one Yaka equals 27 say and there's another Test net that's the sparrow swap uh test Net. sparos swap. XYZ uh you check out That one as well again folks these are These are test Nets these are you know Buildings there could be you know uh Catastrophic events you know this is Crypto no one knows what's going to Happen but I think it's more likely you Know uh you spend a little time here you Will be rewarded in the long run if not By uh just education but you know by Potential airdrop opportunity here so I Would look out for yaka I would look out For Sparrow swap as well we're going to Have links down below uh in the Description here so folks this is why I'm so excited on say I mean the Ecosystem is thriving it's expanding Rapidly the projects mentioned a great Place to uh start your journey I would Go ahead you know get some say download That Compass wallet start exploring Staking defi nfts whatever makes you Excited uh you know go ahead hey maybe You're Builder go ahead start building Building in this ecosystem I I think It'll uh be a big winner for 2024 2025 I'm Dey and I think I'm going to see you Sayans in the future at the Top