$80 Billion Super Bowl Crypto Pump Incoming?🔥 $MYTH + $FLOW Analysis

With the Super Bowl approaching and sport betting on fire which crypto tokens could see potential boosts?

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00:21 Sponsor: Lux Algo
00:41 $80 Billion Super Bowl Betting
01:56 SportsFi Will Save Streaming Platforms
02:45 DraftKings Exploding
03:25 Cathie Buys Mythical Games
03:58 Mythical Games
04:24 NFL Rivals Growth
05:02 NFT Rankings
06:03 Digidaigaku Super Bowl AD
07:03 Polygon & DotSwoosh
08:03 Rollbit Unlikely
08:22 Flow x NFL Tickets
08:47 NFL All Day
09:26 Playoff Moments AD
09:59 Flow During Super Bowl
10:32 $MYTH
10:50 Super Bowl ADs Incoming
11:29 outro

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~$80 Billion Super Bowl Crypto Pump Incoming?🔥 $MYTH + $FLOW Analysis~
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Super Bowl time is nearing and of course Blockchain might take a front and center Spot today we'll be breaking down a slew Of tokens and give you guys some Narrative on how maybe this plays out on A trade so make sure and stay tuned Right here my name is Paul Baron welcome Back in the tech path all right before We want to get started today I want to Thank our sponsor and that is Lux algo If you guys are looking to enhance your Trading experience make sure and visit Lux algo.com We will use some of the chart indices a Little later so make sure and stick Around for those I'll show you kind of How we use them and my favorite tools uh With using Lux algo all you have to do Is click the link down below it does Help the channel out all right let's get Into a couple of points I want to go to The first clip here and this clip is on CNBC and it's a little bit more around What is driving the narrative for not Only Super Bowl but also what could be Tuned into the crypto markets as well Listen in four times the amount and what Is that that come out to $64 billion Yeah last year's Super Bowl the betting Was 16 billion so the betting on the Rest of the NFL playoffs is 4X so I Think this year we're going to see Obviously a larger volume of betting Because you have now more states that

Have legalized betting roughly this year We're we're talking about 80 billion on All the other Playoff games combined This past weekend those four games Estimated around 20 billion spent on Wagering for those games you've got got 10 times more dollars bet on the Lions Right now the four teams left 10 times The amount bet on them to win the Super Bowl so there is a huge huge exposure For the books all right so thing here is We're getting into a narrative that Could play into a handful of crypto Projects and blockchain and nft projects That could line up around Super Bowl but Also kind of going forward in sports and How streaming is going to work I want to Go to this next clip cuz this talks About sports betting and streaming Listen in you combine the streaming Revenue that put money down they're Going to watch all of these leagues know That they covet the younger fan so we've Seen soccer do this with apple and their Massive deal we're now seeing Amazon try To throw a life raft to Diamond Sports Group technology has infiltrated every Aspect of life every industry including Gambling and when you have these in-game Bets this is something where people can Bet on the Fly so when we watch these Games next weekend they're going to be Lines not just before the game but During the game every quarter increases

Engagement and boost the business both For the league the teams and obviously The gambling companies all right so they Hit on a few points here and many of These have already started to deploy nft Strategies if you think about DraftKings Good example here here is Kathy Wood who Has been betting on DraftKings for quite Some time now she started to make an Exit here rightly so I mean DraftKings I'll show on the chart a little bit Later absolutely been overperforming so You do want to take some profit off the Table but she really timed this Perfectly in terms of her position there On the purple and DraftKings current Pricing right there continuing to climb Likelihood could it could this be a Continued narrative going forward around These kinds of of well these kinds of Programs and and also some of the crypto Projects could could align up with this As well interesting of course this right Here a16z and Mar invest 37 M million Round for mythical games so this is one Of the projects that we're watching Especially around the Super Bowl so is There a potential Super Bowl pump coming For a handful of tokens remember Mythical has some very Strategic ideas and connections with the NFL and I'll explain that and also with Web 3 as a whole so this could be uh Kind of an integrated opportunity here

For mythical so if you look at mythal Over on their website Mythos Foundation You can kind of look in here and you can See some pretty big names in terms of Partnerships further on down their web 3 And metaverse infrastructure obviously Anoka Brands and then if you go into Their uh special Council that's of Course yatsu over at Anoka brand so Again just more web 3 royalty involved In what's happening at mythical and do Not forget that when mythical rolled out What they went out with was NFL rivals NFL Rivals of course launched on Prime Gaming and this happened at a time in Which we saw some pretty significant Moves and I'll show you some data here On crypto slam because this is kind of Interesting in looking at just what NFL Rivals did during its this is the all Time but during its launch of course Kind of a project Brewing up and then The launch takes off there on Amazon and I think now we're dealing with a Potential exposure scenario where people Are going to start to realize hey these Nft projects and games and Integrations Are becoming mainstream if you look at The charts Mythos kind of coming in Right here Mythos chain let me kind of Zoom in on that right there just to give An example I mean look at the Titans AB Above Mythos chain this is a very small Project in comparison not as easy to get

To in terms of if you trying to buy the Token but definitely uh quite a bit Different than what we've seen in the Rest of the ecosystem if you go further Out you can kind seen a see a little bit More this is on the 24hour also still Holding in there as a top 10 at number Eight right now on blockchains by sales Volume now imagine what could happen Around this if we do get a sign that That has has anything to do with the NFL And possibly the Super Bowl uh coming up I also want to kind of showcase right Here just to show this was the Partnership NFL Rivals the tie-in 2 Mythos and of course mythical and a Among others there are some others that I think will show examples of that you Should keep an eye on uh going forward This was Digi daku which will also did Their launch during the NFL some people Kind of were a little bit confused about This rightly so it was one of those if You know you know type things but the Point was is that this happened on the Super Bowl and that to me is still Continuing to show some pretty um pretty Innovative marketing here for sure all Right so remember this was a free so if You were flipping it at the time you'd End up around a quick flip of about half An eth about 700 bucks at the time uh Floor prices began to drop and then Currently it set at around point2 only

Difference is if you go in and look at Where this nft is now it's holding a Position of the listed tokens or the Listed nfts at over four e this is one Year later so good move on those who got That free Min were able to be able to go Out and get this so could we see Something like that happening in this Year's Super Bowl so one that you could Keep an eye on if you are a polygon fan Is of course do swoosh remember polygon Nike artifact all tied together at the Hip interesting thing here is daso was And is planned to integrate into the Madden gaming so could that play a role In this year's runup for Super Bowl There could be some strategic things Happening in blockchain I still think we Might see an change we could possibly See a Bitcoin ETF play into this there's A lot of different possibilities here of Getting right in front of mainstream Audiences with some of these kinds of Projects whether it's nfts exchanges and ETFs all of which I think have a great Opportunity I think the nfts fit the Best because of when you think about Draft Kings the NFL and what they're Trying to do around brand IP the nfts Match up very nicely most likely these Will be more integrated sponsorships as Well not like a regular commercial all Right so this is roll bit roll bit is a Little bit more difficult since this is

A Us game you know the onboarding and Kyc required here might not necessarily Get this one in the right place but the Point being is that this if this was Soccer or you know um you know okay Maybe but I don't think that's Necessarily going to be the case here All right so one of the bigger ones out Here of course is flow that plays into This this of course is the nft for the Actual Super Bowl uh ticket this year And you can kind of see flow right there Built on Flow so that also tied in Remember Dapper Labs the connection to NFL do all day the tie-in to the NFL as A whole from an NP standpoint this is Another one that could also move don't Forget this was an ad that was done here For NFL all day and you know I think Going in the fact that they've got Terry Bradshaw one of the big announcers out There in the NFL and what a great one This is cuz that's the catch of course With Franco Harris but anyway the point Being is it's showing mainstream NFL Sporting events tying in to blockchain And nft and I think that's the key you Got to watch for uh going forward so This is ones that we're kind of keeping A close eye on I want to play a clip Here because they go into a little bit More around NFL all day and the playoffs Listen In what if you could own a

Moment where's hunt I know the moment I'd Want Sunday January 16th the Playoffs 30 of 39 own the moments that Matter buy sell and earn officially Licensed NFL digital Collectibles NFL All Day I mean that's big time right there That should show you uh the validity of What's Happening happen in the nft space For sure this is flow on the chart and I'm using the Lux algo oscillator down There on the oscillator Matrix just to Look at this this course is going back To a year ago when Flo and all of this Integration into the NFL actually Occurred and that was a 100% move just In a very short period of time between End of J or December and right there Around mid-February which was right when The uh Super Bowl occurred so this may Be an opportunity for some of these Plays and if you look at Mythos token This of course right here showing the One year on this one this is currently Way down here on the price chart is There an opportunity here for Mythos With what they've been able to do and do We get a little bit of a key in to What's happening with the Super Bowl as I said Super Bowl happening in just a Few weeks will we start to see more ads Integrated into this year's Super Bowl And as I I said could be um a Bitcoin

ETF ad could be an exchange ad there's a Lot of ways that this could get Integrated along with these that are Integrated Partners like NFL all day uh With flow and then what we've seen Around uh some of these other projects So keep an eye out there and if you guys Have maybe an NFL um Andor Super Bowl Token or nft that you think is kind of Lined up with this drop let us know drop Some comments down in the U in the chat We'd love to hear more about them and of Course if you're not uh in our Diamond Circle make sure and get in right now It's a great place to get additional Content podcast and all that good stuff If you're not following me on X it's Just Paul Baron we'll catch you next Time right here on Techpack

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