90% F*cked Up Crypto Last Year | #recession #btcnews #altcoins #news

🔴Video Title: 90% F*cked Up 2023 | #recession #btcnews #altcoins #news
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How did the majority of the financial Media it up so bad in 2023 I think We'll have a recession will there be a Recession US economy will go into Recession we do think we'll be in a Recession by the middle of 2024 the Markets had phenomenal runs of 30 40 and 50% for the NASDAQ in 24 we are at new Alltime high this is a massive signal For the Bitcoin bull market each Bitcoin Blowoff top begins with an S&P 500 break Into new all-time high territory it Happens twice before Bitcoin gets to a New all-time high so in Jan 2024 we saw The First Signal of a new all-time high For the S&P 500 does that mean new All-time high prices for Bitcoin Tomorrow of course not but it does mean We need to be patient because a new All-time high is most likely coming for Bitcoin in the second half of 20124 so Don't be like the 90% of fools that Screwed up 2023 looking for downside Looking for recessions cut out the noise Follow the channel and I'll see you at The next Video