Algorand’s SECRET PLAN Revealed!

Algorand’s SECRET PLAN Revealed!

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Hey what's up everyone AJ rides crypto Here in this video we are going to talk About algorand thank you to steak for Sponsoring this video Let's Get It [Music] [Music] Algorand has been kind of unfairly Pushed down harder than other coins in My opinion and the morale of you know The algorithm Community the algo fam is Is fairly low it's it's fairly low right Now but here's the thing there are a Couple misconceptions about what has Actually happened with algorand lately First of all the My algo hack happened You know a good bit ago and a lot of People perceive that as you know Algorand got hacked listen algorand Didn't get hacked algorand has never Been hacked my algo was a third party Wallet with the name my algo and people Tied that and did the math in their Heads really fast and said like oh like How Graham must have got hacked like Algorand had nothing to do with the Creation of my algo or the reason it got Hacked okay so that's number one number Two here is that algorand was mentioned As a security in the Rex case with The SEC to be clear this is how the SEC Is trying to do a workaround to call a Crypto project of security instead of Like going directly to court with them Like they're doing with xrp they tried

To do this with nine other coins in the Coinbase case about the the case for the Guy that got hit for insider trading and They mentioned nine other coins that They called Securities at the time there But guess what when that case actually Settled those nine coins called Securities that was left out of the Equation those coins are technically not Securities and just like how the SEC did That with coinbase this is what they're Trying to do with algorand and I believe Filecoin and a few other coins in this Case with bittrex the reality of this Situation is is that as of right now There is no open case between algorand And the SEC is the SEC trying to use a Backdoor method that has not worked yet Yes but did algorand get a notice or a Physical form or a lawsuit filed to them Through the SEC no I know it's fuzzy but The truth is as of right now there is no Official case between algorand and the SEC that's just a fact there has been Kind of a stir lately like you know on Crypto Twitter about algorand about like It's price action like I know it's Really sad right now like I said the Algorand fam has lost a lot of morality And as an influence for me like you know I found my footing in crypto Twitter as A crypto influencer in the algrand Community the first video the first Things I ever really said officially on

Crypto Twitter just September in 2022 Was about algorithm so I have a lot to Owe algorithm I'm not paid by them like I'm not on the algorand team I just feel That I align with the ethos of algorand If you like want to learn more about the Tech and what it's all about read the Book The Genius of algorithm by Anthony Scaramucci it's absolutely great read From the beginning like I was on that Team and that's the coin I like to talk About like not shielding it like I said I'm not paid by them or anything but When you know when the price goes down If the price Falls like five percent Like I'm not kidding like 20 to 30 People will message me on Twitter and Like taking this out on me and I'm like Dude then like I'm not the person you Should be talking to about this like I Didn't force you to buy out granny I Talked about it because I personally Like it but just because I personally Like something doesn't make me Responsible that you bought it I never Once told you go buy it right now I just Said the reasons I liked it and like I Know there's like a line there between Like what influencers should or Shouldn't do and that's a discussion That I'm willing to have but never once Did I put a gun to anyone's head and Make them by algorand so when algorand Falls and 20 to 30 people message me of

All people about the situation it's kind Of frustrating and this led to the post I put on Twitter last Sunday on May 25th I said don't get me wrong I love algo And especially I'll go fam this isn't a Breakup I don't plan on selling I Haven't said much because there is zero Hype coming from those who are paid to Generate it it is sad they don't care Don't care about hype they should algo Needs a champion as you can see this Kind of stirred the pot a little bit and When I said this this actually came from The heart I didn't say this with Malin 10 I wasn't trying to be malicious I Said that because I care and when I said The part about like they don't care it's Because someone on the Al Green Team Pretty high up the ladder was on an Interview on YouTube and said straight Up that they don't care about hype when I say hype I mean attention and and Let's get one thing straight yes this is 50 about tech and 50 about attention When a coin like Pepe comes out of the Clear Blue Sky shout out to them I mean They did great they came out of the Clear Blue Sky they caught and passed Algorand in market cap and when people Say like all the tech the tech the tech Well I'm like what about the hype the Hype the attention this is the attention Business there's a reason you're Watching this video this is important

Stuff and you know I want to clean my Side of the street I didn't like want to Intentionally throw that algorand team Member under the bus I never said their Name but at the same time this is still A conversation worth having and I'm also Not going to you know point out a Problem without pointing out a solution Too and also like when you look at other Projects that have Champions like you Know Charles Hoskins and cardano Ben Gritzel agix vitalik buterin uh ethereum You know uh Richard Hart look at the hex Community like there are a lot of coins That are really crazy good in Tech that Are in the top 50 and they should take a Page out of Richard's heart's book I Know he's a controversial figure but one Thing he has figured out is the hype Factor and the hype is very important Especially when you have the tech when You have the utility the use case to Back it up so it's not a surprise to Anyone this post you know got a lot of Feedback uh some positive some negative A lot of people completely agree with me On this so today I talked to John Allen Woods someone very high up the ladder Out Al Goran and we hashed it out we Talked about all of this the whole kit And caboodle and we added a very Meaningful conversation and it's not Categorically fair for me to say that The algorand foundation doesn't care

About hype because they do and when I Say hype I mean attention and money Flows where attention goes so I don't Like when people when you talk about Price action they're like oh like why Are you talking about price action like Dude like this is crypto to suggest that It's a bad thing to not talk about money In crypto to not talk about price action And crypto you know how relevant it is This whole game is speculation this is a Speculative Market this whole game is Based around attention yes Tech is very Important but you cannot deny how Important attention is like I said look At Pepe so once all the dust settled I Reached out to John Allen Woods he Called me a couple minutes later if you Don't know John Allen Woods is someone Very high up the ladder at algorand and Him and I had a 20-minute conversation We hashed it out I asked him a lot of Questions and he answered them and we Had a very meaningful conversation and The truth is like it's not categorically Fair for me to say that the aggrand Foundation doesn't care about height and When I say hype I mean attention and Money flows where attention goes so Talking about price is very important And he said that he in fact really Really does care about hype and He does Care about price because the price is Connected to the security of the network

That is a fact because if the price goes Down really really far it becomes that Much easier to mess with the Integrity Of the network so where am I going with This like I said I'm not going to point Out a problem without pointing out a Solution a month or so ago Cash's Cuvee If you don't know Cassius cuvet is the Adamant hip-hop artist a rapper and he Talks about things like web3 stock Market related and he's very good he Stays on topic he has bars he's good so Cassius and I put our heads together When he came here to Atlanta and we made A music video about algorand and you Know once we got mixed and mastered and The video was done being edited he was Like man like let's release this thing And I was like dude like I don't know if Releasing it's the move like it's a sad Bear market right now like this isn't The time to do it like we should wait For algorand to do something good and Like piggyback that for like for Momentum and he kept pushing me to do it And I kept saying no and I'm kind of to The point now where if I'm going to Complain about attention I'm going to Create it so this is what we're doing I Ran this by John and it's all good we Are going to release this video and when We release the video we're going to do a Giveaway on Twitter and we're going to Give 500 out of my own pocket I'm going

To give a hundred dollars to five Different people in algorand with the Giveaway and if you get that hundred Dollars you also will get an nft and if You win the giveaway you will also win a Poster signed by me and Cassius Cuvee And an nft of the poster to go with it To add to that there will be 45 more Posters made so it'll only be 50 posters With the nft to ever be created ever and We are going to sell those other 45 Posters for a hundred dollars a piece And then all of that money none of it Goes in our pockets all of that money is Going to be turned around and used in Giveaways to give back to the algrand Community and all together we're giving Away over 5 thousand dollars to the Algrand community in algo as a result of This music video and if I thought Algorand was going to crash and burn I Would not be doing this I talked to John It's not like they don't have a plan It's not like things aren't going to get Better in the future right now it's not Just not good for them it's not good for For anyone at all so time takes time we Have to be patient and if we have Conviction about something by God we Have to stick to it so obviously Cassius And I are really excited to get this Video out and to like create that hype You know I'm not exactly sure like on The timeline on when we're going to put

It out exactly but I do know you know we Have to get the posters made we have to Sign them we have to get the nfts made So there's kind of some back-end stuff We have to take care of but they will be Coming out and just stay in the loop on Twitter and you'll know when that's Coming out so if you're out there and You're in the AG rank Community like This one's for you like I'm not going Anywhere like I said like I'm not Selling I'm just concerned like I said Everything I said because I care and as A result of that this good thing is Going to happen for the Al Green Community and a bunch of people are Going to receive free money in algorand And you know this is just a start for The nft holders that hold this you know None of this money goes to us the people That hold the nfts are going to get Future bonuses in the future once we Kind of work that out I mean there's Only going to be 50 people in the Community so it'll be a small thing but Maybe it'll grow if Cassius and I do Another song together in X Y and Z and Also for the exclusive nft holders Cassius and I are going to hold either a Weekly or a bi-weekly not sure but Twitter space that's only for the people Who hold the nfts and in that space we Are going to put our minds together on What future endeavors initiatives that

We can do to help generate hype in the Our grand family and also if you're out There in the algorithm Community know That like yes this is risky and it's not Going the best right now but everyone Who's a millionaire everyone who's been Successful in trading has got there Because they took risk you have to take That risk to get the reward dig your Heels in have conviction and we're gonna Ride this thing out at least I'm going To anyway I can't tell you what to do But that's what I'm going to do so with That said my name is AJ writes crypto Thank you for watching this video let's Not complain about the hype let's create It that's all I got be blessed have a Great weekend Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music]