AVAX Outage🚨What Gaming Chain Should $MAVIA Choose?🔥

In a startling turn of events, the Avalanche blockchain experienced a significant outage, halting block production for nearly 5 hours and caused ripples in the crypto space. Meanwhile, popular mobile game Heroes of Mavia ($MAVIA) is nearing a decision on which blockchain they’ll choose to launch on.

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00:00 intro
00:16 Sponsor: Tangem
00:47 Avalanche Outage
01:19 Subnets Affected
01:44 Pulsar Not Affected
02:17 ACP-13 Fix
02:48 Heroes of Mavia $MAVIA
03:20 Blockchain Choices
03:45 Every Blockchain Has Outages
06:44 Honeyland Transactions
07:33 Community is Most Important
08:11 Ghost-Chain Grants
08:35 Multiple Factors To Consider
09:20 outro

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~AVAX Outage🚨What Gaming Chain Should $MAVIA Choose?🔥~
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Outages continue to go everywhere we're Seeing it in the cell networks now we're Seeing it on Blockchains this is getting crazy we're Going to break it all down for you guys You're going to love it my name is Paul Bar welcome back in the tech path I want To thank our sponsor today and that is Tangum self- custody one of the best Places to go for your crypto and it's a Great tool I think when you guys are Considering self custody because this is The perfect place for you to start to Store your Bitcoin your ethereum Whatever you might want to put over There you can do that just by going in And starting your journey all you have To do is click that get tangum get the Three card set it's very simple that way You always have a backup and it works in Tandem with the app super slick you guys Will like it check it out use our link Down below to help the Channel all right A couple of things happened today and of Course one of the biggest ones was Avalanche avalanche now suffering an Outage failed to produce a block for Four actually 5 hours uh so this was was A pretty big deal and you know we're Fans of avalanche not a good look for The blockchain and not a good look I Think for crypto and general all right So as you can see here is the outage Time that occurred right here and major

Outage outage 5 hours 40 uh 24 minutes So that was a big one and if you look at The the culprit of this right here comes In from Kevin uh without ACP 13 this is A new proposal out there to essentially Solve this problem and but event with ACP 133 subnets should not be affected Subnets were actually affected out there Uh beam of course was affected so we did See that uh due to the AVX C chain Current outage beam subnet currently not Available uh other things that were Affected or could be affected Pulsar uh Was also remember Pulsar is a test net That's another one that kind of plays Into it so you can see that this is uh An issue that has to be resolved so they Need to hurry up and get this uh ACP 13 Uh resolved you can kind of see the Thing right here with Pulsar remember They are actually out there on the Blockchain continuing to mine uh within The game itself so that that's something That continues on whether you you know Have these outages or not those kind of Things are continuing to to drive Transactions uh here's another point Right here today's outage good example Of why we need the ACB 13 this is a Subnet only validator which will improve Avalanche's Network's fault tolerance by Relieving subnets and all that primary Network validation Duty uh so this is Good but I I don't understand why this

Wasn't done earlier that's I guess a bad Issue for Avalanche and if you look at In general almost every blockchain out There has had problems salana of course Is notorious for it uh but there's been Others uh as well all right so the Reason that Network validity is so Important are projects like this this is A good example of one that is in the Wings of actually selecting a blockchain So here's maavia Heroes of maavia you Guys have probably seen this one this One ran up on the charts there was a big Win on it a lot of influencers have been Talking about this in the gaming sector And what they're trying to do is figure Out what is going to be the layer two That they're going to select so they're Going to be doing this uh selection here Just around the corner and they haven't Really um tied it together but if you Look at their next tweet here it shows The ones that are potential so you've Got U Avalanche in here there's a Mutable Ronin also in there but this is Going to be a very critical point I Think for many projects out there that Are going to start to weigh these things In terms of what blockchains they're Going to select to actually operate on So this is not good timing for Avalanche Uh for sure now to look at other chains Out there you've got polygon uh causes Caused a brief outage that was uh was

Madic F there's you know always going to Be a little bit of of turmoil in the Price of tokens a mutable also was down This kind of just shows some of the down Detections that were about available Here then you had arbitrum which was Really one of the biggest outages that We've ever seen uh so this one was a Huge one and it also affected the token Price 4% decline when this one occurred These are the problems I think in early Stage that always represent themselves As you know learning opportunities but Also growing pains with a lot of these Projects then here's optimism also an Outage that was uh unrelated to their Scheduled maintenance here and then Guess what there was even a cardano Network outage now granted very short Very small but it was an outage so uh How does that affect you how does it Affect uh the way games the way uh Projects all sorts of utility when we Start to see businesses start to go in This direction around using the Blockchain these networks are going to Have to become bulletproof uh here was Hadera one of the I think one of the More solid ones out there also M that Shut down uh hadera dropped a dramatic Amount during this period of time when That occurred so that was back in 23 Everybody kind of runs into this at some Point there's going to be a technology I

You go back to the situation with AT&T This week I still think that was most Likely an update you know the 3:00 a.m. Signal typically when you roll out an Update a software update that affected The entire country the United States you Know so imagine the amount of systems That were affected by that blockchain is Just now starting to scrape the surface So I think this is the time that all These issues do have to be uh concerned Now the one chain that hasn't had an Outage but has had some other issues and In terms of exploits has been you know Ronin so you could look at Ronin as Being an alternative so I think for Project developers and people out there Trying to figure out what route is the Best way to take you know like what Situation with maavia is uh those are The things that you have to take and put Into consideration these issues continue To become a problem and I think right Now what we've got to work on and Understand is whether that is stress on The networks not necessarily having all These protocols in place or we have all Sorts of opportunities within changing Something within these networks that Need to happen faster these are issues Where software which I still believe is Going to become the thing uh for the Next era of the internet have to be Solved so we'll see how it happens and

You know listen this is still happening On regular web 2 products out there all The time but I think with when you're Dealing with the money and especially When you're dealing with assets and Things of that nature uh it's going to Get a little bit more uh heated for sure All right so I've got a clip here that Is from the honeyland CEO and uh the Reason I'm bringing that one in it Doesn't have anything to do with the Avalanche but what it has to do with is The selection process of how projects Jump onto blockchains and he mentioned Some very intriguing uh facts here that I'll talk about here in a second listen In so where are the transactions taking Place there were a total of you know 18,500 trans transactions um from our Nft collections in January uh 7,200 of Those took place inside of honeyland the Game 11,300 and these are rounded of Course but about 11,300 took place on Magic Eden so still more volume of Transactions taking place on Magic Eden Than in Highland a third of the Transactions on Magic Eden are being From a from a dollar standpoint are Being done in hxd and two-thirds are Being done in Soul so what he's hitting On there is the the idea of community And if you think about all these Different chains Community is going to Become a big part of what he's

Mentioning there is Magic Eden the Reason that's a that's a salana Community and I think that's something To factor into these decision processes For a lot of these projects that are Trying to figure out what blockchain to Go with so if you go back to Heroes Mavia who's in the throws of making that Selection now you know Avalanche could Still be a player um immutable X could Be a player here Ronin could be a player I mean there's a lot of opportunities uh That could play into this now arbitrum Is one so if you look at arbitrum this Is a good example of Grant programs that Are used to uh really entice projects Devs Etc this may look good on the front I think for games and you know different Kinds of projects but at the end I think It boils down to community who has the Strongest community that can benefit Because you have to think about longterm Here going forward so whether it is an Avalanche whether it's an immutable Whether it's a ronin or others out there I think devs are now starting to really Consider all of these factors not just Necessarily the up times and the Situation like that but the community That supports that because those are Much more long-term uh approaches so This represents a very interesting time I think in blockchain that I think Everybody that is Building Products out

There today maybe companies that are Considering using a chain for something They're doing in the retail sector or Businesses that are starting thinking About you know real world asset Tokenization this is a critical time so Uh we're going to continue to watch it And uh get you guys as much data as we Can if you're not part of our Diamond Circle make sure and get in right now It's a great place to get additional Content and we also drop some additional Uh content over there from podcasts Videos research all sorts of stuff all You have to do is click the link down Below and of course follow me out there On X Paul Baron we'll catch you next Time right here on Tech Paath

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