Bank DEATH SPIRAL Continues (What This Collapse Means For Crypto)

Bank DEATH SPIRAL Continues (What This Collapse Means For Crypto)

The latest update on crypto news and situation with the banks

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Credit Swiss sheds nearly 25 key backer Says no more money We cannot because we would go above 10 Percent it's a regulatory issue Um the Saudi lender acquired a state of Almost 10 percent last year after taking Part in credits was capitals raising a Commitment to investing up to 1.5 Billion dollars was Francs Credit Swiss dropped by as much as 24 Reignited some of the generous among Investors about the resilience of the Global banking system uh Ralph hamers Chief executive of Swiss rival UBS said The lender has benefited from recent Market turmoil Congress was on Tuesday Published its annual report for 2022 Saying the bank had identified material Weaknesses and control over financial Reporting and not yet stem customer Outflows Here is uh a look here at uh what's been Going on with uh credit Swiss Um this goes all the way back to 2020 You can see it's been on a down slide Ever since Um the svb collapse was not good for it Um so we got credit to us what are the Well the largest banks of the world take Your shot please as our second largest Bank in Switzerland trying to recover From a string of scandals Um but more like the biggest Scandal is They just don't have any money

Um so there you go we got more Banks Potentially collapsing uh we have California governor Gavin Newsom failing To publicly disclose this svb ties while Lobbying for a bailout There it is uh we have Gavin Newsom with The Puppet Master himself or the the Puppet not the master Uh California governor Newsom Lobby the White House and Department of Treasury About the pending bill of Silicon Valley Uh even as three of his private wineries Had apparently been among the bank's top Clients or clients period Um let's see Tuesday report by Ken Klippenstein is he's got to be related Corey Ryan I I saw uh I don't I don't Know I saw the same thing and what had The same question but I mean you can't Imagine that's too common of Alaska I've Never heard it before yeah well I don't Did he change his to my grouper as well I don't know Um okay uh news's personal relationship With Sab went beyond the wineries Um he maintained personal counselor for Years Newsroom could have stood to Benefit directly from the Bible Administration's direct HQ package On Saturday Newsome's office issued a Statement the Newsome had been touched With the highest levels of leadership at The White House and treasury that means He talked to the president uh Floyd Day

News and praised the administration Exclusively indecisively no mention of His own ties to the bank so Um you know they're talking about the Favorable things that can happen so the Show Silicon Valley I guess there's There's Gabe over there oh Gabe uh Newsome has not discussed his personal Ties publicly it's unclear why he just Goes into the White House or whether he Did it this weekend as elected official He's prohibited by state law from Influencing a governmental decision in Which the official knows or has reason To believe the official has Financial Interests so and I'll tell you this uh I've been telling you guys the governor Was going to run for president There may be there may be an issue there Now from what I've been told the issue Is Uh apparently in California there's Going to be as I believe it's a senate Seat that is open and did you know this DJ did you know that the sitting Governor it may not be in every state But maybe in California maybe every State the sitting Governor can choose to Replace That senate seat with himself or herself Without an election no I did not yep so Gavinism may do that instead of running For president right now may just go to Being a senator

Um now you know there wasn't I don't Know what the seed is I don't shoot the Messenger if they're that's slightly Wrong Um but that's that's what I'm hearing so Somebody in the chat says Newsome's wife Was on the Silicon Valley board That'd be crazy That's a pretty big non-disclosure right There is that true I don't know let's Look yeah see if I can find it yeah BlackRock uh Finks worries dominoes from Easy money are starting to fall Larry Fink CEO of the world's largest asset Manager also known as Satan himself says He's worried that more financial cracks Will emerge as the Federal Reserve Raises look guys this is them putting Pressure to stop raising rates they want More free money more free money that's What they want The BlackRock CEO said the sharp sharply Higher inflation scene over the past Year is one we've already been paying For years of easy money it was the first Domino to drop pretend the inflation Will remain elevated for longer and Likely we'll stay closer 3.5 to 4 for The next few years compared to the Federal Reserves Target of two percent Things that's too early to know how Widespread the damage is from the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Failure of two smaller banks in the past

Week but those are Regulators have Responded rapidly and their decisive Actions have helped Stave off contagion Risks Uh there could be a third Domino to fall Years of lower rates had the effect of Driving some asset owners to increase Their commitment to liquid Investments Trading lower liquidity for higher Returns there's a risk now of a Liquidity mismatch for these asset Owners especially those with leveraged Portfolios Last year BlackRock was caught in the Crosshairs of an increasingly Politicized campaign against Environmental social and governance or ESG investing I told you this stuff's a Scam in October the company issued a Public or bundled accusations of the Boycotts blah blah blah blah so there You go Voyager Finance U.S sale deal runs into New regulatory roadblock these Voyager People Feel so bad for them According to a motion filed by U.S Trustee William Harrington and other Government lawyers before a New York Bankruptcy Court the court improperly Exceeded its statutory power and Authorizing the pardoning in fact They've asked for a two-week hold on the Courts of approval of the transaction so

They could submit an appeal uh the Clause which the court authorized on March 7th after finding that 97 of Voyager customers supported the idea Was designed to Shield those involved in The sale from being held personally Accountable for its implementation Despite not objecting to other aspects Of the proposed transaction U.S Authorities claim the provision would Make it more difficult for the Government to exercise its police and Regulatory responsibilities Court cannot Tell the government to speak now or Forever hold his peace for Voyager and Binance U.S or wed Williams argued that Until appeals are resolved in higher Courts approval of the arrangement or at Least those proportion or excuse me or At least Those portions there are Strictly government's capacity to Execute the law should be suspended on March 6th Securities and Exchange Commission objected to the plan as well Signed the extraordinary and highly Improper extol petition provision Exculpation provision are they said that Right as does he claim that by the Inside us is running an unregistered Blah blah they say everything's security Screw the SEC So uh along the short of this here is is That um Yeah I mean it's getting close it looks

Like it's getting close but uh you know I I don't think this is much regulatory Roadblock coinbase announces banking Partnership with Standard Chartered amid Singapore expansion Uh coinbase has said it uh has said it Is Bid to expand internationally in the Next eight weeks and we'll begin an Expansion with Singapore uh The Exchange Noted that Singaporean retail customers Can now transfer funds between the Coinbase counts and any domestic Bank Um apart from the upgrading it's Platform for transfers uh the Collaboration with Standard Charter Opens the road for exchange between the Singaporean dollar and crypto uh let's See question becoming crypto Hub comes a Regulatory mandate Coinbase also made a debut with singpass So there you go that's fine million Secure two-click experience singaporeans Are accustomed to using with their app So it looks like kind of a 2fa kind of Deal there Um ethereum chappella upgrade forked With girly testnet that's what went down Uh much weighted Shanghai update right Now this will be the upgrade that Officially makes it where I think people Can withdraw their uh ease from their Validator nodes Executed on ethereum's girly test net on The 15th of March uh the girly Network

It's the Ides of March today if you're Looking for uh Caesar to uh have his Backstabbed uh that's a thing Um uh so the girly network is a Decentralized network designed to be Testing development environment for Ethereum based decentralized Applications uh through the Shanghai Upgrade which is also called chappella Uh validators can withdraw their state Eth Um blah blah blah blah excitement around Ethereum is you know what's interesting Is we've been looking at the the charts Uh you know Bitcoin ethereum have both Been holding very well the all coins Have not been doing good uh we've got The Bitcoin dominance number going up But if you notice the ethereum Dominic's Been saying State you know staying Pretty stable so Um wholesale prices post unexpected Decline of 0.1 percent in February Retail sales Fall Let's see wholesale prices are Unexpected decline producer price index 12.1 percent for the month point two Percent drop in Goods help fuel the Headline increase Food Services and Drink establishments um fell 2.2 percent So let's see yeah okay well you know There's not a lot of sports going on I Think that is the In the United States that's the thing

Right we just got basketball right now That's it I think that has a direct Effect on retail bar sales when you say I mean it makes sense yeah I mean that's The only reason why I go to uh The only reason why I go ever like is Like a Taco Mac or something like that To watch the game watch some games Whatever I mean with I don't know I don't know a lot of People it's very sad yeah no I would Think you know when base baseball season Gets into going like obviously that Affects the battery all that stuff down There Yeah the battery is big big time down There for a brace you guys never been to Uh brace field uh what's it called Tourist Park yeah interest Named after a Bank Of course Okay they have the battery down there a Lot of good restaurants good time but You better get down there hours and Hours and hours for the game if you Expect to eat because it's crazy I Always said hockey hockey's going on Right now I don't even know They're not selling a lot of anything no Not here they're not not since freaking Winnipeg stole my team yeah Makes me so mad uh here's our current Bitcoin having psycho Stacks up against Past ones the latest Bitcoin cycle Recently passed 150 000 bucks Milestone

So far Bitcoin is reserved three having Events November 2012 July 2016 and may 2020. next one will take place sometime In um uh 2024. I know you guys think That I've made this Bitcoin having up uh That's the thing I made up it's real Since happenings are periodic they're a Popular way of mapping Bitcoin Cycles by Using them starting in endpoints uh and You guys can see here in the cycles They're all very similar isn't it Um I guess this is where we're at this Is the the one today Um you can see here it is boom boom boom I think what you'll see is uh the this U-shape here for the last Bear Market was uh much shorter than the One that we had here Um according to this we're just now at The place where we came out of the U-shape last time this time we got a Little bit of a premature pump and now We should get this really big uh you Know bull trap up here Um and see what happens when we go down Towards uh you know this would have been The pandemic crash this would have been The 2019 pump Um this has been your October pump I Believe and this would have been January February lead up in 2020 uh to the Pandemic crash and then boom we started Holding over again so pretty cool if you Ask me I mean I think it all matches

Pretty well All of the timing isn't as striking as The bottoms the latest cycle building up A rally out of the bear lows also looks Similar to what happened in the second Cycle or the April 2019 Um rally took place Um for the charts visible with Bitcoin Retest this level very recently apparent Health of the Bitcoin Market I mean here It is the u-shape I told you guys once You come out of the u-shape you don't Come back why don't you come out of the U-shape you do not come back into the U-shape so Um there we go Foreign

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