Banking System Collapsing! (Warren ATTACKS Crypto Wallets)

Banking System Collapsing! (Warren ATTACKS Crypto Wallets)

Elizbeth Warren is just an actor for the banks and big tech companies, and is only in it for the money, not for the people. Watch this stream recap to find out more.

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For the first time ever in my life I actually have been thinking about What's going to happen if we have to Move out of this country [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Uh Elizabeth Warren is pushing the Senate to ban your crypto I don't think There's any way you walk away with a Conversation from Elizabeth Warren Saying oh she cares about anything but Money like I think that's the only thing That she cares about is campaign dollars And she knows she's become this actress She's become a character and she knows This right here this image of her this Is what allows her to raise money that's What that's what allows Elizabeth Warren To raise money is this is how her people See her you know I went to uh I went to A Gucci store up in New York City uh When I went to Washington DC uh I got a Nice Gucci suit a very you can tell it's Gucci suit from the inside you could but I want to look nice when I went up there You know and so I go there and and the Guy that helped me out I think his name Was Michael it from uh where was it New York it was New York City right he was Awesome like this guy helped out Treme He was such a great salesperson such a Great a great guy I really enjoyed

Talking to him and we get to the end of The the transaction and like he's like What do you do and I'm telling them a Little bit about Bitcoin and all this Stuff and he's like oh well you know That Elizabeth Warren she's really Against the banks I had to tell him I Had to be like no no that's what you Think here's the evidence and at the end He was like God I really thought better of her than That you know I think that's the Impression a lot of people would have With her is even if you think she's Doing good stuff when you really dig Into it you'll find she's not all she is Doing is being loud and trying to raise Dollars the big tech companies are her Big donors Um but there's got to be backroom deals With those Banks there has to be look at Her relationship with Gary Kinsler Feeding him questions Gary Gins are paid Off from the banks obviously I mean he Worked at Goldman Sachs go watch the Stuff he said before when he did his Blockchain talk at MIT his blockchain Course and then go look at the stuff he Says now it doesn't match we have Evidence of him saying xrp has utility And yet going after xrp it's got no Utility you can't talk out of both sides Of your mouth and that's what it lives With warning garrigans are so good at

Doing Um the bill that she's proposing Particularly harsh on D5 big shocker Including non-custodial ones why because The banks are custodial uh requiring Platforms to record personal information Of users submit to the government Without a warrant or probable cause so What they're asking the government or Asking these companies to do is funnel All your information to them No matter what it's about like blaming The city because you were mugged on the Sidewalk Bill also lumps together miners Um let's see here the main effect of the Bill could be to force many crypto Businesses to either close their doors Or leave the United States and I tell You for the first time ever in my life I actually have been thinking about What's going to happen if we have to Move out of this country [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I understand what they're doing with Crypto right now it seems to be like Very chaotic But don't you feel like overall in the World right now we're going through like

A major shift yes absolutely yeah anyone Who comes to the banks collapsing it's It's a very hard thing because it's kind Of like Okay like let's say you got a friend Okay let's say you got a friend and this Friend is a an alcoholic you know They're an alcoholic they're really Really bad alcoholic Every time they go somewhere uh you know You you know they're gonna go drink Until you talk to them beforehand and You're like look you can't drink I'm Gonna go with you I'm gonna make sure Somebody's there to watch and make sure You're not getting too drunk make sure You're not blacking out whatever the Case is and then what happens is they Just never hit the bottom they never hit The bottom they never hit the bottom There's always somebody being Codependent somebody enabling them There's just a reason why they're just Not quite ready to get there But they're not going to change Until they get to the bottom now granted But what could the bottom be the bottom Could be a DUI car crash where they kill someone or Kill themselves that's the risk that you Play when you don't enable or be Codependent on someone because you Realize that their decisions are not Your decisions okay

There's a terrible scenario that could Exist there However They need that freedom to be able to hit Bottom to change and that's kind of the Way I feel about our banking system There are going to be people that are Hurt by this and what do we want to do Do we want to enable the Ponzi further Is that what we want all we're doing is Going to cause more pain down the road Whereas if we collapse now and we're Able to rebuild the system and we've got A viable alternative with crypto then it Could end up being maybe a good thing But people are going to get hurt there's No question about it but Would we rather get them hurt now and Move forward or continue this to where When people do go get hurt it's total Hyperinflation it's total disaster Everybody loses everything nobody has Jobs it's bad bad bad bad bad That could be what we're looking at now It's just a hard situation it's not easy You don't when you look at your friend Who's alcoholic you don't look at him And say Yeah I'm just gonna let him go risk Their lives tonight you don't really say That but you know when you're letting Them do what they you know they're going To do you know that's a possibility and It's hard letting go that's how it feels

A lot right now with our with our Banking system so and the country in General almost yeah yeah I agree [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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