BEAM Gaming Blockchain 🔻Merit Circle INTERVIEW

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where every individual or entity that holds BEAM tokens has voting rights to decide on our future. Beam’s mission is to revolutionize gaming by making blockchain technology a cornerstone of the next generation of games. Owning the Beam token allows you to participate in governance of the Merit Circle DAO, interact with the Beam network and expose yourself broadly to the gaming industry.

Guest: Steven Bryson-Haynes, Head of Investment & Partnerships Merit Circle
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00:00 intro
00:30 Merit Circle x BEAM
02:05 30+ Games Incoming
04:11 Avalanche
05:08 BEAM Subnet Transaction Growth
06:50 Immutable-X & Polygon Collab
09:43 Game Dev Blockchain Options
10:35 Solana Games on BEAM?
11:50 Token Migration Status
12:23 Palworld Massive Success
14:22 Xbox Release?
15:22 Meta Quest “Augments”
16:44 Roadmap for 2024
19:20 outro

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~BEAM Gaming Blockchain 🔻Merit Circle INTERVIEW~
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[Music] My name is Paul bar welcome back in to Tech path this is going to be Interesting because we'll break down What's happening with Merit Circle and Beam and we thought hey what's the best Way to do that is to get one of the team From Merit Circle and have them come on The show so I want to of course welcome In Step Bri Bryson Haynes who is the Head of investment and Partnerships over At mer Circle great to have you Stephen thanks Pa pleasure to be here Thanks for having me yeah yeah so let's Get into a little bit of of today's Topic a lot of times when we get a Chance to learn a little about what Merit Circle and beam really I think the Relationship a lot of people don't Necessarily completely understand that So can you explain the difference Between Merit Circle and beam the Platform starting off with um Merit Circle being the Dow uh originally Started in uh 2021 it's the largest Gaming Dow out there we recently Put out our treasury report for the end Of 2023 treasury is at 118 million so it's Very much the sort of head company where The token holders are where they get to Participate and beam is uh the product You know a lot of dows were looking at Especially gaming Dows where do they go

From this axi Infinity scholarship model Uh we've moved away from that we found a Product Market fit of beam uh beam is Very much where the players and Developers come to Interact um it's a tech layer as well as A ecosystem layer uh originally we've Started that and still are and very Happy with our subnet on Avalanche uh Yet looking at uh and recently had a Partnership and and excited about our Partnership with a mutable as well Moving over or uh growing to to the Adoption of their ZK evm chain as well As our own Subnet yeah we'll get a chance to kind Of dive into that right now how many Games are currently building on Beam yes so on the uh subnet we've got Over 30 that are either signed with us Or testing our technology at the Moment um that's uh 30 that we're Already working closely with uh We've Also creating some of our own uh two of Our own games at the moment we're in a Close partnership with uh which is Forgotten play lands and Castle Blackwater um so those ones are going Live this year as well and now as well You know moving some of our technology Or bridging it over to the immutable Side that also opens up more than 200 Games to start partnering and working With as well oh okay all right so road

Map wise this could this partnership Could really extend your library out uh In terms of growth what how long do you Think that would take is that a 12-month Road map or is it something you see Having much quicker impact on Beam yeah so beam's been uh the subnets Been live now for about three months um Uh these 20 sorry 30 games on there uh All have different timelines to horiz uh Of sort of horizon of first play testing And then becoming live uh we've already Got around four or five games live at The moment uh and then we should have 7even to eight live in q1 uh and they Will be rolling out more of a time you Know a lot of these games are Partnerships so we don't Necessarily uh determine when they go Live is plus you know some games have a 3 to six month Dev cycle and others are Building for two years so throughout This year we expect 40 to 50 games um Coming on the subnet but then also Working with other ecosystems and Partnerships like uh okay mutable Zvm so why select Avalanche as kind of The primary you know platform to build On what was the core behind that uh Avalanche was when we chose you know it Was a chain that was already provable uh There was others using it uh they had a Very uh supportive team both on Business Development uh and on tech support uh

They helped us um with a lot of that Initial Integration uh and we've been really Happy with that uh the tech works it was Proven uh it was the only one out there At the time we knew we could pick up a Subnet uh and start rolling with it Straight away so that's been a great Partnership we will still work very Closely with that lunch and and I'd Consider us one of the main Onboarding um avenues for a game Developer if you're wanting to build in That ecosystem what about in terms of Transactions I was looking at the beam Subnet here um obviously prior to December not a lot of transactions and We have seen quite a bit of of a lift You know in December what's the Likelihood of really an increased Transaction you know throughput here Within beam as you start to onboard more Games what does that look like on the Road map say going out through 2024 yeah very much it's um all to do With the games that we're on board we're A complete gaming chain so that all Depends on how closely we work with These games we can support them through Marketing and growth and ultimately the Quality of the game and how many players They can adopt uh we're working with Some games like Trial Extreme for Instance uh in their two Style game

They've had over 100 million downloads Um now we're seeing this in a web 3 Setting and supporting them there uh it Really comes down to that growth and Adoption of each individual game we Should have over 30 Games by the end of The year on the subnet um and then ease Of Youth this is the first time we've Seen in the gaming ecosystem where a Player can just come in download a game Play a game they don't to worry about Gas creating a wallet signing Transactions security all of these have Been removed without Tex stack um a Player just comes in plays the game they Don't need to know it's on web three Yeah which is good I think we're we've Seen more and more projects kind of go That direction which is the more Hands-off a little bit more subtle Approach explain the collaboration Between uh immutable and polygon kind of Talk to us about how this deal was put Together Some of the emphasis behind it you know What you're looking to achieve out of It yes we we want to be where the gamers Are it's very much a thing of we respect Each other's uh Tech Ecosystem uh Both mutable and polygon already have Great Tech a lot of game developers Gamers are there uh we're originally or Or starting with our sphere Marketplace

Uh on the ZK evm chain uh and then we Can look at bringing on other parts of Our technology there uh if developers Require that but at the moment we're a Featured Marketplace for mutable uh We've already started talking to a lot Of the games there they're looking for That type of assistance uh so it was an Obvious move for us to always be in the Gaming action and obviously polygon and Immutable have a lot of games there as Well what what is the percentage of Games that would be in immutable within The beam ecosystem what does that look Like well we're going to be working on Their zkm chain uh which is should be Going live the end of January um so it's Still up to each individual game on how They want to list their assets on what Marketplace uh but also with their Shared order book uh it makes liquidity Very interesting on that zkm chain as You can have shared liquidity across all Marketplaces right so it's pretty Different way of looking at it so what You're saying is that the games Themselves kind of dictate as to where This might end up whether it's an IMX or Or maybe living over on the Avalanche Ecosystem is that the primary model Right now or you looking at what about The existing games that are in there Yeah the existing games uh on the Avalanche subnet you know we're still

Completely dedicated to avalanch subnet We think it's a great opportunity it's a Full uh outof thebox SDK solution for a Developer yet we don't have to dictate Where these developers want to go some Want to build on Avalanche we provide an Excellent opportunity for them there uh We can do you know gas offset grants and Things like that to support them uh Other teams want to build on the polygon Tech stack or use the uh a mutable Infrastructure and we're really happy For those games to use that too we think That's also great Tech so uh again it Makes it easy for us to just help Developers and be agnostic to where they Want to be and we can support them where They want to go uh from The Game Dev Side do are you finding that game devs Are leaning toward one or the other as a Potential success or is it more in line With maybe what they're developing how How does a Game Dev make a decision if They're the ones that are choosing hey I Want to be on a subnet or I want to be Within the IMX ecosystem um I think There's pros and cons on both sides we Try and explain that to each developer a Lot of already made a decision um many Polygon games already on polygon and They want to do a simple bridge over to The ZK VM chain we're trying to make it As easy as possible for a developer we Don't want to have to make them all uh

Move or do harder bridging Solutions or Things like that So we lay it out to them uh we're more Than happy for them to build on either And we can go to support them I was Looking at this right here this is the Star Atlas uh living in the beam Hub is This something that you think is is this Something in in terms of a potential for Salana games to be within beam in the Future what we do at the beam Hub is It's very much uh the whole web 3 gaming Ecosystem we want to support everywhere We think running and providing the best Content for all games whether they're on Beam whether on salana or anywhere uh we Want to be very useful uh and provide The best content that we can for the Whole ecosystem so this is where the Beam Hub comes in uh we Run uh events on there we do questing on There and we provide uh content on there For all Gamers to come and find games uh And figure out what they want to play Next so no no likelihood of seeing Salana maybe coming into the Potential yeah I mean at the Moment we're really happy with uh our Chain partnership so far okay but I've Always said we want to be where the Gamers are and we want to be available To where the gamers are yeah that's a Good Dodge of an answer there I like That

One let's go into token migration and Whether well I guess and also when would We see the full merge with beam as a Token what's what's the timeline for That yeah already I think 90% of the Merit Circle holders have already Transferred over their token uh to beam So beam is the prevailing token now um We have a one Year uh period to transfer all your Tokens over from Merit Circle to beam so That's the end of this year yeah when You look at um game success so we've Seen a handful of recent games start to Roll out in the mobile ecosystem as well As some of the crossplatform you know Like Xbox the one I'm thinking of is Paul World which has really kind of Skyrocketed very small Studio reminds me A lot of a web 3 developer you know in Terms of how to build a game get it Rolling out quickly you know kind of uh Fail fast kind of thing but this one is Really kind of Exploded just in a very short period of Time what's the likelihood of maybe Seeing something like this Within the beam Ecosystem what's the probability There uh I think you know there's still Quite a big gap Between uh all traditional developers And Publishers wanting to move into web 3 right uh the uncertainty perhaps

Around uh legalities and things like That uh and also the adoption you know There's been a bit of there's definitely Been love and hate uh of traditional Gamers around around web 3 I think a lot Of that comes down To how they've um had an experience so Far in web 3 hasn't been easy uh and Natural to a gamer um you know when they Have to either spend a lot of money to Play a game uh have price discrepancies Going very volatile up and Down it makes it quite tricky so I think We need to smooth out the Experience for uh developers and Gamers To make it very simple for them to Understand how to interact and what the Benefits are to them uh before we're Going to get uh these you know top games Moving into the space I think we're much More likely to develop them internally Within web 3 already and have some very Big successes and then that's going to Entice others to move In with that being said um Stephen do You think that there is a possibility of Seeing a web 3 game get a full launch on Something like an Xbox I mean we've Obviously we know mobile is going to Continue to be probably one of the home Bases for web 3 gaming but but what About getting a release on an Xbox or a PS5 like a console you know truly Getting a web 3 out there what's the

Likelihood yeah I think it's pretty high Um I think Sony's been looking at it and Mentioning that you know they're Becoming more open to those areas um I Would think this year what would Probably happen is you have uh some Games publish on on Xbox for instance uh But there'll probably be a web 2.5 Approach it be very minimum yeah web Three to begin with uh and then it will Grow from there I don't think anyone's Going to launch their fully onchain game Straight to straight to an Xbox I think Traditional I won't ver you know kind of Bridge the gap between gaming and and What maybe the evolution of arvr will be But if you look at some of the recent Moves by meta uh this was a tweet out There just kind of a sneak peek of their Augments on The Meta Quest 3 and what I Mean by this this is something that's Been built in and they've been talking About this for quite a while the Augments which is basically a think of It as a collectible which easily could Transition into nfts and if you remember Meta was one of the companies that kind Of stepped away from nfts but recently There's been a little bit of regul Regulatory push and I just wonder if if Meta is holding their cards to their Vest on possibly launching something in The nfts and if that were the case if Meta were to come out with an nft

Integration into the meta 3 and within That Ecosystem how big of a deal would that Be for web 3 gaming as a whole it would Be massive we need more and more uh Large household names to sort of Understand and prove that web 3 can be Mainstream adoption it's more likely That they'll do something very small to Begin with and they're not going to Probably lead the way I think they'll Wait for mid-level siiz companies or to Get Mass adoption internally within web 3 first before they want to go after it Well excellent as far as road map for You guys you guys have done a lot in a Very short period of time um obviously The rollout you've got a lot happening Here within the Avalanche ecosystem a Lot happening over on the IMX deal you You look at 2024 what we what can we Expect from you Guys yeah 2023 was very much around Proving our product Market fit we've Obviously seen developers like what We're doing Gamers like it uh and Investors lik have liked it too with our Token price so this year is around how We can now further support that growth And that comes through with our partners Both developers as well as a mutable and Avalanche so this year will be Definitely getting those games live Supporting them through all areas of

Tech um Marketing um player acquisition yeah uh As well as just general web3 growth uh And then uh expanding uh to yeah we Should have 50 games this year on the Beam subnet and then also working with a Very large amount of Games uh in the immutables km Chan as Well yeah how I mean you get a chance to Talk to a lot of devs what has been I Mean because this is a thing that you Know I look at you know for a game DAV They have a choice right now to make it Used to be it was a one-way highway on You know right Vision 2.0 you know You're working with either a a big Gaming house or you're trying to launch A little you know culture uh Studio but Now you've got web 3 coming in are you Finding Talent starting to move into web 3 more and more you're getting a chance To talk to a lot of these devs what do You Think yeah I mean a lot of them are very Much focused around money flows still I Think uh a lot of developers thought That the web 3 space is interesting and They wanting to get involved uh but VC Investments in the space really sort of Move that uh and still there hasn't been A very successful web 3 game yet to to Be able to prove that adoption so I Think uh it's really going to need to This year we should be able to prove out

Uh games actually getting substantial User bases uh making real revenue and That's where uh should open up the doors For many more developers all right to Come in once it's Prov well you guys Heard it there first 20124 is going to Be the year for web gaming I like it uh Steven Bryson com in to us from Merit Circle so Steve thanks so much for stepping in Today we appreciate It thanks you bet all right so you guys Are maybe tuned in on the podcast side Of things make sure and jump over to the YouTube channel get the full experience Of not only the graphics but a lot of The the dive-ins that we do here on the Video version of the podcast so it's Very easy to do also you get a chance to Join our Diamond Circle which is our Private member group where we drop Additional podcasts more research all Sorts of stuff in web 3 space but also Blockchain obviously within the main Tokens all that kind of stuff you can Find within our Diamond Circle click That link down below catch me on X at Paul Baron we'll catch you next time Right here on Tech Paath

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