$BEN Coin Explosion UPLOADING (Price Suppression Plan LEAKED)

Ben is in Dubai. The latest update from him, Ben Coin, and suspenseful insight on what to do to your enemies.

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These are freaking arrows they are Freaking Heroes and you can you can pull These out if one of your enemies comes To your Suite in Dubai in the middle of The night just know Hey Hey guys welcome to football crypto my Name is Ben welcome to my Suite in Dubai That's right oh a staircase I'm going to Show you guys something A lot of people have come against me a Lot of people are consider to be enemies You guys know I love creating enemies Well any man knows that we make enemies You always have your divide look at the Staircase I want to show you guys we're Talking about Jill come here Come here look at this These are freaking arrows they are Freaking arrows and you can you can pull These out if one of your enemies comes To your Suite in Dubai in the middle of The night just know you can take an Arrow off is that real weird an arrow Off of the staircase And well what happens from there I think You guys know uh everything is a little Bit extra some more of my extra sweet Sunglasses tonight uh look we have a lot Going on right now Um a lot going on in the world of crypto All of a sudden I go to Dubai and Everything flips Bush isn't that amazing All it took was me getting out of

America Or is it me coming to Dubai I'm not sure Which it is However Bitcoin is crushing it today uh Went above 28k so it came back down a Little bit We got this Bitcoin ETF news Um around BlackRock partnering with coinbase I Think it was Um a lot of people are saying that what We're seeing right now is a Trad Phi is Now marking the bottom you know Trad Phi Is coming into the space and basically What they were doing is just trying to Convince you to sell over the last few Weeks and a lot of you did so I told you What the finance news with the coinbase News I said don't freaking Panic there's No reason to panic all you got to do is Just take home and huddle through it if You need to make some trades make some Trades but don't get out of positions It's so stupid to do that that's the Difference between those of us that win In the space continually over and over And over again and the people that lose Is they just Panic sell when there's bad News there's not a winning strategy it Never has been So Um Bitcoin actually doing pretty well Today the rest of them are moving a Little bit so let's talk about what's

Been going on here in Dubai what is Going on here Um what have we done today uh we Definitely had a lot of mainstay I got a Lot more later this week uh going to Abu Dhabi on Thursday uh meet with some Couple advisors potential advisors uh One pretty sure is going to be an Advisor one we're still going to be Doing interviews on And uh you know some really interesting Things have started coming out Um of these meetings I want to talk About at the end of this video I want to Talk about What some people on my team have Discovered that could be Why the price you know I can't promise You're probably going to go up but why Has it been stagnant and we've got some Really interesting Insight on that so First of all we met with a Representative from the royal family Today uh we do have also Um I'm supposed to be having another Meeting with uh someone directly from Royal family now We got some video footage of this Meeting today but We had to do it not because of Necessarily the meeting itself but the Hotel wasn't really too keen on us Having cameras so we got some look You're gonna see on a vlog later this

Week or next week Um some of the talks that we're having Um and some of the meetings where we can Record some of this is confidential Stuff so we can't say everything Um but I will tell you this We met with the representative of the Royal family uh There seemed to be a lot of interest in Having me move my business over here Um a lot of benefit to that for all Parties involved now am I thinking about It yeah of course I'm thinking about it Do I want to leave America no I don't Want to leave America if I did leave America where would I want to go This is the place here I mean I can wear Gold glasses and I don't even look weird Okay so a lot of people doing stuff but Later on came back to us from the Meeting Wants to maybe have a second meeting or At least wants to pursue some Conversations Specifically about Bitcoin now Some of these meetings we set up for About Bitcoin some are about possibly What it's like to live here in Dubai Some are just meeting people and getting Connections over here but one of the Ideas that was brought up and this is Something we're hearing from a lot of Different potential partners that we're Talking to is they wanted to do their

Own coin But they're looking at Bitcoin and They're saying He's already got a platform This is something that's going to be Universally good for crypto causing Crypto adoption and they're saying to Themselves Why don't we just partner and use Bitcoin so There is some interest in US potentially Having Bitcoin be the the coin of a few Different ecosystems and one of those Could be potentially a virtual Clinic Here in um in the UAE so definitely some Interesting things my thing is when you Meet with somebody very important And they come back to you very quickly What does that tell you what does that Tell you when they come back very Quickly The first conversation we had Was about What it would be like to move over here Moving my funds over here how much that Would cost it was a money-centric Conversation the second conversation Uh the second thing that's brought up Is purely what's in the best interest of All parties involved it's not Necessarily hey let's go and move you Out here let's get some money let's do This so very very very interesting uh Hopefully get to pursue that

Conversation a little bit more through This week said we do have another Meaning potentially the other one's not Guaranteed but It's on the schedule so we'll see what Happens I don't like to uh say it's Definitely going to happen because you Know people don't show up sometimes People are important plans change we Have another meeting uh later this week With someone from the royal family so We're very interested in getting Involved with the royal family here with Royal family in Saudi Arabia Um very interesting like Abu Dhabi Itself we are in Dubai right now but Abu Dhabi they're two of the Emirates of Course I think the two most well-known I Think I don't know my geography super Well in the middle of the Middle East But I am learning it a little bit better Foreign People involving Um Tokenizing real estate here in Dubai People are very interested in that and Now we're seeing there's another use Case for Bitcoin this seems to be rising Up which is Consultancy right like the whole thing We're trying to do here is crypto Adoption then when you've got people That have ideas that are web 2 people or What I call normal people and they

Haven't moved over to this web 3 crypto World the fact that we have the ability And the know-how with our team to be Able to walk people through What actually it would be like to turn An island out here in Dubai man-made Island not the Palm but some other ones They're making Turn Island into a tokenized Fractionalized real estate offering We can do it we know how to do it and When we're having these interesting use Cases brought up then That puts us right in the middle of What's on The Cutting Edge in crypto and Helps us to push that over the goal line So really excited about that uh lastly We had some meetings with some very Successful people I will tell you that Um you guys know what vlogger Aaron He's got into crypto a little bit he Films all my videos not this one it's me In the background we filmed a lot of my Videos and uh all of our scripted stuff And Aaron's awesome we love Aaron and uh You know I'll say this Aaron knew who These people were Not a crypto guy He knew these people are from a niche so Big So well known That it will blow your mind And now they're telling us about a Secret project that they're doing in

Crypto is going to be coming out soon And guess what it involves Real word world use case Real World Adoption Real World products some really Cool stuff in that once again lines up With Bitcoin so maybe having some Digital talks with these Partners later On in the week got several people coming Over having a big cat party later this Week on Friday several people coming to That uh hopefully by the end of this Week we're having a lot more of these Partnerships and advisor rolls really Nailed down we also are working on A way for the people that got hit in the Hack on my Twitter that sent money Recklessly put sent money oh by Connecting a wallet to a site they Didn't know and their wallets got Drained we got big news later this week On how as soon as next week We could be preparing the funds to start Paying some people back now to tell you You're gonna have to do a security Course first so that we may have the Funds to do it but we are going to have You had to take this security course so We gotta get that security course ready As well but big moves on that big Announcements coming uh probably Thursday probably Thursday maybe Friday Um on exactly what we're gonna be doing It's going to be a time crunch we're Gonna be doing this thing very quickly

Because if we don't get the people paid Back quickly they might now nfts we're Not sure how we can if you had ft's Range from your wallet We're not really sure how to handle that I don't know if we can actually pay you Back for that I'm not because their nfts Are one of ones So It'd be a lot of work for us to go and Attach values to each one and it just Gets very complicated we're also going To be when we do this thing and we do Start paying people out we're gonna paid Out in if why well you'll come back to Bitcoin now you got to go buy it if you Were in Bitcoin and you lost it and you Don't want to get back in we're not Going to send you Penguins for dump so If you want to get an eth um that's Going to be a good way to keep you know Momentum going the other thing that we Discovered Very interesting anyways guys we got Some enemies out there okay we Definitely have some enemies and I think That Look I want to be very clear I've said This many times benaughties is not our Enemy okay we don't say anything bad About him and his projects he was a Creator of Bitcoin Um but there are people in his community That are in our project and also in

His projects and they don't like us they They want it to be a war between me and Ben which is not we're cool we have no Problems with each other everything is Fine Um I think you know I think the Bitcoin Orange you know stuff is very Interesting we've been watching it Um But I think there's some Innovative Stuff there we'll see what happens when If he rolls the decks out or when the Decks and being Point stuff it's cool I Hope he does well hope everybody's Invested that's great okay But there's some people in that Community that don't like us there's People in our community don't like him Either and that's just the way that it Goes I can't control people's opinions Like that The point why I'm trying to say here is We were looking at some addresses and What we've seen is People are saying why I don't understand Like the price is just stuck well There's a few addresses out there That every single time there's a big buy That comes in They're selling that amount there's Somebody by three have these Three and a half you feel out Tennies come in 10 East go out it almost Seems like on Clockwork and I will tell

You this we also are doing some very Interesting digging into the hacker and Looking at some of the places that he Was sending money to Very interesting that's all I'm going to Say on that right now it's very Interesting Um we are we got some bloodhounds Looking through stuff right now If we get down and find out some some Real bad stuff don't worry we're going To tell you about it for sure but why am I telling you this now is because guys There is an attempt To keep this thing from moving It's very obvious and it's choreographed At some point the haters run out of Steam we've been able to keep the same Baseline Even though people have been doing that And even though the crypto Market Collapsed last week Bitcoin held up very well especially Against the Bitcoin dominance so we're Seeing a lot of very favorable things we Got a lot more meetings this week we are Making things happen we're gonna be Excited later on this week to announce Some really cool stuff for you guys uh Coming next week you're definitely going To pay attention you're definitely going To want to pay attention sorry guys hope You guys have a good night I'm here you See the

You can't even see the city because Of the reflection of Me it's okay