BitBoy’s BIG MISTAKE (Prison for BIGGEST Crypto Influencer?)

BitBoy’s BIG MISTAKE (Prison for BIGGEST Crypto Influencer?)

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Is Bitboy on his way to prison? Does the legal system need a serious overhaul? Why is Ben shaking hands with his mortal enemies? All will be revealed in this video, as I break down my upcoming court battles, tackle misinformation, and update you on the future of our portfolios.

0:00 Intro
0:58 Shaking Hands With the Devil?
4:06 Court Update
7:55 Portfolio Update

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Thank you Foreign Crypto my name is Ben Guys we're on the Pluto Alliance Midway Cruise all week I'm here in Orlando Getting ready to uh head back to Atlanta Uh we'll be talking about our portfolio And a gigantic mistake that I made that I can't even believe that I made it Um and it's going to be a very valuable Important lesson for you guys so Definitely stick around for this video I Do want to update you guys as well I've Never been doing a lot of these phone Records Um I shout out to my editing team by the Way for adding the Tiffany Fong Celsius Video last night they did an amazing job It's a great video guys can go check That out Um and also like I've said this a couple Times uh on two different places but I Do want to reiterate here uh there's a Picture of me going around the internet Uh where I am shaking hands with Alex Machinski just so everybody understands Some context here number one I asked Alex machinski for an interview and he Said no He said we could set something up later To message him and I said okay we shook On it that's what we did and a lot of People were probably thinking Well Pip-Boy you

You hate ours Mr T this is your time to To go after him and of course we just Got the thing of me and Kevin O'Leary Where we look friendly together which He was the friendliest person I've ever Met in my life I actually Went at Kevin pretty aggressively And what am I supposed to do what am I Supposed to do yell it and yell at him I Don't call him an old man because it Sounds like I'm making fun of him but You want me to yell at him Old guy on the street like is that what You want me to do is that going to play Well it's not going to play well a man That's being very nice and shaking your Hand and saying it will come on your Show and answer questions absolutely not But here's a little uh backstory with Alex machinski which is I have spoken to Alex I spoke to Alex a While back and so that was not the first Time we've interacted Um and I can't get too much into the details of The conversation because it was a Private conversation But I will tell you that he did Apologize to me and I I think that I pressed him on a lot of hard questions On that phone call hard hard hard Questions I've asked him hard questions On a lot of this Um and I think at the end of the day

Um I think that Alex uh is someone who Look I mean people understand this about A lot of people I think he's a Narcissist not trying to you know people Couldn't believe he was at the Conference But what I will tell you is I I think in His brain he still thinks somehow he can Fix things and I'm gonna try to get him On the channel for an interview at some Point I don't know if it's gonna happen Or not but I've already had it out Without privately is what I'm trying to Tell you guys so that's why In that picture I'm shaking hands with Him that is not the first time that's Not me confronting him I asked him all The questions I want to ask him and he Said they were off the Record and so the Long and the short of it is I can't if Someone says something's off the Record No matter how great the information is I Can't come to you guys and tell you the Source and say this is what was said Because that makes me violate kind of I Don't know like press etiquette and That's gonna make nobody want to speak To me in the future so as much as I Wanted to say what was in that Conversation I I can't because then I'm untrustworthy And then nobody will ever give me Information again so you know that That's what happened there I want to

Address that let's talk about our Portfolio let's talk about this mistake Uh that that I made and I'm going to Reiterate this a couple times over the Weekend I have to go to court on Monday for this FCX lawsuit thing in Miami so maybe in Miami Monday morning at 10 A.M this is a Big change Um I was going to be on Thursday and Friday because of a very special Interview I'm going to be doing where I'm getting interviewed Um next week So they're already going to down to Florida on Wednesday after the show now I've got to go Sunday night and be there Monday morning for court I don't want Anybody to get confused I can't wait to Go to court I'm super excited about it Why did I not go to this hearing that Was yesterday because I see this big boy Criminal thing why not not go because I Had hundreds of people coming or over 100 people coming on a cruise that they Paid for to go to cruise with me So I want you to think about this and I Really hope the judge sees this okay Here's the thing I'm not supposed to be Included in this FTX lawsuit I didn't do Anything I've never promoted FTX never Done paid promotion and on Monday when I Go to this hearing I'm gonna be able to Clear up a lot of things with the judge

That had been stated that are factually Incorrect including false allegations of Harassment against me when it comes to The the lawyer involved And I'm gonna be able to show in court Unequivocally those are true tweets are For me emails from my email address are For me nothing else is from me and so The the point is is that I want to go And I want to go clear my name But if I didn't show up to the bitboy Crews I actually could have been sued by People going on the cruise For something that I actually would have Done instead of Not appearing in court for a case I'm Not supposed to be involved in so it Doesn't make any sense there was a Hearing I did have my lawyer there Um I I was whether I had the lawyer There or not I'm not going to put myself In a position to be sued for a legit Reason when I'm currently being sued for Something that's totally falsified so I Just want to make that make that very Clear okay it wasn't about disrespecting The judge it was about disrespecting the Court It was about me keeping myself in a Position to where I'm actually not going To get sued for something Legit so there you go now the portfolio Mistake I made last week we did a

Portfolio video and I showed you guys How we were doing and we were up over 50 000 for the first time which means that We were up uh over 10 about 10 in the Portfolios since we started of course You guys know we have added the crypto Casino portfolio we added Shiba we added Doge hex or dollar cost averaging into Those 500 a day or a thousand dollars a Day for 10 days or about ten thousand Dollars in there Um I don't know maybe we continue going After that we'll just have to see uh What it looks like but the goal is to Have about ten thousand dollars starting And all three of those coins I'm gonna Be adding some more beam coins over time I told you guys in that video if you Want to go watch that video we'll put The link down below uh we're gonna try To monitor Um you know some of these meme coins and Just see what's happening it's more About experience and exposure so I can Figure out over the next two to four Years whether or not these are things I Should be covering or not because of the Whole mass of people are coming in Through these coins then I've got to be There to meet those people and shift Them in right direction but not make Them feel stupid for investing in those Kind of points because I don't think they're great investments

From a utility standpoint But from a money standpoint many of them Have proven to be will we see that Continue that's the big question And also I do want to say thank you to Our sponsor state did you guys know uh When you talk about a crypto Casino you Can't get any better than uh than steak Our main partner our main sponsor on the Channel as you guys know uh all my Flames and insults are sponsored uh by Stake and uh you guys want to check it Out we'll put a link to my Twitter down Below getting ready to do another Giveaway contest over there pretty soon Not yet though but you guys can get Access to uh the state uh URL obviously Um on my Twitter bio so thank you for Saying We're up about 10 in portfolio What did I do that was wrong I told you guys in that video I said you Know what we're up the highest we've Been it would be great to take profits But I'm traveling and it's difficult for Me to explain to my team what kind of Moves I would want to make and I would Also have to do a lot of research to do That So far want you guys to understand this Both times there are portfolios our Portfolio was at the peak okay during This bear Market or Walmart wherever you Want to think we are right now during

This morning in the last few months Both times that we were up to the Highest peaks to the all-time highs of Those portfolios It dipped slash called crash for Everyone called a major debit card both Times Both times a major dip occurred and what Does that tell us is the entire Market Is moving up and you're getting good Gains you're going to see dips and You're going to see pullbacks I told you In that video specifically That I wasn't going to be making any Change of portfolio because I was out of Pocket and I was traveling and it would Have been too complicated that was a Mistake What I have to do is I've got to figure Out a way that with as busy as I am to Have a responsibility to share with you Guys what the best moves would be to Make period even if it's inconvenient or Even if it's hard for me to do Um I've got to set up a better apparatus To be able to make the optimal moves Right now if you just sit at home which Is fine or you have a job whatever you Can actually make more optimized moves Than I can at the current moment the way I have things set up so I want to Maximize this portfolio as much as we Possibly can which means I need to be Working on making optimal moves even

When they're difficult I think there's I Think there's a lot of crossover and Carry over here for you guys because When you think about it a lot of you Have jobs this is my job a lot of you Have jobs I hear it all the time a lot Of you guys tell me this you say I met a Guy I know that he's a mechanic and he Was like yeah like I'm trying to watch But like I'm doing mechanic work like I Can't be trading in the middle of the Day now trading is a little bit Different than making moves in your in a Spot portfolio like we have right now But I get the pressure of not being able To do what you want to do from a time Restriction standpoint because you're Busy it's kind of the same thing I've Got with traveling so what I would tell You is If you're a person that's got some stuff Set up to where it's hard for you to Operate on a 24 7 well when you got to Sleep right on a 24 7 basis then let's See if together we can help kind of Figure out ways around that stuff so What I'm going to be doing is I'm going To be trying between now and my next Portfolio video which I'll be gone next Week I'll be going next Friday Um and by at the end of this video we Will thumb through the portfolios Um and uh we will show uh some Screenshots of those portfolios so you

Can at least see them I didn't look at Them because I know the overall Portfolio is down right now But the point is we should be able to Figure out ways to make this happen Even though things are difficult and so That's my commitment to you guys is That's the mistake that I made and I'm Going to change that going forward so Every Friday If if moves need to be made which last Week there was plenty in the green Buy In the red selling the green buying the Red selling the green and last week we Had the opportunity to do that And another time we had a great Opportunity to do that uh maybe about Six weeks ago and we didn't do it either Time and that's a mistake on my part so My commitment to you guys is that's what I'm gonna do I'm going to set up so it's Easier for me to do make happen if you Got a job or you have some restraints Let's problem solve and let's try to Figure out how to work around some of That stuff so if any of you guys do have A full-time job and you are able to Actively make trades watch the market Set alerts drop those down below those Tips you have for everybody else so the Entire Bitcoin can make it happen Um and so the bit Squad Cruise went Phenomenal by the way we're gonna do This every single year every year we're

Under the trivia next year that's why I Decided right to be under my kids uh Middle School baseball season is over uh It ended in the middle of this week so My oldest son didn't get to come but uh You know I I think that overall it's Been a great week got a lot of stuff Going on going to be in Miami on Monday For this lawsuit I cannot wait uh and Also just so you know the judge at this Hearing uh this week said I'm no longer I am no longer allowed At least until Monday To tweet At all About The law firm that is going after me Which I don't think I'm allowed to say The name anymore And number two I'm also not allowed to Tweet about STX which I'm not going to Complain about right now because I'm Gonna go this hearing on Monday and I Think when the judge understands what's Really going on here she's going to Remove that restriction Uh I have a lot of opinions about it I'm Not going to be giving at this current Moment because I'm trying to comply with What the court has asked me to do Um in the in the current moment Um obviously we'll see how this goes Um but I I do think that there are a lot Of there's a lot of misinformation uh

Like I said the judge referred me to the FBI based on stuff I didn't do right so FBI I would love for you to investigate My harassment claims uh or the charges Against me Because When they investigated from the lawyer Side they're going to literally find out Most of what all the bad things the Worst things they're accusing me of are Completely false and I had nothing to do With and once I start clearing my name On this and in the court proceedings People are going to see all of this has Been trumped up from the very very Beginning and my hope is is that we're Gonna be able to get away from this case Very very very quickly Um but I do still stand up for all of The other people that are involved in The case that did promote FTX because They didn't know FCX was a criminal Organization nobody knew Um and so like I said I got a lot more I'm going to say about this hopefully After Monday but there could be a chance After Monday I'm not allowed to talk About it at all which would be Absolutely insane I I really believe That when the judge sees my side Um and sees that I'm not some person Running out of here unchecked and out of Control I'm actually someone who's been Falsely accused of being tied to the

Largest fraud in the history of the World And it's not fair what's happening to me And not only is it not fair that it's Defamation and that the legal system Seems to be slanted Towards the lawyers judges were lawyers At one time it slanted towards the Lawyers where they seem to have Different rights and responsibilities From the average person and whether it's In this case whether I do a separate Suit or whatever I pursue after I'm Legally allowed to talk about this stuff This isn't over this the the legal System is broken in this regard that Anyone can sue anyone for anything the World laughs at us in America over this I can make up any accusation I want About any person I want and I can sue Them for it and if the person is a Celebrity or has a big enough profile Even if it's completely false and I just Make it up well it won't go to trial Just like I believe this will not go to Trial There will be tons of Articles clickbait Articles written about the accusations Against this person so we have to fix This it has to be broken and I would Just ask the judge to take into Consideration if the judge had someone Who had Completely falsely accused the judge of

Doing something wrong with zero evidence Because the evidence doesn't exist How would she feel how would she feel if That was the case because It doesn't feel great is what I will Tell you and on the other hand the the Lawyer is able to say negative stuff About me on on podcasts that are Factually incorrect and defamation but Yet when I do it Well of course I'm not saying anything False but when I do it it's a problem Guys other than having arfid avoidant Restrictive food intake disorder which Which is the mental illness that I deal With They used to call it being a picky eater When I was a kid but now I understand That I'm actually a victim I'm a victim Of arfit other than arfid I don't really Like to play the victim but I promise You guys by the end of this by the end Of this entire proceeding I'm going to move from where people feel Like I'm at fault people are gonna Understand what a victim that I've Actually been but I don't play a victim Because victims are weak unless you have Arfit I totally get it speaking of our FID one thing we talk about on the Forever Frenemy show Our new podcast every single episode is Arfit so be on the lookout for that it Gets brought up at every episode we shot

Six episodes uh I think the first one Will be coming out today or tomorrow or Monday I'm not sure exactly what's Coming out we'll be very soon Once it goes out we'll put a link Down Below in the description so you guys can Uh check it out so there you go I know It's I've been gone for several days Haven't been able to make a video Live in several days glad you guys are Getting check us out thank you to our Sponsor steak that's all I got be Blessed more tomorrow Thank you Foreign