Bitcoin BLASTOFF After ETF Launches! ($11 Trillion Coming To Crypto)

Bitcoin BLASTOFF After ETF Launches! ($11 Trillion Coming To Crypto)

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0:00 Intro
00:42 Fidelity BTC ETF
05:06 Impact of Gold ETF

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Probably have some cardano on it some Ethereum on it some Bitcoin on it and You know I'm sure there's going to be a Couple other ones a couple other winners Matic will probably be on there [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey Fidelity guys big news here should have Led with this in the beginning of the Show I was talking about this in a JPEG Junkie spaces I don't know if we have a CT minute we do I'll talk about that in A second but Fidelity rumored to be Selling a Bitcoin ETF now Tim why should We care about fidelity Well I mean we shouldn't want to care But we have to care because they're just Another investment firm that is going to Be getting into space and and I don't Know do you think there's any chance They get rejected by the SEC or do you Think they get to just pass on through Very easily uh they probably are going To make it uh so BlackRock has roughly you know is nine I Don't know what dollar uh assets under Management I'm assuming this is American Dollar we'll round up we'll say uh BlackRock has 10 trillion fideli has Around six so we're looking at a serious Amount of money here this isn't you know A shrimp compared to a whale this is a

Comparable size application of the World's largest asset manager BlackRock For a Bitcoin spot ETF has generated Bullish momentum in the second half of The last week expert believe that Application has a strong chance of being Approved given their uh record their Record is 575 to one so they've had 575 approved Only one has been denied at least this Rumor is currently circulating on Twitter talking about the Fidelity well Several accounts have reported it the Source appears to be Arch public Co-founder Andrew Parish remarkably uh The rumor has been spread by notable Crypto influencers like Scott melker Friend of uh ATB Michael vanderpop and Ash crypto here Foreign [Music] [Music] Largest asset manager Fidelity is uh Wait a minute update they're about to Make a sources expect it to either make A bid for grayscale or quickly launch Okay so rumors are saying they might Even try to buy grayscale again this is Rumor remarkably uh they are no stranger To bitcoin uh the world's uh they have Launched a separate crypto Focus company Fidelity digital assets in 2018. so they Aren't any stranger to this overall They're entry into the Bitcoin market

Cap could be seen as a net positive Event driving prices uh for the industry As news BTC reported they may be having Its gold moment soon you hear that Bitcoin or gold moment soon after gold Received its first uh spot ETF in the US And 04 the price literally exploded in The following years I'm not sure I want To say it was a one trillion dollar Asset class and eventually became Upwards of a 10 trillion dollar asset Class gold did so gold did he huge uh One trillion to 10 trillion wait wait a Minute what do we have for crypto right Here hey Tim what does that say that Says 1.1 trillion dollars if crypto were To go to a 10 trillion dollar asset Class I mean I'm not saying Bitcoin would do a 10x but what do you think Bitcoin does So the real thing here DZ is going to be If if the main catalyst is Blackrock and Fidelity bitcoin's gonna see a large Percentage of that come to themselves so Bitcoin's gonna take off and maybe Crypto's gets delayed back behind uh if If it everything stays normal though I Mean if you go back and look at what We've done last couple cycles and we go To 11 trillion dollars I know that's Kind of the place a lot of people are Talking about 11 trillion dollars in Crypto and everything kind of stays the Same as past Cycles we're looking at a

17 to 20K ethereum we're looking at a 12 To maybe even 15 cardano uh we're seeing I mean who knows xrp because xrp yeah They do like selling cardano you know There's something about like I think That name just you know has good brand Recognition it doesn't really have a bad Connotation to it like some meme coins Do so they're really going to try to Sell you know as part of an investment Strategy with mutual funds and you know Your 401k will probably have some Cardano on it some ethereum on it some Bitcoin on it and you know I'm sure There's going to be a couple other ones A couple other winners Matic will Probably be on there all right uh one More uh I think we got a couple more Headlines here comparing gold to a Potential uh Bitcoin ETF so what did the Gold ETF the gold ETF launch an o4 Price of gold was roughly 410 the ETF Was launched before the 08 recession in The BlackRock CTF could also get Approved during a recession hmm now uh Gold price didn't do a 10x more gold was Uh circulated and I have a theory that You know there's some paper gold that uh Just maybe adding to the market cap There so uh gold 410 right now it's it's Above 2K where is it in relation to 2K Either way it did a 5x uh the entire Asset class as a whole I did uh did Another 10x or did a 2X from that so

Twice the amount of Supply further is my Theory that there is a lot of paper gold Out there but [Applause] All right Foreign [Music]