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Filmed: 15th January 2024.

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What's happened in the last couple of Bitcoin cycles and at these periods you Got the election coming up you got Bitcoin harving so just looking at some Timing here during these periods the Market has been relatively turbulent Although early on it was still setting New all-time high prices it continued to Have pullbacks into that previous top Here which was December 2013 now you Might remember that the top for that Previous cycle of Bitcoin was roughly November December of 2013 and since that Point well the S&P didn't really go Anywhere until the harving until the Election and then you get this nice B Pump especially on the S&P and the NASDAQ and so on from that election Point into another final Peak here which Happened to Peak at basically the same Time that Bitcoin and cryptos peaked and Then well the S&P didn't really go Anywhere had a couple of Corrections we Had the pandemic Bitcoin harving Election came Market was Realistic