Bitcoin Is BREAKING OUT and just hit $35,000! What’s Next for Crypto?

Bitcoin is breaking out and has just hit $35,000! Many investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are closely monitoring its rapid ascent. The question on everyone’s mind is: What’s next for crypto? In this article, we will explore the potential implications and trends that may follow this significant milestone. Let’s dive in and examine the future prospects for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.


In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, staying updated on the latest trends and strategies is essential for traders and investors. One video that has been creating a buzz in the crypto community is Jason Pizzino’s insightful analysis titled “Bitcoin Is BREAKING OUT and just hit $35,000! What’s Next for Crypto?” In this article, we will dive into the key points discussed in the video and explore the implications for the crypto market.

Wyckoff Schematic Update: Accumulation or Distribution?

The video begins by addressing the critical question of whether Bitcoin is currently in accumulation or distribution. Pizzino provides a detailed analysis of the Wyckoff schematic, a valuable tool for understanding market trends. By examining various factors such as trading ranges and volume, he uncovers intriguing insights that shed light on the future direction of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pumping: Accumulation or Distribution?

While Bitcoin’s recent surge to $35,000 has excited many traders, Pizzino takes a closer look at whether this upward momentum signifies accumulation or distribution. He delves into the intricacies of the market structure, analyzing the key indicators that can help determine the true nature of this price movement. By doing so, he equips viewers with valuable knowledge to make informed decisions in their trading strategies.

Free Trading Strategies and Weekly Crypto & Economic Report

To provide added value to his audience, Pizzino shares free trading strategies in the video. These strategies are backed by extensive research and analysis, offering viewers actionable insights for their own trading endeavors. Additionally, he introduces a weekly Crypto & Economic Report, allowing subscribers to stay updated on the latest news and trends in the crypto market.

TIA PREMIUM: Your Ultimate Trade & Invest Platform

During the video, Pizzino introduces viewers to TIA PREMIUM, a comprehensive trade and invest platform. This platform offers a wealth of resources, including in-depth market analysis, educational materials, and real-time trading signals. By leveraging the tools and insights provided by TIA PREMIUM, traders can enhance their decision-making process and maximize their profits.

Recommended Crypto Trading Exchanges

Pizzino shares his preferred crypto trading exchanges, emphasizing their reliability and user-friendly interfaces. ByBit, Bitget, BingX, and Swyftx are among the exchanges he recommends to viewers. These platforms offer a seamless trading experience, ensuring that traders can execute their strategies efficiently.

Unveiling the TIA Gann Swing Indicator

The video also highlights the TIA Gann Swing Indicator, a powerful tool that can significantly enhance trading accuracy. Pizzino discusses the benefits of this indicator, providing viewers with a deep understanding of how it can be effectively utilized. Moreover, he offers a discount on Tradingview, a popular charting platform, where traders can access the TIA Gann Swing Indicator.

TIA PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP and Social Media Presence

To stay connected with his audience, Pizzino encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he regularly shares valuable content related to cryptocurrency trading and investing. He also mentions his presence on Instagram and Twitter, where followers can engage with him and receive timely updates. Additionally, he provides information about TIA PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, a premium subscription service that offers exclusive benefits for traders looking to gain an edge in the market.


In conclusion, Jason Pizzino’s video “Bitcoin Is BREAKING OUT and just hit $35,000! What’s Next for Crypto?” provides a comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin’s recent price movements. By examining the Wyckoff schematic and analyzing market structure, Pizzino offers valuable insights into whether Bitcoin is in accumulation or distribution. With free trading strategies, a weekly Crypto & Economic Report, and the robust features of TIA PREMIUM, viewers can equip themselves with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the dynamic crypto market.


  1. Is the video discussing Wyckoff schematic update for Bitcoin?

Yes, the video delves into the Wyckoff schematic update for Bitcoin, providing insights into market trends and potential price movements.

  1. Does the video address whether crypto is in Accumulation or Distribution?

Absolutely, the video explores the crucial question of whether cryptocurrency is currently in accumulation or distribution.

  1. Are there any free trading strategies shared in the video?

Certainly! Jason Pizzino generously shares free trading strategies, allowing viewers to leverage his expertise and research for their own trading endeavors.

  1. What is TIA PREMIUM?

TIA PREMIUM is a comprehensive trade and invest platform that offers extensive resources, including market analysis, educational materials, and real-time trading signals.

  1. Does the video include a disclaimer?

Yes, the video concludes with a disclaimer stating that it is for entertainment purposes only and that all trading involves risk. Traders should exercise caution and conduct their own research before making any investment decisions.