Bitcoin Is Setting Up The FINAL BREAK OUT: $40k Coming? (Monthly & 6M Price Analysis)

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It's a big one today it's the six Monthly close it's the quarterly close It's the monthly close huge things Happening for Bitcoin at the end of this Very significant period now if you have Been following on Twitter you might have Seen my recent post that I put up there Looking at the quarterly closes never in The history of bitcoin's bear markets Have there been two green quarterly Closers we're on the verge of yet Another massive Bitcoin bull market Cycle let's dive into the details today After you hit that like And subscribe Button and you guys know where you're at You're at the home of your macro cycle Analysis covering the stock markets real Estate Cycles Bitcoin and of course Cryptocurrency this is what we do full Time for over a decade here we're Studying the past to forecast the future Just like what our members do smashing Up those trades which I'll get more into Later in the video showing you how they Make those great gains through Cryptocurrency in some fantastic trends That we've been seeing So this is where we sit now end of the Sixth month is coming up June 30th and For the Aussies and the financial year Make sure you get those tax returns done And get some pretty good returns of Course now of course I am minimizing my Tax and if anybody in this country

Doesn't minimize their tax they want Their Headroom because as a government I Can tell you you're not spending it that Well that we should be donating extra so Six monthly close this is the first time We are seeing a solid green monthly Close uh above some key resistance Levels now we have seen a red six month After the first six months but there has Never been a six monthly close in Bitcoin within a bear Market what we saw In the previous cycle in 2019 we saw a Big green monthly close nice big green One the next six months was red then we Had the pandemic in the following six Months could not get below the previous Cycle low on the worst news the world Has ever seen probably since GFC Probably further depending on how you Want to judge that And the price couldn't get lower than That low you really have to put that Into perspective when you see how Fearful that news was okay that was all That could push the market down but then At the end of that six months it closed Higher then we had another green and a Green and a green this is a great sign Especially to see this six monthly close In the green because every other bull Market for Bitcoin obviously has to Start with a green point and it just Does not go back under the previous Cycles low from that point all right so

Moving down to the shorter term it's not That short but quarter lease now we've Got the quarterly closes here green and Potentially another green remember we Still have 20 hours to go this thing Could just absolutely collapse and you Know this video would Age like milk but Most of the videos as you guys have seen Have been aging like a beautiful French Or Italian red wine the things have been Going absolutely fantastically well with The analysis all right we're not always Going to be right but at the end of the Day so far so very very good two green Quarters month uh the market didn't go Underneath that previous cycle low from That point sure it had a pullback and a Very significant pullback and yes this Was the pandemic pullback and then from That point away we go previous cycle Green within the accumulation Zone here Remember we are on the index not on the Individual exchanges price charts okay That's why this one is slightly lower Than the previous one but the end of the Cycle was here in January you have a Green you have a red green red green red You guys can see that we're not uh in Primary school here but then it just Went on green after green after green so We've had two now we're about to see our Second one maybe we do see a red coming In the third quarter and that would Potentially be expected especially with

Our Bitcoin returns which don't look so Good in September July often looks like A pretty good period you can see only Three times have been negative July's And the other one two three four five Six seven seven months of July's have Been green so pretty good odds there 70 Doesn't mean we can't get a rate here But July typically is a pretty good Month September is the month to look out For at that point which could then sway That third quarter of 2023 potentially Into a flat or slightly red period as Well going back to BTC that's the Quarterly there so everything is lining Up for further strength right let's drop It down again to the monthly potentially Our highest close of 2023 yet again and Our highest monthly close In the last 13 months as well so over a Year now since it's had a close any Higher than this And on top of that we can look at the Previous Cycles here as well we've had One two three four green one red another Green you can pretty much see through These periods you don't get four greens Uh full green months within a bear Market and then put in a new low so it's Very very unlikely we're going to see Any lower prices and you may have seen My tweets earlier as well uh probably Not going to go under twenty thousand Dollars in this cycle either speaking of

Tweets and data let's have a look at This here so this is the monthly and the Six monthly close in less than 24 hours So basically Bitcoin has to stay above 29 200 for this to occur to be the third Highest six monthly close so let's jump Back to the six monthly here you can see This was a high six monthly close and This one here this is potentially the Third highest yet there is still fear Around further downside it's pretty Incredible to think where we're Currently at in the cycle and the type Of Market psychology or Market sentiment That is still out there we'd have the Highest one month as we just said in 2023 and then the highest monthly close In 13 months that would leave that or Mean that we're at 86 gain for 2023 and A 103 gain from the cycle low if we take It to the current high price of about 31 400 now the other piece to the puzzle to The macro puzzle here remember if the Stock markets aren't also in a bull Market if there is still fear everywhere Else in the market or at least the trend Is not up if the trend is down in the s P in the NASDAQ and the Dow Jones then It's probably likely that Bitcoin is Also going to be down however the trends Have been up I'm I'm just here reading the language Of the chart for you that's all there is To it just reading the language of the

Chart it's giving out its different Characters and messages some read it in Different ways this is how I've been Reading it so far so good over the last Decade plus that I've been trading and Investing in so the next thing we're Looking at of course is the stock Markets are they up as well are we Seeing similar signals are we seeing Bullishness there in the chart not in The economy we we know now that we don't Trade the economy we trade the charts Because any data point from the economy Is telling us that things are bad all You have to look to is the latest thing Today and if you watch this video in a Week from now you will know that the News narratives as of today won't mean Jack in a week from now maybe a Month from now the thing today that came Out is Airbnb prices are down that's Going to collapse the markets maybe it Does maybe it's down the track the Reason I bring that up is economy uh News headlines data like that doesn't Mean anything when the chart is up the Chart is what we trade the chart is Where the money is and that's how the Money is made because you see the price Tick higher so looking at the Dow Jones 126 years of History it's a very similar Chart to the s p and the NASDAQ and Basically in its entire history how many Times have there been three straight

Green quarters in a bear Market as I say Here you guessed it zero we're about to Close on it there's another 16 15 ish Hours to go until the sixth month is it Six monthly close the quarterly close And of course the monthly close as well And if we get this on the quarterly Three straight Marine quarters how many Times in history is it happening in a Bear Market zero but yes there will Still be some people that say this time Is different If you're hearing that I would say it's Probably likely those people do not look At charts they focus on the economy they Focus on the noise they focus on the Negative because that's what they want To focus on because they want to try and Buy lower because they missed out on the Lows not understanding how to identify a Low Unfortunately for them I think they're Going to miss out yet again the data Just it just doesn't lie let's have a Look at the chart here you've got one Two three green quarters the previous Quarter it was only just green 0.38 so Maybe we can give them some slack there And say well that wasn't exactly a green Quarter for whatever reason I mean That's okay too it's only 0.38 but this Time here we're at 2.55 so we've got 16 Hours to go that might mean that yeah we Do close a little bit lower we would

Have to close below the open which is at Thirty three thousand two forty five uh We're a thousand two hundred-ish points Higher than that so have to be a pretty Significant down day for this to close In the red but we look back here is the Pandemic there's your bear Market one Two three green and it was already a new All-time highs here's your GFC one two Three green and it was well on its way To a new all-time high in a mega bull Market one of the uh biggest bull Markets that we've ever seen Go back to collapse here one two Three green moving on to a new all-time High we go back to the Black Monday that Was a 1987 crash it was like 50 in a day One two three green got to a new All-time high and then away you go in The 90s and into the early 2000s uh we Go back to the 1929 collapse one two Three four greens and the market does Not go below the previous cycle low that Was a long period before we've reached a New all-time high but of course you guys Can understand that that was the second World war after the Great Depression you Know some pretty terrible things around The world Yet the market did not go lower of the Previous cycle low so if you want to Look at this time is different and maybe We do go back past the lows you know I'll leave that with whoever wants to do

That s p looks very very similar in the Chart as you can see here three probably Going to close in the green again three Back here That was in the lead up into the GFC Peak so the peak before the GFC of Course one two three green collapse one Two three green way to the biggest bull Market in the world as world has ever Seen the pandemic collapsed one two Three green new bull market uh we can go Back into 1987 same sort of thing again New move to the upside and all of these Were higher lows we have one two three Green this was in the 60s the very Difficult times there and we had a lower Low to that point however that was a new All-time high again there's your bear Market one two three green new all-time High again one two three green new All-time high again you get the picture I don't need to keep going through this Over and over and over again because the Data just doesn't lie it just basically Gets a little more boring boring it Should be it should be boring if you Were going to be making money the hype And the excitement you know that's for The noobs they need that excitement in Their life because I mean there's money On the line and typically if you put Money on into sports game gambling You've got some excitement you put money Into gambling in your Casino you've got

Some excitement in the market you do That you get wrecked you lose all your Money That's why I like to make it a little Bit more boring and uh mundane that's The whole idea all right so the NASDAQ Slightly different here it only has two Green quarters but Let's have a look at the bear markets There's never had two green quarters in collapse there was no two green Quarters in the collapse of the GFC we Did have two green quarters coming out Of it we did have two green quarters Coming out of it as well so if this was Part of a bigger bear Market what I'm Saying here is there haven't been two Green quarters and then the markets Collapsed from that point you know it Just didn't happen here you had one Quarter collapse one quarter collapse Take it all the way back to the 1980s One red quarter Market moves on to new Highs same sort of deal it just has not Happened It can happen I doubt it's going to Happen this time though there's some Pretty damning evidence around macro Plays here for Bitcoin and the stock Markets looking at the macro Cycles now I focus a lot on that because this gives You the confidence of the trend it gives You the understanding of what direction The market is in and which uh way the

Easiest gains are going to be had Doesn't necessarily have to be today or Tomorrow or next week but the easiest Gains are going to be coming from the Long side for these markets because They're in a macro uptrend it's not to Say that there can't be profits made in The shorts just like some of our members Are doing here if you want to understand This a little more get into that macro Cycle analysis macro investing Short-term trading as well so you can Pull some of those gains and put it into A longer term portfolio check out the Link in top of the video description Here trading invest Bitcoin crypto and Real estate like we do at Tia premium as I said that's the membership there Link In the top of the video description so Our members done extremely well and some People said well you never show the Losses it's just up to the individuals And what they want to show and in this Case here's one you lost to see 18 made Up for it again here 78 139 75 21 and Justin doing some great returns here for Their trading so for the short term BTC We're at 30 700 remember the levels that We're looking for here we want it we Want to look to see if Bitcoin can close Above 29 200 because that cements those Six monthlies and the three uh monthly Returns those uh basically the data that We're looking for here for the short

Term it seems like we'll most likely do That we've got 20 hours to go and as a Recap for some of the big news Fundamental headlines all of these have Been nothing Burgers which essentially Cements the case that we're in a wall of Worry which is basically a bull market Signal you can see all of the fearful Events posting them on a chart here Makes it so visually appealing because You can just see how far the market has Come from that news silvergate collapse Who even remembers that svb collapsed we Had through this period as well Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse and all these Other Banks collapsing and look how far The markets come it's touching new Heights this is for BTC so same deal With the stock markets as well so it Doesn't matter whatever narrative is Moved between well Bitcoin was supposed To go up because the banks are Collapsing and everyone's moving their Money out of the system into Bitcoin It's absolute freaking garbage and that Narrative will probably become more Prevalent towards the top of the market To sucker the idiots in and keep them in Their positions it's what happens at Every single top remember we had the Super Cycle Theory at the previous uh Bull market tops which kept a lot of People in that this thing was just not Going to collapse and the previous cycle

To that I remember was well tether's Screwed and bitcoin's going to go to 50 Grand I mean you've got to keep it here Otherwise your money's going to go to Zero anyway being in a stable coin that Was absolute BS again we'll have some Sort of BS narrative at the peak of the Next cycle as well so I'm not a Perma Bull just got to be open to both Directions and just look at what the Macro is doing we've overcome the Regional Banks collapsing oh who even Remembers FRC I don't even remember what Was that bank let me know in the comment Section but it even overcame that the Regional Banks uh debt ceiling of First Republic Bank of America or something Like that SEC altcoin bloodbath Bitcoins Are here now I play it off because They're all that's what it is it's just Stupid news headlines to fear the Majority out of getting in on each of The very very significant dips and I Suspect it's happening yet again based On the macro cycle that you know we've Been covering here and some of these Really simple charts that you can do Yourself to get that confidence in the Market Right here in front of you look at the Data for what it is there has not been a Close below the previous cycle low after We've put in such a mega six month Period a mega three monthly period a

Quarterly period or two periods in a row Same deal for the monthly here closing It about to close at new fresh highs as Well hit that like And subscribe I'll See you back here tomorrow for the Weekly wrap-up of the stock markets Bitcoin and crypto have a great weekend If you're not able to make it I'll see You on Twitter otherwise and until then Have more fun to get more done peace out Guys