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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] We have breaking news as Bitcoin breaks Past $49,000 is the market rig just like the Chief game over on the Super Bowl this Week and guys is Joe Biden bullish than Ever on bitcoin we're going to find out Today time to discover crypto [Music] Wow Capital flight is coming to the United States the dollar is going to Zero and that's what makes Bitcoin so Special you have to have through a Couple Cycles to understand once the Price is able to clear this level the Breakout is on its way this is your Indication to jump in [Music] Now good morning everybody $49,000 Bitcoin we're hitting levels we Haven't seen in over 660 days the Markets are more green than ever and we Have less than 60 days to potentially Hit alltime highs and make a ton of Money while we're at it Dey how we Feeling how was your weekend you made The best food well fiance made the best Food ever but she made some great food Tony Tony made some really good chili Shout out to Frankie candles and the Crew over there we had a really good

Time uh I think Mahones is just buying Up a whole bunch of Bitcoin with his Super Bowl bonus I think was happening Here you said it was rigged uh you know Are the markets rigged I don't want to Talk about the big game look Niners were Up the full the full first half right Full first half and all a sudden it Becomes the most competitive battle game In the second half by the time I left in The third I think it was third that they Were still at zero like three point I Would never say anything I don't have Any evidence of any kind of rigging of Course but I I did see one or I saw Heard one comment that I found pretty Telling Kelsey is open for some reason Like they knew it's like you don't leave That guy open but he's like he's just Open for some reason they literally they Literally said he's open for some reason Look we're we're onethird the way there We got to see the engagement of Taylor Swift and then her endorse Biden that is Where we're heading with this guys but Despite all the fun Jokes Aside guys it Was an amazing weekend I hope you guys Had a wonderful time with your friends And your family I know we did at of Course Dy had a wonderful yeah we had a I didn't see the Puppy Bowl you know uh Shout out to everybody who watched The Puppy Bowl you know it used to be the Bud Bowl I brought up the Bud Bowl at my

House party then I felt like old Boomer I felt like I'd live through the Depression people like what are you Talking about Grandpa I was like well in The 90s they would have cartoon beer Cans play football and it was definitely Marketed to us kids and we would watch While eating candy cigarettes and They're like shut up grandpa is the Puppy ball now I was finally defended I Was finally defended at his own party You guys know I constantly miss all of These uh these flashbacks these he has From when I was four years old so I Don't sometimes catch here look I'm not Seeing a black and white Vietnam War or You know I'm not storming Normandy Beach In my mind okay it was the Puppy Bowl And the Bud Bowl made Nick Dem on you Remember the bud bow right are you too Young as well uh I barely remember that God the bud bow man it was the I think What we are going to remember forever Guys are the price chart today bitcoin's At $49,500 ripping through that level Testing 50k as we speak I'm sure if we Refresh this as I'm live right yeah 49,000 it looked like it went up to 600 For a second so we're seeing green guys Green in the books today Bitcoin again $ 49,4 198 I can say that just so many Times and just like it still ethereum at 2553 bucks salana at 108 broke $100 and Just absolutely ripped through it BMB up

To 323 we have xrp uh my gosh xrp get Some movement in yourself man some this This reminds me we need that airplane Scene xrp sitting in that chair on the Flight and every other cryptocurrency is Just coming up and slapping it across The face with those gains we have card Today uh yeah I'm looking at the chart Because some of these shortterm time Frames is just looking kind of nuts just To get people who just to get people a Little bit excited there that's the five Minute chart right there yeah uh we're Were kind of trading sideways oh we Can't get above this range we can't get Above this range oh if it does it'll Just barely be this little trend line Here and you see a little bit of the Action there like oh people drawing out That trend line oh it's going to reverse It's going to reverse let me go ahead And open a short and then they're just Getting liquidated right now those Shorts are getting liquidated like yeah Too much chili thank you Bears on the Markets for all of you that think the Markets were going to crash and shorted Thank you for being our exit liquidity Here today feels absolutely wonderful And speaking of the gainers okay I heard If you guys smash that like button or Subscribe to this channel it gives you An immense amount of good luck almost as Much luck as the Chiefs being riged than

That Super Bowl I'm going to keep saying That just cuz we need to we need to Pinpoint it in there uh but hey shout Out to Drake for winning like1 million More rigged um the financial system or The NFL uh well depends in football they Deflate the football and then in the Politics and in our financial system They inflate the dollars so I would say That's not we need trade we need to Trade the two right that's what we need To do we need to deflate the dollar here Now guys Jokes Aside guys top 24 hours Moving here we have beam up 17% up Almost 3 cents minan a protocol up to 11.8 Stacks baby shout out to all my Stacks holders in the community we are Up 34% this week uh massive call out From of course our Discord and our Community guys make sure you guys check Out bitlab Academy but this was a call At 46 cents so we're now up over 400% on The stacks call from earlier in this July a mutable X almost at $3 optimism Up 6.6% sweet s up 5.5% and then another One or right here start starting to see Those Bitcoin layer twos really take uh Some some steam here I'm really paying Attention to Stacks they have a lot of Products building on them a lot of Bitcoin uh you know being built just That the whole entire ecosystems being Built up in a great way and it's like

Jack dorsey's t-shirt you know what I Mean it's starting it's starting the did You see that last found there yeah he Had the Satoshi shirt it looked like the Nirvana font you know the yellow I don't Know if you know the Nirvana shirt that I'm talking about but yeah dorsy there With uh Jay-Z looking like a upset Grandmother yeah was it was like Beyonce Jay-Z and Jack dorsy I was like that was Just not something I would think I would Ever have seen yeah they go way back They maybe they're on Blue Sky are they On on Blue Sky maybe maybe but uh you Know what I'm feeling blue looking at These big losers everybodyy Dimension is Down it's still a newer coin so you know A lot of the uh early investors there Probably just taking a lot of profit Right now but Dimension is up in Politics so yeah Adam Adam is down 2.7 Ta is down Monero still seeing a little Bit of a bleed there but you know seems To have stabilized in this around this 115 $125 range Osmos down but really Nothing's down too much after that we're Under 1% and then just back right into The green baby right into the green yeah Lots of green definitely the biggest Takeaway from these losers in the top 24 Hours though is Monero honestly I was Expecting a bit of a quicker bounce back From that privacy token have not seen That at all it's down 27% still on this

Week so I'd still be very very cautious With the Privacy tokens moving into the Cycle uh and beam love Breakers yeah Beam was uh you know one that we were Talking about in the basement super Early I I talked about it I waited a Little bit before I end up making the Trigger you know I pulled the trigger There but beam look at this right here 669 66.9% everybody was very very nice pump For the weekly there so beam if you Jumped in on beam uh everyone's uh doing Pretty good today Danny bird with the $50 Super Chat keep up the good work Boys took a long last night on cardono WE pumping shout out to you man thank You for all the support love you brother Uh dude seriously it means so much and Just so much encouragement coming from You guys in the chat and look at cardano Brought up it's just enjoying this pump Just like bitcoin's enjoying this pump You see this Races but then you go the day you're Like okay okay but Bitcoin testing these New short-terms here cardano still has To get close to that 60 cents range that It was at you know previously in fact Got even close to 69 cents I am curious On link right now is link above 20 bucks Yet I'm still waiting for that this week Oh we're up above $20 $20.40 to the link Marines guys and we've had some great

Call outs these last few weeks people Are like you guys are crazy it's almost Like when you identify strong projects With strong teams with good fundamentals It kind of plays out and your a bull Market too that's just I know whoa the Whole game right now though folks if you Don't know if you're just now joining The Channel please make sure you hit That like button make sure you subscribe To the channel we bring you content 5 Days a week live and we bringing you Content seven days a week we're just Trying to give you these big Winners but The name of the game is outpace Bitcoin So if we're not out pumping Bitcoin what Are we really doing and so beam you know Just uh take a little Victory lap link Marines and all the what do we say for Beam Beamers Beamers that's too close to Born in Mexico so we can't say that uh My father was I can say that uh Beamer I Don't know Beamers like BMW Beamer Streamers man I like it I had a beamer What do you mean I used to drive a Beamer all the time that's call the beam Community chat let us know down Below 100x you know like the aliens come In suck them up you know like the cows But speaking of theming up we have laser Eyes I was close I was close here Biden Sports laser eyes if you guys did not See this lots of speculation coming Around look at dark brain here you we're

Going to talk about the origin of this Meme when we have our guest on in a Little bit I want to ask him about the Laser ey meme you know he kind of was Letting us know like well you know Before Bitcoin it was this and so you Know just a little interesting fact About the laser eyes yeah we have Someone from the CIA joining us here Today guys so if you guys want to get The feds decisions that is where we're Going no he's a visual FX artist for Terminator 2 and he was the inventor of The red eyes he's like you'll see what He looks like in a little bit and you're Going to go look we're going to take a Poll in the chat okay is he pretty or is He CIA those are two good two good Questions they say the CIA you should be A you know intellectual who can win a Bar fight that kind of describes him I'm Staring at him right now he's blushing So if he was in the CIA he'd be a lot Better at bluffing but you guys will get To see that in just a little bit here Part of the uh yeah we're going to talk About Joe Biden in a little bit I I want To do I do want to get your first you Know thoughts on this do you believe These are laser eyes is this dark Brandon having some fun uh oh it's Clearly a dark Brandon m in fact we had Someone in the the building today bring Up this Meme and he's like he he's

Enjoying this ad campaign or whatever You want to call it so this yeah I would Agree and this is like there's no way Joe Biden knows what this is well we Have some inside knowledge on that I Think it's fair to say he might not do His own tweets and I mean I guess the Question would be does he even know this Post is out maybe yeah who knows maybe You know what we do know it's about Though is that he was rooting for the Kansas Chiefs and of course they went to The White House and everything earlier This year but this kind of leads into me Believing that he's playing into just The millennial and really the Gen Z gen Not gen Z but Gen X right Gen X gen Z Gen Y there's too many generations we Have too many it's like Pokemon just Like just make an open world and update It forever so we can get over the Generations here but this comes with I Think them trying to pull a lot more Entertainment for the views just to like Relate to that younger audience and is Why also during the Super Bowl ad we had This come out from Joe Biden I don't Know if you guys have seen this yet uh There was some really kind of crazy Super Bowl ads yesterday let me know What which one's your favorite uh but I'm going to unplug this so you can hear It with me and uh for the chat listing Through this is why Bitcoin I believe is

Pumping okay we're going to be going Into a few different clips here some From bid and Clinton and even Putin from Tucker Carl's an interview talking about The US dollar it's shrinking the dollar Dropping in value the inflation taking Place and why that could lead to an All-time high for Bitcoin in just under 60 days we'll talk about that later in The show so after this I'm going to say In my opinion who led the charge for Shrink shrinkflation ah it definitely Wasn't Drake on Twitter right that's we Get No all right here we go we got the audio Coming through whoa I think so yeah Redyed snake coming Here we do not have audio just uh turn Off ndi and turn it back on turn off It's the little one down here right yeah Yeah yeah okay this is the commercial That came out you know while he's doing That it was commercial that came out Joe Biden talking about not inflation but Shrink inflation this isn't I was going To make a joke you know what kind of Joke I was going to make I'm not going To make that joke but uh it's talking About basically the items at the grocery Store shrinking you know it used to be You know I'd get 28 ounces of that Kellogg cereal now it's 26.2 ounces What's Happening Here well Biden Explains it right

Here in the big game no audio Again game you might have noticed one Thing sports drinks bottles are smaller A bag of chips has fewer Chips as much and as an ice cream lover What makes me the most angry is that ice Cartons have actually shrunk in size but Not in price I've had enough of what They call shrink flation it's a ripoff Some companies are trying to pull a fast One by shrinking the products little by Little and hoping you won't notice give Me a break the American public is tired Of being played for suckers I'm calling On companies to put a stop to this let's Make sure businesses do the right thing Now yep guys his ice cream is shrinking And this leads us into the conversation Here today about where our econom is Heading right now in the United States So a huge part of why Bitcoin is going To be adopted from my perspective is the Fact that it's a store of value it's a Safe haven asset it's a flight to Quality as now Larry Fink wants to say After trashing on it for years to come And we're seeing this not only in the United States we're seeing this of Course in China which is part of the Brics Nations the largest of the brics Nations where a lot of their investors Despite Banning Bitcoin over two years Ago are actually foming into that asset Spending almost hundred billion dollars

And converting that as their real estate And their traditional store values start To really uh take hits and so as we Approach this conversation today I kind Of want to just bring that into lights As you know the US dollar sees more Money being printed and we see inflation Continue to persist we see like things Like shrinkflation take place which Might have an effect on this article We'll talk about in just a second that Is a huge bullish narrative into Bitcoin's price action and why this bull Cycle again I think is going to be the Mother of all B bull cycles not only we Going to get the mother of all schz Squeezes as we talked about last week Moas we're going to be getting that Mother of all bull runs here well There's one thing you can't really talk About inflation without thinking about The elephant in the room where this Might be a capacity issue for a lot of People to understand but you keep Hearing record profits record profits Record profits well what happens when There's record Inflation record profits because the Dollar's worth and so you know you might Have I would I you know what I want to See I would like to see profits based in Bitcoin's a little too volatile we Wouldn't get a good data but profits in Gold ounces because you know when you're

Making a million dollars in 2017 but now You make $1.4 million in profit in 2024 What actually gives you more purchasing Power as a company you know where can You buy more chicken tenders to sell if You're a restaurant where can you buy Know more fake plants to throw now it Was off camera so I didn't do it but I To me when you keep hearing about record Profits by these corporations record Profits the first thing I think about Well that's what happens when the dollar Is nothing because it's like you know What else is record the chicken nugget Price is also you know what record price Is for chicken nuggets and so of course They're making record profits because The dollar is worth less but are they Actually making more nuggies that's the Real question and you want to make sure That you're not shrinking any of those Profits yourself guys make sure you guys Check out decrypto do tax you can see it In the link right here in the bio guys We're doing free consultations which are Shrinking day by day guys so make sure You guys go apply for that saying lowest Inflation in the world isn't the cronar Swedish cronar has lower inflation That's just one thing I was thinking I Don't maybe it is i' I'd have to check The most recent data but I technically Bitcoin has the lowest inflation it Actually is uh you know going to be

Deflation It's actually disinflation fight me Fight me right now about it Nick what do You got to say I know but shout out to All 500 guys there 500 people watching Now beautiful beautiful people make sure You guys close that gap on that like Button for us uh but to the opposite Side of that so we have a renowned Economist Paul Krugman saying that Joe Biden should be boasting about recent Extremely good news about the US economy So even though there's an argument to be Made about shrinkflation which is Meaning even though yeah we have record Profits it's because as Americans as the Middle class you're having to buy more And more Goods or spend more more and More money just to have the same amount Of items that you once had in terms of Those goods uh in previous years but it Thought provoking social media threat on TW a platform on X uh Paul Krugman dis Dissected the current economic climate Suggesting that President Biden should Openly celebrate recent economic Successes krugman's commentary sheds Light on the complex interplay between Economic data public perception and Political partisanship in 2008 Krugman Exceptional contributions to Understanding trade patterns and the Geographic allocation of economic Activities were honored with the Nobel

Memorial prize in economic Sciences uh Krugman begins his threat on Twitter Saying this is an extremely good economy At this point challenging the hesitancy Among some democrat Consultants Regarding whether President Biden should Highlight these achievements how Recruitment notes a discrepancy between The objective economic indicators and Consumer sentiment attributing to this Large gap largely to political harders Ship right here uh can we go to my Screen real quick everyone's talking About this yeah we're breaking off into New highs very very close to the 50,000 Mark right here we're going to continue To monitor this but it looks like it's Getting a little bit of resistance I Believe this is very very close to the Previous all on one minute chart if we Go to the 30 minute just to see uh when We previously hit okay okay looks like We're maybe yeah we're getting close Folks we are getting close we're g like I said we'll uh we'll update you as we Get closer to closer to 50K $141 away We're we're almost there we are going to Smash through that and break through I Think very very short probably by the End of the stream it really depends on How many of you guys like this video but Krugman's conversation with a conser B Man about the persisting inflation rate Of 3.9% led to him a present or present

A series of numbers to conceptualize the Situation now I don't need to get on to The boring Logistics here guys but the Point is the inflationary mechanisms That is the Federal Reserve that we're Continuing to print this money it's an Artificial uh issue this is created by Men and women in a boardroom and decide Whether or not they should print money Or not print more money and of course This is affected by a lot of different Politics and policies over the years but This leads into Hillary Clinton saying Something about Bitcoin Which is essentially a threat to the US Doll in her perspective and this again Is going to roll into all the Articles We have out here today on why Bitcoin is Pumping but why I believe it's going to Continue to pump even harder towards President or the presidential elections This year so yeah it just makes sense You know there's going to be a little Bit of a liquidity injection I think We're all in agreeance here you know Speaking of inflation there's one more Clip I maybe uh I can't play the audio Here but this is Bill Maher and then the Famous I think exercise person right Jillian Michaels Jillian Michaels They're talking about inflation uh we Won the pandemic economically inflation Is insane Bill Maher inflation is not Insane Jillian go buy a car a house is

Tripled here buy some effing eggs I Think that really Suns it up you know we Keep talking about record this record That econom is great but you know how Does affordability feel and then that's Going to be my new metric for 2024 Affordability and right now I believe Most people are feeling the pinch of Affordability I think affordability is Down across the board so when you might See something about wages Unemployment Uh rental oh all infl oh interest I love It all how's affordability because That's really what matters to people Yeah I heard I heard it put this way um There is a recession happening for the Middle class but there is a boom Happening for Wall Street there are two Different economies okay just because Two different economies I would agree Yeah there there's like there's like Five economies in the United States two Of them are seeing great numbers the Rest are getting absolutely demolished Yeah it's the it's the wage versus Prosperity right so since 1971 when we Came off that Breton wood system with The gold standard we talked about this Actually with Charles hoskinson too a Little bit which you guys should Definitely go check out that interview On Sunday phenomenal greatest cardano Interview ever we also get to ask Charles hoskinson himself if he's a

Swifty fun fun fun interview oh I went There I went there you went there you Went there you did but that interview we Kind of dive into that very topic on you Know are we actually seeing better Economies than ever and how does that Actually affect of course the middle Class and the 99% here but here's Hillary Clinton coming out and talking About her thoughts on Bitcoin and then one more area that I Hope nation states start paying greater Attention to is the rise of Cryptocurrency because what looks like a A very interesting and and somewhat Exotic uh effort to uh literally mine uh New coins in order to trade with them Has the potential for undermining uh Currencies for undermining the uh uh Role of the dollar as the reserve Currency stabilizing Nations perhaps Starting with small ones but going much Larger so when we think about this new Environment in which we find ourselves That we've been discussing for the last Uh some minutes um we can't just think About nation states and then one more Area that I hope so yeah there you hear It guys we're pulling up the chart too I Think we might have hit 50K yeah we Rejected off of it about 48 seconds ago Everybody if we just look right here Yeah I got I got it stretched vertically Too look at some of these volume volume

Bars are going insane so uh we're Knocking on the door folks we are knock Knock knocking ,000 can you hear me Here's my uh Hillary uh you know this is gonna be my Representation the bit Bitcoin is going To undermine the US dollar if we're not Careful about I don't know where that Exaggeration was coming from she's not Wrong so this been hang Davids she's not Wrong at all I think in what she said Here this is incredibly factual saying You know this could underman currencies And that's the exact point and purpose Is as these she whether it's nation States and second world third world Countries you know as the US dollar Prints more money you got to remember That the US dollar has been Strategically placed to economically in Like engrave uh Hitman policies on these Other countries so if we print more Money they're indebted to us the World Bank the IMF they've indebted these Other countries to us so when we print Money those other countries have to Print even more money and it causes Currency to basement which is exactly Why Bitcoin is so powerful well it's What she's not saying that I find Telling here she's also saying you know Well it might start in these smaller Economies in these smaller countries What does a small country right do if

They don't have a good uh currency Josh Do you know you know I I don't let me Before El Salvador what do they do they Would uh just borrow more no they use Dollars and so if you're a failed Economy your economy essentially becomes A US dollar economy you basically have Just imported a bunch of dollar because Your currency is so worthless you can't Even wipe your butt with it and so it's It's cheaper to buy paper paper towels At that point but is so bad you have to Use a US dollar and then these countries Are increasingly saying well that's not Good currency either I'd rather use Bitcoin and so that's her fear right There it's like it's it's the we we want The take your medicine and I don't care If the medicine feels worse and worse And tastes worse and you know what your Your symptoms and the side effects it Just gets worse and worse and worse They're saying just keep taking your Medicine keep taking your medicine keep Taking your medicine and then there's Vitamins over here and those vitamins Are Bitcoin yeah it it's that straight Up the basement right there it's like We've saw it at Bitcoin Miami in 2021 There's like literally countries guys Where they start printing so much money You have to take we wheel wheel barrels Of cash like you'll straight up have a 100 pounds of cash just to pay for your

Groceries it is so inflationary it Becomes toilet paper uh so I 100% agree But we have Mike novag grats here coming Out in battling back against Hillary Clinton saying Sparks flew this week at The Bloomberg new economy for as Political heavyweight Hillary Clinton Squared off against crypto Advocate Mike Novag Gratz who of course is famous for His Luna Luna tattoo but the CEO of Galaxy digital over the fate of the US Dollar the fury exchange centered on Bitcoin's potential role in Dollarization a trend where countries Reduced Reliance on Greenback for International transactions the former Secretary of State fired shots at Bitcoin warning that Bitcoin could rise And undermined the US dollar here as the Reserve currency citing its influence on Dollarization efforts like those by the Brics group this echoed growing concerns About the Dollar's long-term dominance Fied by factories like geopolitical Tensions Mike novag grat respond saying The only thing that can undermine the Dollar as a reserve currency is reckless Spending by both parties not just one Both parties Trump and Biden have Normalized huge deficits and have put us Into a the worst fiscal crisis of my Lifetime don't blame Bitcoin the report Card on fiscal responsibility I love That sentence Bitcoin is a report card

On fiscal responsibility AKA don't Debase your currency yeah it's a Warning exactly and that leads us to you Know of course if you guys saw the Tucker Carlson and Putin interview uh Before we get into all of the Liquidations and the charts here with Kelly in the basement and understand why Bitcoin is moving to the upside uh President Putin at the time in this uh This interview guys was talking about Bricks so there was a lot of history and A lot of stuff but there was a few Golden moments I would say in there with A lot of information uh and now this NE Isn't necessarily highlighted I just if You guys didn't watch it here's kind of The takedown uh Russia believes now as They're the presidents of the bricks Group they took over the presidency I Think about 12 months ago at this point And I don't remember which country is Prior to that but they're now Responsible for the the the initiative Behind bricks itself and he talks about The US dollar just completely collapsing And you can hear it in this interview Right Here policy struggle is one of the Biggest strategic mistakes made by the US political leadership the is the Cornerstone of the United States power But they won't stop prining what does The debt of $33 trillion tell us about

As soon as the political leadership Decided to use the US dollar as a tool Of political struggle a blow was dealt To this American power I would not like To use any strong language but it is a Stupid thing to do and a grave mistake Look at what is going on in the world Even the United States allies are now Downsizing their dollar reserves seeing This everyone starts looking for ways to Protect themselves but the fact that the United States applies restrictive Measures to certain countries such as Placing restrictions on transactions Freezing assets Etc causes great concern And sends a signal to the whole world do You even realize what is going on or not Does anyone in the United States realize This so essentially saying the United States is shooting themselves in the Foots and you know the take away from Here is not going to be like what he's Doing with Russia or anything it's just Overall what's happening to the US Dollar and the facts the US dollar Continues to be printed more these Restrictions are hurting other countries That's going to force them into an Alternative and no matter what that Isn't bitcoin's fault that's the United States fault from both parties printing Endless amount of capital and that's why Bitcoin is so important yeah and uh Freezing assets he was like you know we

Obviously have a concern with freezing Assets and I don't know what it is in Other countries but in America it's Pretty close to the top 1% is pretty Close to 90% of the wealth top 10% is Close to 99% of the wealth and so when You start freezing the the assets of the People who have 90% of your country's Wealth maybe you don't want to invest in That country anymore you know yeah and So that's what he's saying when you Weaponize the dollar you're basically He's talking about freezing oligarchs Bank accounts that's going to ruffle Some feathers on high higher up Elites Surge says here but the dollar isn't Collapsing it's not about the dollar Collapsing I do not believe the dollar Is going to collapse whatsoever I think The Dollar's honestly become even more Strong over the next decade it's just About the fact that a lot of these Second world and third world countries Are being forced into something that Isn't necessarily the dollar whether It's El Salvador a lot of South American Countries you have Central African Republic you have Honduras you have a Lot of countries that are starting to Push they're not trading the US dollar Whatsoever they're using Bitcoin as a Store of value now we even see it in China so this is where it's just bullish In the sense that I don't want to have

My savings account in the US dollar Because as someone that's 26 years old I May not believe I'm going to have a 401k Or social security by the time you know I'm retiring I don't even know if that Capital will be available so it's kind Of this just another way to diversify That portfolio and make sure that you're Taking a lot of you're risk offing those Assets as your Investments for for the Longevity so as Bitcoin though guys Breaks 48k nears $1 trillion we GNA have Kelly from the bit lab Academy Downstairs show us what's up on the Charts man I mean I don't know if we're Passed 50k yet it rejected hard it's Bouncing off not hard but it definitely Rejected off of 50 Kelly are are you Getting excited too will it hit 50 and I'm trying to grab my ear thing so I can Hear you hey I'm feeling good everybody Here right now if you have been watching For more than an hour you are ahead of Everybody in the world and if you've Been watching for months or years you Man does this not feel good let's just Take a reminder here of this right here This drop was so it felt like it was Never ending but look at look at this And look exactly where the price action Is finding a little bit of resistance Right on the order block here on the bit Lab trading stack coming right into this Zone and we rejected right on

499.99 on the bit stamp chart but what I Want you to really pay attention to is Check this out right here things move so Fast we you know it's hard to remember That we've already had a 30% pushup Since January 22 January 22nd now Everybody's wondering what where does it Go from here well I mean it's going to Chop back and forth along the way and I Have a stream after this on the bitlab Stream I'm gonna be talking about some Max pain that could be coming for people That aren't prepared because this is Generally going to be up and to the Right just like we see here we're going To have some bumps along the way but man This feels good if we turn on some of The indicators here I just want to point Some stuff out look at this reversal Call right here called on the bitlab Trading stock here bitlab intelligence Right before this jump to the upside of Course we also have positive money flow Here and the stochastics are angled up The RSI is angled up but I am a little Concerned if we do reject here uh if we If we don't have the stochastics and RSI Really start pushing up we could be Forming a pretty strong bearish Divergence from this point back here all The way up here but my point with this Is I am bullish as I can be but I am a Little cautious if we get down to the One hour chart look at this look at this

Buying pressure right here all of this Volume we do have the RSI cooling off a Little bit we have a little bit of Negative money flow coming into this Interestingly but I think we just need To be a little cautious here don't be Somebody that's trying to catch Absolutely every move on 100x with your Entire portfolio I mean we all trade on Blof fin here at Discover and using a Portion of my portfolio to trade these These movements but I'm not putting Myself in a position to absolutely get Lost here what I'm ultimately watching Right now if we do get a drop back down Is a support here on this trend signal Line that's coming coming up right here About 487 that's my first stopping point To the downside which would ultimately Be the most bullish because this would Also represent staying above the Previous alltime uh not alltime high This previous Range High and then of Course also this vwap number which is at 482 if we lose lose that area then we Could be looking at some further Downside now I did post this in the Discord earlier today I mean look at This call even on the one hour this Reversal call right before this move to The upside if we do have some sort of Pullback that does uh you know have a Little bit momentum momentum to the Downside I'm ultimately watching this

This area right here 47 now why 47 Because if we zoom out this blue line Has represented a lot of trend control Here both whether you be be bullish or Bearish now interestingly I did see this Today when I was doing some ta these Previous highs back here in July uh July 2022 if we project these out into where We're at right now we interestingly have Also broken through this region here so It's feeling very good but be a little Bit skeptical here uh there's some There's some positivity here in terms of The fact that we have had some Liquidations so we want to make sure That this isn't just a short squeeze Without real buyers coming in buying it To push this up now the the last thing I Wanted to say is we do have some very Positive growth here this is the ETF Growth rate this is that buying pressure Coming in from these larger players Buying thousands over 10,000 Bitcoin a Day this is very positive and we can see This reflected in the Bitcoin dominance Coming up here breaking this trend line So it's it's very interesting it's going To be interesting to see if this does Push to the upside because we do at the Same time of seeing this see that the Altcoins this is the total altcoin Market basically minus the top 10 we do Have a very bullish structure here now If you want to understand more how to

Read this guys everybody we're at just At that $50,000 Mark we do have an Incredible deal going on with bitlab Academy that is going to be expiring This week so take advantage of it There's a link pinned in the top of the Description there where we have a 30-day Free trial to the bitlab Discord and Then after you sign up for that check Your email gives you all the information About how to get integrated and then we Have the best deal we've ever offered For the bitlab trading stack with the Indicators uh as well as uh the courses And there's so much in there take Advantage of this while it's still here Lab. bitlab Josh but you know what I'm Bullish right now even if we get a Little pullback remember it's not the End of the world that chart shows us we Are in a very strong bull Trend we need To see Rise retrace continuation for Healthy movements so let's take any Opportunity we can to pack our bags Because I am bullish the question is are You and if you are hit that like button And that's all I got for you today we'll See you in the bit lab stream right After this nice thank you for joining us Here Kelly yeah we have Bitcoin Recording five record green month Candles here now so this is huge a Accumulation wave hitting a three-year

High so you can see that each and every Cycle when we're on the monthly chart Again five months boom bullish bullish Bullish bullish we have a bit of a Pullback six green candlesticks though Showed that we were in The bll Run of 2021 and again we are getting that fifth Monthly candle but speaking of Accumulation this this was really Interesting Martinez on Twitter here Pointed out that a buy the dip Opportunity was popping up in bitcoin's Market based on the mvrv which is the Market value to uh realize value ratio Which fell below its 90-day average so Historically if you guys are looking Like when's a good time to pick up of Course you want to wait for pullbacks You never want to jump into giant green Candlesticks but when this value does Break through this blue line we have Actually broken under this uh this this Average this moving average it has Itself so this could be a precursor to a Massive move that's going to be coming Whether it's in March or this month or In April towards that Bitcoin having we Could be about to see a pretty Significant opportunity to accumulate Those assets well speaking of Accumulating those assets I know it's Monday but we do have the last Market Day of inflows I just like showing this Every day because it's uh getting more

And more bullish the coin ducky Derby Here we got n uh the nine more than Offsetting the grayscale Bitcoin trust Here grayscale Bitcoin trust once again In the negative $100 million leaving Bitcoin ETF ecosystem but Black Rock Said hold my Bud Light and it put in 200 Million more than offsetting by 100 Million plus the F Fidelity with 128 and Then another 86 plus another 60 giving Us net inflows of $400 Million last Market day on Friday yeah and you know Guys give us that price prediction in Chat right now what what price do you Think bitcoin's going to right now are We going to go to 55k first or we going To go down to 45k first let me know 45 Or 55k in the chat here because right Now guys the liquidation data is Revealing that you know with those Inflows you just showed us that ethereum Bitcoin and Dogecoin are among the most Affected assets with liquidations so Bears are the primary reason we are Moving to the upside right now you can See total liquidations within the last 24 hours uh 89 million uh and this has Definitely changed it's definitely well Over 100 if not 200 at this point so Your bears are getting wrecked and That's why we're getting the short Squeeze to the upside this is that Mother of all short squeezes we covered Just last week with you guys read all

Across the table and the effect of these Liquidations on market performance is Multifaceted on the one hand the Elimination of short positions can Alleviate downward pressure on prices Potentially due to short-term rallies as The market adjusts to reduce numbers of Bets so again short squeezes causing This push higher as more and more people Start to like fomo into short positions Because they're like oh well we've Pumped so much we have to drop this is Actually what causes those monthly Candles to continue to see a five a six Or a seven we have 45 yeah 55 52 55 52 45 55 55 a lot of 55s in there some 50 42s uh 45s as well dry powder people With the dry powder are the ones waiting For 45k uh when you're talking about Bears I looked up Nick you know the Shaved bear meme that's going around oh Yeah do not type that in signed into my Ex account do not type that in I'm sorry Tim risky Google are you telling me to Type that in I may have well I mean bear Has another meaning and I had totally Forgotten about that other meaning I had Forgotten about that other meaning and I Typed that in I was like that's not a Bear oh and I just exited out I hope I Mess up an incognito window right now Hannah don't turn around well you know As he pulls up that and you know ruins His uh his his meal

Ruo unfortunately what's crazy this is a Crazy number to me is the how many Bitcoin holders are actually in profit So if you guys follow any creator that Has been bearish and told you to a bear That you should you should sort that you Know markets are going to go to 25k it's Going to go to 32k it's going to go to 12K that that's still possible 91% of Bitcoin holders are in profits okay so 91% of the market is bullish and winning Well speaking of Bitcoin creators uh What about this guy right here 10 years Ago this was just going viral again just Buy $1 Bitcoin please 10 years ago that Might be the most liked video in 10 Years when it's like you know at a Million doll how expensive was Bitcoin 10 years ago oh dude it was pennies I Think a dollar was like 100 no it wasn't Pennies was it not pennies no I think it Like 15 or it's hard to find charts that Go back that far maybe like still exist Today I thought it was like two Bitcoin Or something when you like there 2014 There there's there's charts oh never Mind I mean on trading get a little bit More I don't know I don't have that good Of memory there but you know what we do Have memory of is crypto whales now $6.2 Billion burches so can Bitcoin surge to 57k guys as retail sells as retail Shorts whales are accumulating heavily Bitcoin whales have accumulated an

Additional 140,000 Bitcoin in the past Three weeks injecting 6.16 billion into The flagship C uh cryptocurrency this Surge is buying activity that has Prompted a mix of anticipation and Skepticism among these investors however Despite the optimism Brewing among many Investors not all Market observers share This enthusiasm skepticism remains a Persistent themes with some analysts Cautious investors about a potential Volatility ahead now my thoughts about This is disbelief this is the max pain For Bitcoin guys and I've T we've been Teaching you guys this for weeks at this Point is if the price was not to go back Down why well if you guys remember this Entire bare Market I know so many Creators so many hedge fund managers so Many analysts that were saying don't buy We're going to go lower you know they Kept on the sideline they stayed on the Sideline we dropped down to 15K they Didn't buy we we you know Dro down 18K They didn't buy 22k they didn't buy 24K They didn't buy you guys get the picture Now we go up to $50,000 Bitcoin they Finally started you know feeling like They're going to inch in with that spot ETF early in January a lot of them Actually ended up buying back into the Market because they were like oh my Goodness we're going to go to the Moon They missed out on 2 80% of bitcoin's

Price action that's like the majority of The bull run right there that they just Missed out and then as we dropped to 40K All those same people were like oh well Dey we're going to actually go to 30k so Actually no this is our opportunity We're sidelined it's going to go back to 25k 33k we're going to get in they never Never got in so the max pain for prices In my my perspective right now is that Upside you know movement to the markets Where we don't come back down we go we Go up to 55k we go up to 60k that will Hurt the most amount of retail investors Because Wales have been buying the Entire time yeah when the price goes up You feel like you're missing the party And when you get out a little too early Or you know when it goes the other Direction you feel like well you know I Got out I had a good time but when the Part's still pumping that's when you get The ultimate fomo and then May 2013 when Jeremy told the world to just put $1 in Bitcoin Bitcoin was $116 do T you get like roughly almost 1% Of a Bitcoin for a dollar right now that Same 1% cost you $490 yeah it's it's it's insane it's Insane but before we get to our alt Coins here guys we do have a special Guest going to be joining us uh right Now to just cover what it looks like for These elections coming up uh in terms of

Specifically Gary gender there's a lot Of rumors around who you know is Gary Gunzer going to be around should he be f Ired what's his next position what does This mean for crypto in the markets Overall so welcome to the stream Samuel This is Samuel arms with the fbba which Is of course the Florida blockchain Business Association I've had the Opportunity to work with him for quite a While now at this point we just went Down to Ronda santis back in November Spoke on web three policies I helped From the media front uh but welcome to The stream we just want to give a little Background who you are uh this is the Fed So he's not yeah so I do all the Political work work down in the State of Florida sometimes in DC responsible for Passing like five different bills in the Florida legislature and our most Infamous or famous Bill depending on who You are is our anti- cbdc bill and so Our anti- cbdc bill ban Central Bank Digital currencies in the State of Florida so now I just do all kinds of Political work so happy to be on the Show all right last name arms you're not A uh like arm wrestling influencer are You military industrial arms he's a Dealer knowm yes exactly all right so Are you going to try to Trojan Horse a Cbdc bill is that what's really

Happening here no I so we got a lot of Flack for that bill and a lot of people Are like oh you can't actually ban Central Bank digital currencies and we Were like yes we can and we're going to Because I believe in being proactive With legislation so that was kind of the Big deal that we did so what did you Actually do a lot of people are Concerned with cbdcs and I try to bring Up this conversation all the time I'm Like yeah you can in fact ban this on The state front and make it extremely Difficult for the you know the feds to Come in after this what did it mean when He wrote this Bill what does that Actually do for these states never see AC cbdc yeah it essentially sets up a Lawsuit because the big idea is do we Have the authority to ban a central bank Digital currency and the whole idea Behind that is that we believe that the Federal government is subverting our Rights in the Constitution through money And so I always tell people I'm okay With efficient money nothing's wrong With efficient money but I don't want Authoritarian money and so I believe if You want to be proactive and stand up You have to ban authoritarian money and So that then the argument becomes well Do we have the authority to do that I Think we do and if we don't we're going To fight for it because if you have the

Fight after a cbdc is already introduced You've lost right and so I believe in Proactive legislation I refuse to accept Any kind of authoritarian currency and As long as you're in Florida and now a Bunch of other states have replicated Our policy as well and so if you have a Bunch of States saying no we're not Going to deal with this becomes very Hard to implement yeah would they have To like go through the Supreme Court and Like it' be years and years and years of You know Legislation Sue every single state which If we write the laws differently they're Going to have to sue in each state in Different types of lawsuits and then the Supreme Court would have to essentially Rule with each individual State uh so You bog down the system and you can at Least slow it down so if you have a Certain president who wants to promote Cbdcs maybe that buys you enough time to Get a different president or a different Congress who doesn't like them yeah okay Yeah so basically you're just using a Money to drag the heels so they can't Put in all these controls and people are Wondering well what the fear what the Fear like a self-destruct button or you Know maybe controlling how you spend What what are the fears of cbdcs that You know maybe people aren't aware of Literally tracking everything that you

Want to do so even there's articles in The Bank of England saying well we don't Need inflation if we can actually have Your money expire right and currently The broad Keynesian economic theory is We need inflation in order to get people To spend What If instead of inflationary Policies I just say hey the amount of Money you have in your bank account or On your cbdc app is go going to zero at The end of the month so you have to Spend you said something really good and I want to double click on that you said You know the the original reason we have This inflation you know this this 2% Target we don't know why is there a 2% Target you hit the nail on the head Right there and not enough people Understand this fact it's to incentivize Spending meaning you mean if I just held On my dollar put it on my mattress in The future if it has more purchasing Power I might not want to spend it I Might want to put it underneath my Mattress or think more carefully how you Spend it it's by Design That it inflates could you just like you Know talk on that a little bit more yeah I mean simple the idea is if your money Is going to be devalued in the future You're incentivized to spend it now that Is literally all of Keynesian economics Like you were talking about Paul Krugman Earlier that's his big belief yeah and

His other belief is that me spending Creates other people's income so there's Nothing wrong with inflation making us Spend because it's good for everybody is What his theory is as opposed to a Deflationary asset say like Bitcoin Which will not only hold its value But it also encourages you the consumer To really think about what you're going To buy so instead of just being forced To spend your money on Superfluous stuff Maybe you're really thinking about okay Do I really need that next IFL and that Next computer because the $100 of say Bitcoin I have today could be 120 Tomorrow yeah so psychology it changes The entire way you think about not just Economics but you as a person what you Want to buy and spend so we got to be Good consumers for the machine we got to Be good consuming cogs the whole Inflation there's that argument right of This is actually good for the economy But what they don't want to argue is What the retail feels which is no you're Forcing me to spend right there's a big Difference between wanting to spend and Forcing to spend so this is where you Get into your consumer you know Expenditures and all your indexes on Like how that actually moves our markets It's like well at the same time you have Wages versus Prosperity the guy that's Printing the money of course the Pauls

Right they're printing the money they Get to decide what they want to spend The money on and it forces everybody Else to spend that money on their Initiatives yeah there's a lot of Nuances because inflation obviously hits The poorest people the worst right so by The time the rich people get all the Money that's been printed they can Actually put it in assets and you're Kind of shafted at the end but even Tying this back to the cbdc so once Again the logic follows the logic Follows that why instead talk about Inflation when I can make you a currency That expires and if I want to be able to Track everything that you do which you Know we already have credit scores we Already have stuff that you're buying on Amazon being track a cbdc would just be More efficient at that so it's just more Efficient authoritarianism and it is Interesting from a legal perspective Because it does kind of get around our Bill of Rights our inherent Constitutional rights to just say hey Well all the freedoms you have freedom Of speech and everything else like you Have to use the dollar and we can limit The dollar because you're mandated to Use the dollar that's kind of the back Door so and it's programmable so they Can force you to spend it at any point In time so we're inching there but I

Don't think people understand how much Of a true nightmare it would be if it Were implemented other people say well You know we don't think the feds are Working on the cbdc the FED has claimed The treasury has claimed well we're just Looking at more efficient banking rails It's all being set up it's all being set Up and they are doing it which is what I Don't you know we often talk about like Which Administration would be better for Crypto and it's not which president Which Administration right cuz who are They going to elect who are they going To appoint and right now I don't know if You saw this in Ukraine Ukraine Announced I think this was Friday or Thursday that they may freeze bank Accounts to push war services and it's All regarding crypto so if you in this Bill in fine print is like yeah if You're against the opposition if you're An opposition party and you're you know Financing because you're against War you Don't want to you know you don't want to Be drafted they will freeze your Accounts completely and you have to use A service called the DI which is Completely funded by our current Administration the tens of billions of Dollars we've been spending built this Entire program and they actually on Their website race it as this uh like Dude they're going to give them a Nobel

Prize it's like they are obsessed with This because it they say it's bringing 19 million people together under the Government makes for easier for Transparent y y y but like literally can Freeze those bank accounts and so my Question to you off this is census is Already taking place how does you know There's this topic around Gary gendler He is the SEC he's trying to enforce Regulations on our Market how do we as Like whether it's retail or different Political parties push them out how does That process work get rid of Gary yeah How how do we get him out I want to get Him out I want him out yeah I can't kick Him out so how do I get him out so first Let's look at how he even got there and This is all like pretty public Information but it really makes you Think why presidential elections are so Important so if you remember when Bernie Sanders was running in 2020 there was an Open Democratic primary Elizabeth Warren Was as running as well and so Elizabeth Warren stayed in that race and actually Subverted a lot of Bernie's votes which Ended up getting it so that Biden sailed Into Victory why did Elizabeth Warren do That because she knew if she stayed in Bernie would lose Biden would win she Now has huge favoritism with the Biden Administration when Biden won the Election a lot of Elizabeth Warren

Staffers actually went to Biden's Cabinet so then Elizabeth Warren had the Pick of the litter when it came to Things that she wanted and still wants With the Biden Administration Elizabeth Warren who is anti- crypto put gendler There and is actually probably trying to Get him into some even more powerful Positions depending so she's the reason Gendler's there she's the reason why why Gendler I think is turned so anti- Crypto there's different ways and Mechanisms to kind of serve the SEC so The SEC has five chairs and they're Appointed by the president but have to Be voted and approved by the Senate Starts in the Senate banging committee And then moves to the Senate overall for Approval so because the Senate's Democrat Biden's Democrat he could get Anyone he wanted in there um but there's Some interesting nuances so one the President can choose the chair at any Point in time so President Biden could Currently just say you know what Gendler's a bad chair I want a new chair But he has to pick from those remaining Five and the chair is the one even Though the Commissioners are all equal The chair is the one who directs where Most of the policy enforcement is going To go so if there's anti- crypto Sentiments it's because gendler has Decided this is going to be the current

Focus of the SEC we're going to be Chasing these guys as opposed to I don't Know actual fraud right or looking into More serious things he's tied to like FTX and all that fun stuff um so the President can and have a lot of power Over the SEC directly Congress can try To impeach different SEC Commissioners But that's a lot longer a more Politically charged process I've had Congressmen talk to us about trying to Pull funding from the SEC and using the Funding mechanism to say as long as You're not doing what we think you're Supposed to do using the power of the Purse but that never works that's always A threat they can do what they've done In the past where they call gendler to The public forum and roast them but in Terms of ual power like he's still there Right and his term ends in 2026 by the Way um so whoever the next president is Is going to be able to fill that spot There are some rules stating that you Know you can't have more than three People from a specific party on the SEC Supposed to keep it balanced but Realistically you can still have Republican Democrat or whatever party With the same say for example anti- Crypto agenda you can find a republican Who's anti- crypto you can find a Democrat who's anti- crypto and just Simply have them replace gendler's spot

But yeah so the next presidential Election as far as the current Administration is concerned I don't see Anything changing right simply because Elizabeth Warren is a very powerful Senator and has a lot of influence over The current Administration so if you Wanted to vote you would obviously just Not want to vote for whoever Elizabeth Warren's with which is tough if you're a Democrat you might have other priorities Beyond crypto so that's a choice that You have to make for yourself but if You're looking it just strategically Crypto Elizabeth Warren's your Target And you know she running for Senate this Year I even wrote some pieces about you Know we should be finding maybe some Democrats in Massachusetts to primary Her but no one did that the last name Kennedy yeah so that haven't got in a Car accident yes that's right there we Had a lot of options but even Elizabeth Warren has a lock on Massachusetts but No one even no one even tried no one Even tried so this is what a lot of People don't actually realize and this Is something you've opened my eyes to Completely like being able to sit in a Small 30 person room with the santis and Talk you know litigation on like web 3 Policies in its future people don't Realize you just have to do it like it's A very small party like it seems so much

Bigger but how these political Powerhouses work is you Scrat somebody's Back early on and they start moving up It's just like the Elizabeth Warren Scenario she stepped in to run for Presidency so that way to you know let Biden win the the political favoritism Over that is going to be huge and that's What allows her to have this political Opposition moving forward and so that's What makes her powerful and so you know What do you do with the Florida Blockchain Business Association and Chad I'm curious to let you know I'm curious To see where you guys are at you guys Want to see us get even more involved And definitely you know be at these Events and these hearings because you Were just at one recently how do you Actually approach these bills I know There was one you recently were telling Me you went in and the Congress like Didn't the I don't know if it was a Congressman or who it was on local stay Bre didn't even know what the bill was Yeah so politics to your point is all About relationships but it's also a lot About power dynamics and rewarding your Friends hurting your enemies as Everybody says so in Florida we had five Different web 3 Bitcoin blockchain bills Up two of which we wanted to kill which We did Kill and then three we're trying To promote which look pretty good right

Now and our session ends in March so There was a bill that was essentially a Mini bit license bill um that was going To require you to get a license to self- Custody crypto and we were like this is Going to kill the industry in Florida And by the way once the Bill's Introduced and gains traction and gains Legs like that bill will come back next Year and we'll have to fight it again so We just set up a meeting uh with the Right lobbyists and the right State reps And this specific Senator that I went to Talk to essentially were like what's Your goal with this here's why it's bad And he just said listen guys I haven't Read the bill right it was just given to Me by a friend he told me that the bill Would actually help the industry in Florida that it would be good for things So I said yeah sure why not right so People don't understand that sometimes It's just a circle that politicians are In because they to their credit this Will be the only time that I'm like Defend offending a politician but They're inundated with information right And so they're just going to go if so if Their best Buddy's like hey I promise You this bill is going to help the Industry they're just going to be They're just going to send it it's not So much a nefarious thing but you know Maybe it's easy to pull the wool over

Their eyes 19,000 pages 37 bills you Know your session's ending in March and Your buddy said you know and you've Known the guy 40 years you went to School together you know your wives hang Out they both like Taylor Swift and then You know you're just signing it and so Yeah unwitting participants I guess Might be the good and just said 100% it Can literally be as simple as your wives Are hanging out right and you're like Yeah why wouldn't I that's that's my Buddy's wife how can I help her yeah She's a Chinese National billionaire Daughter about M that's right no that's His wife yeah that's right his wife Owning the shipping industry right and Then you become the the trade uh Transportation commissioner but look her Dad being a billionaire that's Coincidence there's one thing I want to Talk about cbdc I feel like is a first Step that no one talks about and that's The elimination of paper you know just Imagine it's the future we got a flying Car you're stepping out with your Apple Goggle 17 you go up to your robot Barista you know you're going to order Your drink and now all of a sudden in This transaction in this future world You pulled out crumpled rectangles dirt That's so I I I do feel like paper is Going to go the way of the dodo should We try to fight that is is that really

In a weird way one of our best champions For Bitcoin is paper money and people's Love for it yeah you know what's really F by the way is when you think about the Argument for why the US would ban paper Dollars what is the most used currency For criminal activity it's the $100 bill The reason we actually don't care about That is because it's the $100 bill we Would rather it be in our currency than Someone else's so even strategically Speaking even if the US wants to move to Just digital and cbdc we love the Government loves the idea of physical Dollars being the world currency for Even criminal activity because it means There's demand and they know if they Cancel that $100 bill they're going to Switch to something else so the criminal Activity ironically enough actually Incentivizes the us to not want to just Ban physical cash but to your point I do Think that would be a goal because I do Think like even people who say bitcoin's Anonymous really the most Anonymous form Is a physical dollar yeah yeah only the People in the room with you know what's Going on when I give you a physical Dollar right a Bitcoin you can still Track and Trace so yes the physical Dollar is one of the best forms of Private money and it is there is no Doubt in my mind that that will become a Target but I think it becomes a Target

When the rest of the world starts using Physical dollars because right now we Still or you know what they could even Do is Ban it within the us but then Still allow everybody else to use Physical cash trading old paper U if you Had to give a year what year do you Think politicians are really going to Have their guns out for paper money is This 20 years from now 100 years from Now or could this be even 10 years from From now you know this I can't believe I'm going to defend Boomers but as long As boomers are in Congress those people Love their physical cash right and There's still so that might even be a Generational thing so I would actually Argue the guns will come out as the Generations change in Congress we need Zoomers to buy Vape pin with paper money Yes okay and that's it's going to be a Long time there very limited young Representatives that are got think Outside the box that's actually man if We have a bill that says you have to buy Vape in dollars like physical G are safe It's it's a 40e way down the line fourth Order consequence or benefit but you Know it would work it would work well We're going to continue to have these Conversations guys Sam will be with us Tomorrow again I definitely if you want To you know stay throughout the rest Show we got a few articles we need a

Break through on why prices are moving Here uh so we'll run through it but chat I definitely want you to know guys do You guys want to see those videos type One in chat if you want to see the Videos and you know seeing us at these Hearings people love this one minute Chart we're going to go back to the one Minute chart on bitcoin here uh on the One minute chart okay we got Juicy Green Candles but we still haven't really Knocked on this door of 50k yet again Looks like three different minutes so I Mean that was that was 180 seconds of Volatility I think we'll break through It I think we'll break through you don't Think the more you knock on a door the Easier it is to knock down and so we we Need to knock on this store at least one Two more times I would say before we can Break through yeah it I think it's Coming no matter what at some point in Time but we do have the Bitcoin report From grayscale the world's largest Digital asset manager so I want to run Through this one really quick because if Face a inreasing block reward guys Actually I didn't pull up the right one Uh Bitcoin having check this out guys Countdown we are less than 60 days away From this are we really days we're back Up to Li it jumps back and forth because You know what almost counting because It's a leap year you know it's 20 24 so

We do get that but February with a Stupid amount of 29 days Days man 29 Days yeah no 62 days though guys I Expect massive volatility and probably Upside pressure uh which could mean we See an all-time high before the Bitcoin Having before we get a traditional Pullback and again remember guys we've Talked about this plenty of times we do Get those pullbacks it's a buy the rumor Sell the news type of events where Either it trades sideways which was 2013's or 2014's 2017 2018 it pulled Back 2020 it pulled back I do expect it To follow that pattern here uh we do Have of course Bitcoin people asking if It's going to decouple from altcoins I Don't necessarily believe so but I do Believe the bitcoin's layer 2 ecosystem Is booming with the having approaching So layer 2's guys like Stacks you guys Saw in the top 24 hours here let's go Back to the uh the top 24 chart uh Stacks is that layer 2 Opportunity on Top of Bitcoin at $22 right now it's Going to allow smart contract Applications ZK rollups those type of Things be integrated in the future with Uh you have reaking and all these def5 Mechanisms I expect some explosive Growth coming from there yeah and uh Cardono because I just had to say you Say liquid staking I'm bringing up Cardano I know it's different but I'm

Going to do it anyways uh here's a Suspiciously you know here's just Something I want to point out you see Every single time I like to get your two Cents on this the deficit so we got some Deficit figures for 2024 we're going to Be in the red surprise surprise we're Going to print and uh I'm sorry we're Going to overspend by $1.6 trillion $1.8 Trillion in 2025 but like all Politicians guys around the corner we're Going to go in the right direction again Yeah don't worry three years from now We're going to write this ship it's an Ocean liner you move the wheel it Doesn't move immediately you still hit The iceberg but trust me that Iceberg 3 Years from now oh we're going to totally Dodge it are we going to dodge the Iceberg in 3 years no and I would be Very suspicious of anyone Republicans Love to say we need to cut the deficit Cut the deficit any politician who's Going to tell you that we can write this Track is wrong we're already too deep There's really nothing let me give you Some counters uh AI can give us growth So we grow our way out of it is that a Possibility so the grow your way out of It is a populate sentiment and Reagan Was saying that with the tax cuts and Everything you can grow your way out of Maybe a trillion dollars worth of debt 33 trillion no okay okay so a lot of

People say you know uh last president we Had that was renting a surplus Clinton Many people would say I want to get your Two cents on this the only reason that Happened is because the internet bubble The PC Revolution if that had not Existed we wouldn't had the economic Engine to give us a surplus here you Don't think you know AI nothing can Really get us there it's tough because Even his Surplus that whole like talking Point is kind of like the inflation Talking point where they changed the Basket of goods so how are you measuring The Surplus which he had right and so The fact is even if we had a surplus we Were still in creu and setting the Foundation like you're setting the Railroad tracks for the Deb jubile uh I'm not a huge fan but it's still like It's still tough because the economic Factors in are so different than the Economic factors now right like we are You've noticed it we are just money Printing machine but where is that money Going right even during Clinton if you Look at the amount of debt that we had Under Clinton they would have never Guessed we would be breaking 30 33 Trillion yeah I think it's going to come From the obviously we do need a budget But it's definitely going to come from Not no longer the topic can we fix this Deficit issue or this fiscal monetary

Issue can we plug the whole and just Remain the strongest economy so whether That's you know having the world rely on Us for liquid Financial gas or more Resources and be more energy independent Like those are kind of the Avenues I see Us progressing towards with AI and those Advancements but that all iseme Extremely foolish for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies because if we can't Stop the issue that does mean a lot of These second world third world countries That don't have the same fiscal and Monetary policies the US and even though It seems like we're very chaotic with Our Congress and our overall Administration it's much more Independent and secure than every Everywhere else in this world so they're Going to struggle more that can cause More debasements more Geographic Decentralizations in terms of that Bitcoin production and that's all Extremely valuable for us moving into uh Dude I'm so bullish on bitcoin it just Makes me more and more bullish same and Uh you know keep talking about inflation I know we got like one or two stories we Want to cover before we wrap it up here 3% of all ether supply has been burned Since implementing 1559 but let me go Ahead and splash cold water let's turn Bearish on this uh if you have $100 and You burn $1 how much of your supply did

You burn 1% right if you have $100 and You burn $10 but then you print nine More 1% can you say well but then can't Someone get a little Can't they finagle those stats and say Yeah but they 10% has been burned and so They're doing the same thing with e That's your opinion because technically It's 10% well it's it's we're defining you Know burn you we're arguing over the Definition of burn here but uh uh what Burn mean to you it's one of those Things they'll take yeah this stat is Very misleading they're burning but They're also printing now it is slightly Deflationary but they've not eliminated You know we Haven it wasn't a million Ether and all sudden 970,000 that's not How it went yeah but I do expect that so Even though it's slightly deflationary It still isn't inflationary at this Point and if we do get these ethereum ETFs this moves into the now narrative Guys altcoins are lagging they're going To move with bitcoin's price action as Bitcoin breaks 50 55k that is going to Flood over into large caps in these Altcoins and ethereum is right up there With the next ETF we've seen James ier And as well as Eric balunis talk about They believe in ethereum ETF will happen And I think it's like 60 or 70% chance But this is because of the courts again

Right we saw the ETF originally for uh Grayscale through the courts they won Against the secc and with the way it was Set up through the Futures with the CBOE And everything this is the same way Ethereum was set up so if they were to Deny ethereum it would be taking them to Court and they would honestly lose again Just like they lost for bitcoin's Ethereum or bitcoin's ETF earlier last Year people are tweeting about letting Us know about Nvidia I know we got I Don't know if you want to pull up the Last article or two but yeah Nvidia on The five minute chart yeah just melting Faces uh this was in the 600s and now It's approaching 742 depend I mean uh Good job uh ston holders right now look It falls into the narrative So speaking Of AI advancements and everything I like I I agree we're going through that that World this is where decentralizing that Physical infrastructure takes place so We have things like of course Nidia guys Your sup your semiconductors as we Approach quantum computers and Engineering and we have more supply Chain crunches because of the supply the Semiconductors whether is China invading Taiwan or the chips plan 4 act that the Biden Administration implemented years Ago it's going to take four to five Years to set up those facilities so if Any small discrepancy takes place in

These markets with the demand increasing That Supply shock will be massive and That's why I think decentralizing that Narrative is so important and even if it Captures 1% of that overall narrative We're talking trillions and trillions of Dollars which means billions of billions Within the crypto community so that's of Course decentralizing your cloud Computing your rendering your uh your uh Storage you guys are very fun you know You guys love the uh the file coins and The decentral weaves right those Narratives I think have massive Potential moving into this bull run uh Massive potential we had Charles Hoskinson more suitable for the uh Stable coins more suitable for the Crypto industry uh let's see here According to Charles hoskinson he's been Talking about algorithm stable coins They are suitable here and he made this Statement during an interview with the Discover crypto crew is that us can you Click on that interview tab real quick Click on the word interview what happens Uh let's see here oh my wow who is that God those beautiful Beast let big shout Out to uh what was this coin Edition Stroke my ego sorry my bad all right you Know should we just end the show on that Just to make it super awkward all right Folks that's all we got Josh made it Weird no Charles hoskinson no uh yeah

You were asking about Falcons you asking About bunkers we're talking about Swift RK it was a great who was at that California Democratic National Convention who did hire his bodyguards Yeah all question he told us about some Submarines under Zucker I'm not saying confirm but when Someone you know when a billionaire says Yeah Mark Zuckerberg has a submarine Port in his underground layer in Hawaii I believe him I believe I don't want to Believe I know it's is it like did he Fall for his words did he get us maybe Maybe all right folks that that is all We got please hit that like button on The way out uh we're going to have links In the chat check out this man right Here Mr arms that's all we got with an E With an E Mr arms with an e thank you Guys [Music]