Bitcoin to $250 Million FFS !! | #bulls #btcnews #altcoins #news

🔴Video Title: Bitcoin to $250 Million FFS !! | #bulls #btcnews #altcoins #news
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Have you seen this $250 million Bitcoin $1.5 million Bitcoin $100,000 Bitcoin in 4 weeks the problem With these headlines is that they Destroy the majority of Traders they are The symptom of the Mania bull market That is the stage that we have moving Into for Bitcoin and crypto don't feel Bad if you've fallen for it before we All have we all want to hope and believe That these markets are going to go up Forever and these lofty price targets Are there to stay if happens in every Single cycle in every single Market all Around the world these price targets are Designed to make the other person Rich Kathy Wood from ETF fees YouTube or Twitter accounts profiting from Shilling You coins be sure you thrive in this Bull market it could be our last one so Cut out the noise subscribe to the YouTube channel and I'll see you at the Next Video