Bitcoin To The MOON! (Here’s Why)

Ben is in Dubai with Carl Runefelt and they’re talking about something crazy that just happened… Bitcoin pumped! Why is this happening? Stay tuned to find out.

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Thank you [Music] [Music] Welcome to bitway crypto my name is Ben This is Carl you may know him from the Moon no not from landing on the moon but For sending plenty of people there in The last Bull Run uh Carl uh we're here In Dubai we're chilling we're hanging Out obviously got a massive office here You got a similar operation to I do you Got a lot of employees Um you do a lot of great stuff for Crypto you got taking a Look at ad up there which is cool stuff You guys are interested in getting a job In crypto Um but what I want to talk to you about Today is something pretty crazy Bitcoin just went up What do you think yeah that was a very Very good pump yeah I must say that it's Always a good day when bitcoin's going Up yeah um I think everyone watching is Uh probably a Bitcoin holder that's why You guys are are following uh Ben so so We're all happy right I think that's Great the the main reason for this pump In my opinion is just like you know Technical patterns Um I told my audience about this falling Wedge I'm sure you'd be looking at it as Well I think it's kind of impossible not To see that falling wedge uh but also

Yesterday I pointed out a small inverse Header shoulders on the uh like four Hour time frame and if you just use Technical analysis and click the target Then yeah Technicals technical analysis like Um Um show me the charts and I'll tell you The news yeah that's a very old saying It is and and I I live by that I never Trade news I only trade technicals yeah News to me is uh more like a longer term You know for the industry kind of thing Not to trade yeah well I think you know I think when it comes to doing to doing Training like like you know my face is So close here look at this get closer I Think when it comes to doing trading you Certainly should not be trading off the News However I think there are spot positions That you can do some things with based On the direction that you think things Are heading on based on the news but but Yes but but not Investments yeah you're Correct very long story yeah you should Definitely not be day trading off of News I agree with that 100 I think the News is very important I think it does You know it says the course of things But I think that really that that's you Know I'm the fundamental analysis King And you're a technical analysis okay I Think that's that's pretty much how it

Goes and and I think that watching those Charts is something that you know Obviously is very very important to People and I want to you say yesterday Was inverse head shoulders and it kind Of you know show this move was coming What are your overall thoughts on where You think Bitcoin is going to in the Next you know three to four but by the End of the year let's say Okay so right now we are in a uptrend Okay and I do believe that we're not Gonna go below 20K again I think I agree There is a small risk we might go and Close the gap at 20 23 20 300 right yeah However I would put that a chance of Like maybe 25 maximum I think it's more Likely that we keep going up from here And that Um 25k is going to act as a very like uh Very good support which you did already Yeah what's really interesting man I get So many good video ideas when I'm making Videos uh I think a good video idea for Me would be to look at at the last bear Market as we were heading into more Bullish action what was the last Gap That was not filled you know there was One isn't there what like nine thousand Dollars or something very far down yeah Like four or five thousand there's one Down there too there's one down that low For sure okay yeah but I think there is Another one I think that was like at

About nine maybe it's around nine let's Take a look at it but it'd be very Interesting because you know everybody Says like you know there was a time Where he said 98 of these gaps fill well It's not necessarily true anymore the Numbers because they're at 90 now but The reality is once the bull market hits Well should I start touching off those Top gaps and that number is going to Grow because we filled almost all the Ones on the bottom but there's you know Three or four that's that are still Outstanding all of them don't get filled And and I the fact that we've now Reversed And we've gone back up the other Direction and when it looked like we Went down the 24s like we were getting a Chance or maybe it could happen I tend To agree with you I definitely think we Bought them for this Market but also Think that you know there could be Another Black Swan similar to the Pandemic that we get that we aren't Seeing that could have one last scratch Or something like I think there could be Black swans that's not the only thing That that throws all of whatever yes at The table so on the Gap Theory Um I would like to say that it's it's um For sure it's not guaranteed it's not Bulletproof but it is however the case That when you see get Phil it is very

Likely going to feel sooner rather than Later yeah that's like something that's Just generally the case do you feel like That weekend like it'll be on the Weekend and the Monday I don't feel that Happens a lot yeah yeah that's very Common and that's kind of where it comes From but then um and then yes you have To check what time frame and like Um but so I think the longer it goes Without getting filled I think the it it Loses its significance yeah that's how I Feel I don't think you can find it the Feelings are really important in crypto What I'm saying is like I I don't think There's a textbook saying that that's The case I'm just saying that from my Own experience when I've been trading For like five years now in crypto this Is this is what I I think is the the Case so the gas down a 2K I think it's Just not relevant anymore right I agree I agree when Bitcoin goes to zero I mean if that happens in all gaps too All the gas fill that's good stuff man I Love it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Well cool well um you know we're out Here obviously in Dubai we're doing Stuff with uh with Bitcoin uh I brought I brought caller Carl's shirt we got we Got our vancoin merch Been Everywhere

Now you guys know uh Carl what do you Think it's gonna take for crypto Adoption to happen what it's gonna take For crypto a dolphin to happen can you See that on the charts no no no I think It's gonna take time that's what it's Gonna take it it Cannot happen overnight Um they say Rome wasn't built in a day And crypto's not gonna get massive Option in the in the day it's gonna take Some time and and it takes all of us who Are here now to not give up it takes us All to build Um you know people say crypto's the Future I agree you agree all everyone Watching agrees however It's easy to say but someone has to be On the front lines build in the future Someone has to to to you know be the the Bear Market Warriors like like yes we're Making content we're building business And then everyone out there is watching And engaging and hopefully using a Certain for example like crypto jobs That is something that that people can Use if they want if they want to get a Job in crypto or if you have a company You can post uh jobs there so if you Want to hire by the way then you can Post uh jobs there yeah or connected to My team and you can hire it's a biggest Crypto job board in in the world right Now well Carl thank you for your

Application welcome to the team Look I think I think you're dead on here I think there's got to be somebody on The front lines uh fighting for all this That's what we're out here doing with Bitcoin we're fighting for crypto Adoption trying to make it happen uh Right here in Dubai Dubai is very Friendly for crypto we need more of that Uh around the world and uh you know Really really excited to see what Happens and uh and where to get your Glasses bro they're 101. Bro let me try them all right let's see What Carl looks like Carl For once you actually look good bro Let's roll man so really excited to uh Be out here and Dubai we got a lot more Stuff coming we've been going and Um you know a lot more things we're Gonna do and uh you know trying to talk Crown to partnering with us yeah you got it makes perfect sense You know so what's the one it pumps got One too doesn't he does pump have a Website for crypto jobs as well He has pumped crypto jobs I think yeah Do you want to fight him Um no I I I I I don't fight people he's Like Carl's a lover he's not a fighter We're all in this together but yeah we Can't even talk yeah well that sounds Like a real knockout

All right girls Joining us check out uh Carl's Channel Put it on the description and uh so I Gotta be blessed Whoa whoa we have it we have a stop hard Stop we have to stop what is it How we we have to put a prediction here Did you know that I'm famous for my Predictions and I'm predicting 5 000 Likes on this video Can you guys make it happen exactly as He predicted like this video Let's Get It be blessed [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music]