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Guys there's not new people coming to Crypto We had the peak of users in crypto at The top of the market Goes down after that [Music] [Music] [Music] Chris what's going on there we go got The volume going here what's going on Man not much man trying to uh to make it Happen uh you have came very highly Recommended on our our list of ta Experts and uh we've never met before Hello my name is Ben Um welcome welcome to the show Um I guess what what are what are your Overall um well let's do this first tell Everybody who you are and kind of what You do All right uh my name is Christopher inks I run a company called Texas West Capital and uh we do a market Forecasting and Trader education And uh I just you know that that's my Thing I'm just one of those guys that uh As a teenager knew I didn't want to work For anybody had to figure out how to uh Do that and so it was uh trading and Entrepreneurship yeah I just couldn't uh I don't mean that idea of working for Somebody and you know having to respect Them because they're above you even Though they're an idiot just never

Worked for me yeah well just don't tell Other people that work for me that Thanks I need them I need all of them Okay so in all juices though um yeah so Let's go into it like your church guy Like what are you seeing with uh with The markets and Um you know what what should people be Expecting I mean there's a big famous Question now like what are we gonna see First 25k or 35k let me get your Thoughts on that too Yeah all right uh you want to put up my Uh pull up a chart here sure let me see If I can uh first off use this software Here again just one second yeah I was Using some buggy software myself a Minute ago apparently called the Internet Let me see here I think uh that's what I'm looking for right there All right you can see that all right yes I can see it okay great yeah so um this Is uh basically my idea I was talking Back in June of last year when we had That third capitulation Um that that was the start of Accumulation And then of course Um you know I the burning butter of what I do is actually Um price action and volume relationships Uh through Wyckoff

And so uh that that's a big Understanding of accumulation and Distribution and how the big players Actually move in the markets and so uh What you get a lot of people look at This they say well accumulation was down Here at that November low uh actually it Started back here in June this November Low is what we call terminal ShakeOut And and then everybody's freaking out of This pullback over the last few months And that's what we just uh terminology Is a back up the edge of the creek you See the decreasing volume the Overlapping price action and then of Course you know we we kind of cleared That seven days we cleared that two Months of decline so Um you know when you look at it this way Uh you know as far as as far as I'm Concerned the Bottom's been in uh you Know we've rallied for seven months Um over a hundred percent I I just you know pretty much any metric You look at is you know whether moving Averages or you know Market structure or Anything it all says that that Bottoms In and so of course you know Bitcoins Bottoms and uh Rising tide lifts All Ships and uh you know pretty much all Off all all for the most part should Rally with it there's always some Stragglers out there that don't Necessarily follow through but

Um you know I think that's what we do And I've got you know I've got this Movement here a lot of people don't like This I've been talking about this um Since way down here uh about February March this uh upper 40s lower 50s kind Of Target Uh to get us five waves up here so yeah That's kind of what I'm looking at at The moment So so if that's getting us five waves Right now we're on the second wave still Which way are we on okay so what we've Got here is we've actually got uh what We've got is this one two So this right here is wave three of the Larger wave three So this is uh what you should expect is Some Harder Faster stronger movement Through here kind of like similar to This third wave right here okay or this Third wave right here uh coming up Through this and that makes sense Because you got a lot of open room over Here until you're kind of getting up Into that 40s area so Um yeah I mean these are smaller Interior accounts here but yeah looking At that uh three of three up here at Around 43 4 and then uh three up there Around 47 580. now real quick here There's always a chance this could be a Leading diagonal so this could actually Be a one two three four and finishing up

Five here in which case we'll get a Rejection and we'll pull back here to About 25 000 again but um until that Happens we kind of default to the idea Of a one two one two yeah and you you're Definitely of the opinion um I would Assume that the overall bottom for this Market has been in for a while Yeah yeah exactly like I said I was Talking about it back around that uh That June low being the beginning of Accumulation and then uh we had this I Talked about this thermostat this this Was the FTX stuff man yeah this was huge Yeah and all we got was a small little Drop here a lot of volume coming in a Lot of catching in that volume creates That small rate and then just heads on Out and so um looks good uh overall Really yeah Thank you [Music] [Music] I was I was uh very confident when uh in November when we hit that dip that that Was it so because we we've been looking For November to be the bottom the entire Year and uh you know interesting the way That the news you know seems to line up With what you're already seeing from the Technicals uh a lot of times so um what About anything else do you have any Other charts that uh you brought to show Us today

Yeah yeah let me jump over here real Quick I've got uh let's see here I've got a few here that I've kind of Caught I mean you know all these off Guys I'm gonna be honest with you almost All these alts are just kind of bottomed Out and Really Gonna you know head up And so I've got Etc usdt here uh you Know ethereum classic the original Ethereum and Um you know again we've got another Great uh accumulation structure here you Can see that volume drops off real nice As we're kind of going through this uh You get this kind of low down this major Area of support here there's Red Line The support resistance flip right here Uh prints a higher low we're off I mean I think this thing uh you know continues And and breaks out you know so I'm Looking for impulsive breakout above the Uh this is the weekly time frame so the Weekly pivot at around 26 26 27 that Should easily run us into the top of the Range here at 46. we break out through That we should at least be running up Here probably about 145 or so and then of course you know if The Market's running we should see new You know new all-time highs with that Yeah well super excited now what about Time range for you what what do you General generally think about time range Um I I don't I don't tend to uh worry a

Whole lot about time uh because time is A really uh a really difficult thing to Get correctly because you know anything Can happen uh Corrections can take Longer forms uh but if I'm looking at This if I my general idea is that uh Bitcoin rallies potentially up to that 50 000 Target uh by the end of the year Uh it pulls back for about three four Months or whatever into the having uh Next year and then uh from that we get The the new all-time high coming on that Wave three there uh you know in uh so What is that 2024 and so you know I Think all else just kind of follow along With it more or less yeah well I Definitely believe that um You know we will see another big altcoin Season this next Bull Run for sure I Think xrp or excuse me I think FTX cut Cut it short last time with a lot of the Shorting that they were doing uh now the Question is will somebody just replace Them be somebody else I don't know Um but I think I think the really Interesting thing here to look at for me Is going to be what happens around New Year's this year because if you go back To the last cycle and you look at at you Know what was going on well in March of 2020 we got the pandemic crash Wick Right Um which was on March 12th which took All the momentum from Bitcoin that was

Actually moving up positively at the Time until February when people started Whispering about this covet thing right So the really interesting thing to me Will be will we have something similar In quarter four this year or maybe January of next year which could cause Like a Black Swan which could cause the Price To drive dramatically because if not are We going to see Bitcoin kind of go Through this cycle the way it did before In in the Cycles before or will we get Another one that's kind of like a double Bottom and and I I don't know it's very Interesting to watch because you know we Do have that CME gaps in there at 20 300. Yeah yeah but that that particular CME Gap is what we call a breakaway Gap and You know there's there's like four types Of gaps and this is interesting I've never heard this before this is Good yeah yeah so you've got four Different types of gaps you got your Breakaway gaps and yeah uh you have just Regular gaps that occur because the Weekends you know when it's closed and Everything stuff like that but your Breakaway Gap is uh usually it's a Reversal change it's going through Um resistance uh and often it's not Actually filled in now you know whether It does or not you know we'll see what

Happens but I don't see you know what what happened In in 2020 there you know it had the Whole bitmex um I think it was driven by That bitmex uh liquidation engine kept Going they had to finally turn it off There Um and you know that's one of those Things that's that's more the uh that's Not the what we usually get that's the Thing that kind of happens you know Every once in a while like it's kind of Like a Black Swan kind of thing and so I Wouldn't expect that we would have that Same kind of movement coming up again I Would expect to be more like it normally Is Um my big thing is that on bitcoin for Instance we are above that Weekly pivot Now and we've pulled back and tested his Support and so another big thing of what I do is pivots and usually what happens Is if you get that strong push uh Impulsive breakout above the uh just the Pivot itself and you pull back and you Retest that support successfully then Usually that's it it just continues Going up it runs through the pivots all The way up to the R4 R5 pivot and so That's what I'm looking at on the weekly And so if that's the case then the idea That it you know that it hits the 21 000 You can't guarantee that anything's Going to happen it's trading there are

There are no guarantees in trading other Than you're going to lose money at some Point right yeah but the odds are likely That now that we've kind of done this With the pivot here then we kind to stay Above it and as long as that happened You know as long as that pivots there I I don't see a reason why we popped down To 21 really I I tend to agree with you I think the you know longer we sit away From that when we went down into camera We went slightly into the 23s or right About to 24 wherever it was we we bought Them recently to me that was the last Hurray like if we weren't able to plunge Through and get down and lick that uh You know lick that 20 300 level we Probably weren't going to be able to so I tend to agree with you this is going To be another one like I think there's Still one at nine thousand dollars I Think somewhere around that yeah and That's a similar one you know it got you Know it it came up and then it came Pretty close to filling that thing and Then it broke away Um back in 2020 so could be something Similar that uh we're looking at so well Texas West Capital Chris thank you so Much for joining us today been really Phenomenal definitely want to get you Back on the show that was good stuff All right thank you sir okay we guys Link in in the live chat in the

Description see you Chris bye [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music]