Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million On THIS Day!

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Will Bitcoin make it to $1 MILLION in 90 days? Will hyperinflation set in and completely change the world of finance as we know it? In this video Deezy discusses this and more crypto news, including airdrop hunters and a reflection on the dwindling of cash in the past few years.

0:00 Million Dollar Bitcoin
5:00 Airdrops
6:30 The Decline of Cash

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Foreign Type in the year Bitcoin Hits 1 million What's TJ's year prediction is it the 20s the 30s the 40s I can see it you Want a bullish most bullish in here I Can see it by uh 2029 2029 okay okay wow Two cycles I mean that is probably the Most bullish 2029 I would say uh 32-33 That I'm gonna say that 30. that's the Obvious pick obvious pick would be the Next cycle after that but I like let's Let's go a little bullish you know what I mean we got Banks collapsing all in The 20s gotta go somewhere all right Maybe in the 20s that would be the Roaring 20s for the crypto industry they Would look back at this a hundred years Ago yeah and instead of like Flappers It's like we're wearing like bad nft Outfits they're like why do people dress In these weird suits only it's gonna be Like why do they dress in these weird Ape hoodies all the time guys it's just Uh it was the Roaring 20s all right well This is uh the guy who's saying this is Hitting a million dollars and not only Is he putting his money where his mouth Is he's gonna lose a million dollars if It doesn't hit a million dollars me and AJ actually for a disagreement because His original tweet talking about Balaji His original tweet is just said U.S will Hit hyperinflation in 90 days I'll bet You a million dollars to one Bitcoin you

Just got to put up a Bitcoin I'll put up A million then he kind of changed the BET and said no Bitcoins hitting a Million dollars let's get into it this Isn't a some idiot either this is Balaji I tried to say his last name correctly Uh surrender Boston I believe but he's The former coinbase CTO I I don't say This lightly he's one of the top two Thought leaders that I really look to When it comes to uh you know making some Non-conformist bets of the future uh you Know he's betting Against the Grain and It pays to be you know right when Everyone else is wrong you don't want to Be right when everyone's right oh you Know so he made some bold predictions in January of 2020 people called him crazy A lot of that came true now he's making Another bold prediction this time is About Bitcoin he says Bitcoin will reach 1 million dollars within 90 days due to Hyperinflation in the United States he Said he made a he made a millionaire bet Over it over the next nine days Predicting he'll hit it by June 17th it Was initiated with a synonymous user James Medlock and he offered to bet Anyone that a million dollars U.S would Not experience hyperinflation a few Hours later the CTO accepted the BET sir I believe we have ourselves a deal under The proposed term if Bitcoin fails to Reach a million by the June 17th he wins

A million dollars of stablecoin and the One Bitcoin but if it is worth at least A million dollars then Balaji keeps the Bitcoin and the one million dollars he Put in usdc he explained you buy one Bitcoin I send one million This is 40 to 1 odds as Bitcoin is worth around 26k so 25k would be 45 Bitcoin equals one Million dollars the term is 90 days Other Twitter users help set up the Smart contract with the betting terms And he disclosed he'd move another Million for another wager so he actually Bet two different people a million Dollars they made it based on the Different views of the US economy's Future amid this ongoing uncertainty Regarding its banking system this is his Thesis argument there's an impending Crisis that will lead to the deflation Of the US dollar and thus to a Hyper-inflation scenario that would take Bitcoin's price to one million Medlock On the other hand is bearish about Upcoming hyperinflation in the country Uh Meanwhile we're at 27 you know I Opened a short at 20K then I saw this I'm like God dang it Balaji why are you Doing that to me the one time I felt Good about a short because I was always Leaning bullish uh I've been saying hey You know the 28 28.5 levels you got to Look out for a lot of exit liquidity There I don't know now what are your

Thoughts on that I I do think Hyperinflation very likely but bitcoin's Price doing a 40x in this amount of time Just seems a little unrealistic yeah I Mean it's it's I think it's a joke I Mean I'm not I mean I know he knows what He's doing I think it's mostly for you Know everybody's saying his name now all Of a sudden nobody who's what his name Was at all not too long ago so for a Million bucks over 90 days he can get His name out there but uh yeah Hyperinflation is going to be a thing It's not going to happen in 90 days They've delayed it this much they Delayed it this long they've still got a Few tricks up their sleeves I know They've got you know we're moving Towards hyperinflation for sure we've Got daily swap lines open now instead of Weekly swap line so things are not Looking good long term for the dollar That being said I don't think it's going To fall apart in 90 days now I know I do Think it'll be gradually and then Suddenly but I don't think it's going to Be that southern yeah if it really does Do that we're all hanging out at Drew's House Um yeah like no lie here I'm like I'm I'm taking I'm taking a backpack and a Walking stick and I'm just heading Towards his place he has chickens y'all His chickens uh and you know maybe some

Other things that might be good in that Type of scenario but yeah bitcoin's Doing a 40x that means milk is doing More than a 10x probably and you know Some other things like that you know gas Above ten dollars a gallon maybe above 20 a gallon so I'm rooting for them but I just don't believe it Miss the ARB Airdrop of course we're talking about Arboretum we found six smart airdrop Hunters who have gotten nearly every Massive airdrop and crypto arbitrom Optimism blur or SOS looks ens uh one Inch uni just over and over you'll see So many things here follow their Transactions and you won't miss the next Airdrop uh here's another one more down You can see the same thing this could be The best airdrop hunter in all of crypto Let's claim more than any other address On ethereum possesses the highest djin Score ever so if you want to look into Hey I think I missed out on some you Know some airdrops I'm trying to read These tweets I don't know what's going On you know I'm missing out on all the Cool stuff it's like they're doing the Cool stuff and then they'll tweet about It 24 hours later so they get all the Air drops follow the wallets you'll see It in real time so I think there's a lot Of valuable information there I'm gonna Dig into it when I have some time uh What do you think about tracking wallets

For airdrops that's really a strategy I Haven't thought of before yeah I didn't Really think about it too much until you Just mentioned I think that's really Good advice especially if you find ones Like that you just outlined there with a Really got good hit rate really good Success rate uh watch what they're doing Not what they're saying it's what we say All the time we're talking about the Number one decent score in all of Ethereum guys that is nuts so I mean This the proof's in the pudding now hey Maybe they're gonna uh get wise to hey They're following me they're watching me Keep tracking uh these wallets they're Gonna be new ones they'll pop up again The smart nerds they'll figure it out They're like oh they moved it here's the New wallet and uh get in on that Information you ready for a blast from The past sure this day in crypto we're Going back three years March 20 2020 a lot of twenties there yeah Corona Virus Friday March 20. paper money Shunned by some businesses and consumers For fear of covid-19 spread uh this is a Non-profit bookstore in Chicago send an Email asking individuals do not use cash Also diners in Washington state have Also stopped accepting cash and delivery Services like GrubHub doordash and Others have instituted no contact Deliveries they've either stopped

Offering cash as a payment option or Actively discouraging it uh even the FED Reserve has taken efforts to make sure The money supply is not contaminated Banknotes uh circulating are being Quarantined for seven to ten days as Precautionary measure according to the FED Reserve spokesman this was a very Scary time we didn't know what was going On you're getting deliveries uh you know Dropped off and you're like leaving them In your garage for eight hours and You're spraying it down with Lysol as You're like And then you're like running away you Know running away back into your kitchen You're like all right I hope that lights All worked all right you know you're Like grabbing your cereal boxes I'm Scared it's a different time it was a Scary time and they're pushing us away From cash now you look back it's like oh Yeah you know cash might have germs on It now you look back well how long did They know that it like didn't last on The surface but an hour or right 30 Minutes or 10 minutes right I don't know The number is asbj but I wonder how much Was like oh we have this opportunity to Freak people out when it comes to paper Money let's milk it for all it's worth In fact maybe even exaggerating maybe Even FIB oh wait people have real Stories suppress them and so now you

Look back and it's uh the blind lead and The blind I was listening to some smart People so I was always ahead of the Curve so I was freaking out early and Then I was not freaking out early Foreign [Music] Foreign

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