BlackRock’s Bitcoin Holdings Grow To Over 11,000+ $BTC

Two days into the trading of the Bitcoin spot ETF, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has already accumulated approximately 11,500 BTC. This places the firm among the top 15 public holders of Bitcoin, accounting for roughly 0.056% of the total Bitcoin supply.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 BlackRock Ads
01:42 Largest Bitcoin Holdings
03:42 ETFs are going to take time
05:47 Mircostrategy vs ETFs
07:40 Kevin O’Leary will never buy an ETF
10:05 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
10:50 Vanguard Hypocrite
12:57 Ethereum ETF in May?
17:23 Only 2 cycles left
18:20 Outro

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~BlackRock’s Bitcoin Holdings Grow To Over 11,000+ $BTC~
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All right Black Rock of course is Getting into a little bit more of Bitcoin and they are diving in a little Deeper I think than maybe everybody has Been anticipating we'll break it down For you guys it's going to be a good one My name is Paul bar welcome back in a Tech path couple of things I want to hit On is the strategies that institutional Capital is taking and one of the Strategies that they're approaching Remember who the Bitcoin ETF really is For and that is not people like you and I if you're watching this but maybe for You who are a first time Joiner on our Channel this of course was a ad by black Rock that was out there I'm not going to Play the ad but you can kind of see it's A it's a fairly benign ad you know Typical talking head but remember that The people they're trying to really Swoon in is uh people that are and like Very safe Investments so boring you know I will say in a bad way but you know People that are just really looking at This not necessarily as a high-risk Investment so that I think is a a good Strategy when you think about what They're trying to do as a bigger picture And that in itself also leans in a Little bit to what they're doing in Terms of their print advertising and Their digital advertising so introducing Ibit right there good another good

Example of that then you have others in The market that are going even more Aggressive out there this of course was Time Square and that's Valkyrie with Their Burr love that I love that call uh Call tag for sure but anyway uh this is Vye so again just shows more efforts From traditional Finance going after Advertising as a whole on um the Bitcoin ETF then you look at Black Rock Themselves starting to position within Uh Bitcoin overall couple of things that They are focusing here on this article Two days into the trading of spot black Rock of course largest asset manager Grabs another 115 uh 11,000 500 in Bitcoin places The Firm among the top 15 Public holders of Bitcoin accounting for Roughly about a 056 of the total Bitcoin Supply that's a pretty I think that's a Pretty bold move you know by Black Rock But I think it also is kind of a walking The walk scenario where they're Positioning for their clients and this Could be something that also shows maybe The future signs of where this ETF could Be going firm is Ling uh leveraging Aesthetic and linguistic strategies to Appeal to a broad out audience and the Light color scheme coupled with you know Purchases like Bitcoin access Made Easy And ETF reflects a very simple way to Get people into it again I think this is Just going back to that very basic of

Advertising and you know when you're Trying to sell something that is Complicated the number one strategy and Way to do that is to make it simple and I think that's one of the things they've Been able to do further into this if you Look at the institutional investors and Private companies that are in let me Kind of zoom in on that a little bit That are in deep on bitcoin gray scale Of course kind of topping the list right There Black Rock if you add this Remember this is not updated so the 11,500 is going to add to this number This was done back in uh late last year And then you got block one in here tasos Galaxy digital holding marathon of Course A minor tether micro strategy is Of course one of the biggest out there And then even Mount gaau so that's kind Of putting Black Rock in the mix around Some of the biggest holders of Bitcoin In recent times so that to me shows Again just more faith in the overall System let's not forget too that the US Government still one of the largest Known holders of Bitcoin around 200,000 Of those out there right now on bitcoin I want to play a couple of clips for you One of course is rald Paul talking about The ETF itself and what that adoption Cycle might look like listen in it's Going to attract people because the Markets have been strong last year

Crypto Bitcoin itself was 160% right That doesn't go unnoticed considering Even the NASDAQ managed 50% so it's like 3x the NASDAQ but let's start with the raas the Investment advisors and the financial Advisors those guys aren't on Twitter They have no idea what any of this is Going on all the drama that played out And the false tweet and all of that That total goat rodo I don't know any of This the first they will hear about this Is when they pick up Barons on Saturday Morning with a cup of coffee and they'll Go oh a Bitcoin ETF and Barons will probably have some Sinicism in the article let's assume and They're like well that's interesting but You know I'm not sure it's for my Clients and they go about their business And then they go and see Jack their big Clients on the golf course that weekend And Jack says hey what do you think of The Bitcoin ETF and and the Raa will Repeat what he read in Barons and what He saw on Fox News and then maybe next Week he starts reading few more articles And a few more positive things come out Then he starts thinking maybe I should Do something about this and a couple of Other clients ask him and before you Know it he starts building an order book And getting his clients in he can see They're interested he's incentivized by

The sales process and the commissions And before you know it he's mobilized It's the same with all the Raas yeah I mean you know of course uh Ro pal he's been in Wall Street and Around investment capital for a long Time and if you compare that to even Some things I talked about last week and Just number of investment advisers that I kind of hang with and them asking About it and it it is much like the Cycle he just mentioned there it's a Very slow process so I do think he is Right I think this is one of those Things that will lead up but further Into this I want to go to another clip This is talking about micr strategy and Their angle because is this better than An ETF by just going in and hedging into A regular IPO a regular stock listen in But I think there's actually something Out there that's already exposed to Bitcoin which we've owned for quite a While which is actually better than a Bitcoin ETF and that is micro strategy Micro strategy is better than in my Assessment at least is better than a Bitcoin ETF for a couple reasons number One it's more liquid so it's the largest Owner of Bitcoin in the world not only That there's no fees attached to it and So you think about the optionality of Owning a new technological asset and Being the largest owner of that asset it

Provides enormous optionality over the Long term not only that you've got a CEO Who owns a billion dollars worth of Stock who owns $750 Million worth of Bitcoin personally he's a technologist He's got 31 patents to his name so he Gets it so you know we can talk about The ETFs but there's already something That's more liquid uh out there already And it's really interesting to to Consider that if the value deviates from The intrinsic value so if the underly if The price goes above intrinsic value Michael can sell more shares into the Open market and use that cash to buy Bitcoin that's an enormously value a Creative thing to do if you think about The history of Fiat Currencies always debasing themselves Right and then you've got something Whose Supply Bitcoin is completely Independent of the demand for it that's A very value creative thing to do is Sell something in dollars and buy Something in Bitcoin yeah and I think this analyst You know he's he's kind of hitting on The point that Raul is even making is Even when you do support any ecosystem Like micr strategy that's a direct Relationship that's going to equate in More Bitcoin acquisition obviously being Led by Michael sailor so I think that's Definitely in the spot Kevin o had some

Interesting things to say remember Kevin Was also on last week on our show in a Clip that he said this would never Happen and you know go over here because It's you know you understand Kevin has Agendas but I want to play this clip Listen to what he had to say here now if You're a purist and you're just holding Bitcoin for the long term as a digital Gold as I am I would never buy an ETF Why would I pay these fees it's Completely unnecessary and they add no Value to me the great news is in this Event is it shows a March forward on Regulation towards cryptocurrencies in Addition I would hope this Re-energizes Congress to look at digital Payment systems like tokens around uh Usdc for example which is based on the US dollar as a payment system that has Been out there the the stable coin act Has been kind of delayed but now we have This momentous occasion which is great Um but we're way early we're in the First inning and Regarding 11 of these ETFs not a chance they all survive you Should be watching AUM assets under Management maybe two or three will win I Would bet that behemoths like Fidelity And black rock end up on top because They have massive sales forces but if You're institutions don't care about This they don't care because they would Never buy an ETF they' never pay the

Fees the great news is it's a signal to Them and particularly Sovereign wealth Which I deal with they like this Development this is a good thing for Them to eventually get into crypto that The sec's finally approve This all right so a few things that Kevin I don't often agree with him but a Few things he did say uh in terms of Things that will apply obviously this Not being for the crypto Natives and Even people who want to be directly Exposed to bitcoin because there's so Many ways in without the fees so that I Agree I also think that we we will see a Pairing of the crowd in terms of the Best ETFs to choose out there most Likely a black rock and a handful of Others will be you know kind of those Chosen Few and the bigger picture of Course is the opportunity from the Regulation front so I would agree with Him on that as well but looking out Across the bow you have to look at the Potential here for these assets under Management to actually make a way into Bitcoin so it does have back to what rul Said is that there is a longer lead time Here that I think plays out for sure now Always remember though that the big Problem that you have typically in Acquiring Bitcoin is this whole trading Cycle and of course if you want to get Into something that can trade like

Bitcoin you can do that with it trust Capital One of our sponsors so make sure And use the link down below uh like if You were going out with New York Stock Exchange close today for a holiday Black Rock Clos today grayscale fedility all Close but you can go out on it trust Capital and of course buy and sell right There on and within and this is where You get to manage it on your own and That's another Advantage I think in Terms of people who are looking at Especially a crypto Ira so check it out Use our link down below to get a $100 Funding reward and hopefully you guys Can uh kind of set your course in motion Other things that I thought were kind of Uh little bit hypocritical was the move That vangard has taken because remember Vanguard's pretty much the competitor to Black Rock This is vanguard's CEO and There's some interesting statements here First I want you to know his body Language got his arms crossed he's like Very close to this whole situation but Listen to what he had to say about Owning Bitcoin of ETFs uh and there's Been a lot of discussion over the past Few weeks about uh potentially a Bitcoin Or cryptocurrency ETFs are you exploring It do you plan to open one are you going To apply to open one and what do you Think of a Bitcoin ETF as an investment Tool for your

Customers Tyler we won't be pursuing a Bitcoin ETF um and just like we don't uh Use gold as an asset class for our Clients we have it's not that people Can't invest in there we just look at Asset classes for you know what belongs In a long-term portfolio what has Intrinsic value has cash flows to it and Those are the asset classes we steer People towards and so we don't go Towards Bitcoin or gold or any other of Those uh stable assets all right so a Couple of things he had on there is he's Shying away from gold this could lean Toward maybe more Innovative things that Vanguard would do think e ETF I mean There's some opportunities there but if You look at some of the breakdowns of Vanguard this of course by gerbox here He kind of breaks down the amount of Micro strategy that they own they're the Second largest of all holders So saying they're not buying Bitcoin is Kind of ironic because they are holding So much in the way of micro strategy Which is a direct hedge on the Bitcoin Ecosystem so I don't know it's just a Very you know I think hyppo yeah it's It's a little bit of hypocrisy here I Think in in the terms of just there I Think it all goes back to Black Rock Beat him to the punch here and they just Don't want to be a Johnny come lately is What it boils down to because wall

Street's very egotistical like that SEC Is unlik ly to approve a spot e ETF now This is some people looking at a few Scenarios that would play out here that Could push a spot Bitcoin or excuse me Eth ETF way out and I don't know I'd Love to get your opinion do you guys Think that an eth ETF has a better Opportunity because remember May has Been a potential date in which this Would occur because that's the first Date that the SEC would have to finalize A potential there couple of things they Mentioned in the article expectation is The agency will not be approving the um EF for crypto tokens anytime soon we Believe the SEC will want to gain Experience from Bitcoin we'll see the The waight might not be as long as 26 Months but would likely be after the Election that's a rough one I think this Will come before the election this is JP Morgan aren't bidding big on this in our Opinion the SEC has to approve a spot e ETF in May it would necessarily classify Ethereum as a commodity rather than a Securities that's the other thing that Has kind of been interesting when when You ask or when people ask Gary gendler What is eth and he's so reluctant to say So there are some uh potential Indicators there and he wouldn't this Being JP Morgan would more than wouldn't Put more than a 50% chance to the SEC

Classifying eth as a commodity before May and remember May is that first date So couple of things I'd love to still Get your opinion on this um even though Gendler did approve the uh spot Bitcoin Federal court gave the agency little Choice to approve those funds as he Hadn't lost a legal battle brought Against it by G grayscale this wouldn't Have happened so could grayscale Actually be the one that maybe pushes The ball forward here that's a very Interesting situation um further into This says uh the approval also does not Expect the schedule for crypto Market Structure legislation this was coming Back from TD Cohen I think that is true to a certain Extent because 24 will be a tough year To get much through in the way of Legislation still a challenge even Though I do think stable coins probably Got the best bet gendler's term ends in 2026 so it's yet another reason we Believe gendler is no hurry to act I Think the court will shift that idea a Bit and most likely we'll be putting the SEC on notice again uh if you look Though at eth overall The Narrative is Still pointing toward a potential toward A potential ETF here's a good example This is a percentage of e Supply and Profit on just the 7day so all doing Well pretty much you go over to nansen

You can kind of see just the movement of Eth overall but as you follow along here Total Lock that's that purple line right Here if you're following along here uh And you can see it's just continuing to Uh to climb and then if you look at the Total average right here around 2,000 Even with that as an average E's kind of Hovering in that 22 23 24 range right Now sure it's been shooting up but the Fact that we've got so much you know Conviction in what the E ecos system is Doing that people are going this far in On staking that only to me is a very Very bullish uh potential for where eth Is going now with that there's always Negative and you're going to get both Positive negative storage so there was a Negative and there was a positive uh Scenario around this then you look at This right here which is talking about Celsius is potential sale around 125 Million of the of ethereum so if that Were to happen and remember they still Have like 1.4 billion 540,000 in eth Remaining so could this be timed out Over time sure it could be but it could Be done in a time in which eth is moving Up the chart in terms of positive you Know performance so again still you're Going to get these kind of Narrows Coming in so you have to kind of look at This from a bigger picture and you have To think long term and I think that's

The other thing that many people are Considering right now is how long should You look at is 24 going to be the year That we see an all-time high for both Bitcoin and ethereum or does it roll Into 2025 all of this time around a Bitcoin happening an election I think we Have some big times ahead of so just you Know stick around for that listening to What Rob pal had to say because he kind Of hits it in the sense that this is Maybe a you don't want to miss listen in And there's only two assets that Outperform the debasement of currency And I talked about this add infin Item and that is technology stocks and Crypto and crypto is the fastest SCE in The race and now why don't this up Is because neither of those two assets Are particularly easy to own because They're volatile they want the PE and People hate them people whisper in your Ear all day long they mock you on Twitter they tell you you're stupid you Shouldn't do this you shouldn't do this Buy my value investing stock you should Buy the Russell 2000 you should Diversify my friend and meanwhile we've Got probably two cycles less this is Your chance and these are the only Chances we're going to Get I would agree with ro I think there People just get you know kind of caught Up in in all the the rhetoric that

Happens on Twitter and within your own e Systems of friends family Etc so anyway Hopefully this is going to help you guys Uh stay with it if you're not in the Diamond circle make sure and jump in It's a great place to get additional Alpha and more you know content podcast Etc research we do over there so make Sure and click the link down below you Can of course join that and if you guys Want to catch me out there on X it's Just app Paul Bear and we'll catch you Next time right here on Tech Bath

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