BREAKING: The SEC, Binance, and Binance US Strike Deal (Bitcoin & XRP News)

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00:00 Intro
00:20 The SEC, Binance, and Binance US Strike Deal
02:08 Cardano Founder Embarks on Alien Ocean Expedition
03:43 “Bitcoin Will Surpass Swift & Visa” — Jack Mallers
04:54 Celsius To Sell ALL Altcoins (ADA, MATIC, LINK)
06:12 Ripple CEO Sends BOLD Message to XRP Hodlers

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Hi I'm Brad garlinghouse as many of you Know I don't often make videos like this But then again not every week has been Like this one a lot has been happening In crypto so in nine minutes or less I Want to catch you up on everything you Need to know as an investor hit the like Button hit the like button and let's Start breaking news with binance a judge Has just signed off on a binance sec Deal to move all U.S customer funds and Wallet keys back on Shore in lieu of the Restraining order so you may remember Gary Gensler and the SEC put in an Official request to freeze all assets on Binance us over the allegation of misuse Of funds so the two parties finally Reached an agreement here's an official Statement by binance us this morning we Want to provide an update on the current Battle binance us finds itself in with The SEC we're pleased to inform you that The court did not Grant the sec's Request for for a tro temporary Restraining order and freeze of assets On our platform which was clearly Unjustified by both the facts and the Law so what happened instead we were Able to reach a court-ordered agreement With the SEC that allows us to continue Our ordinary course of business there Has never been any evidence presented by The SEC concerning misuse of customer Assets in fact the SEC lawyers conceded

In court earlier this week when asked by The judge that they had no evidence Suggesting that any such thing had Occurred so a small yet significant Victory today for binance us and they go On the sec's request would have Effectively shuttered our business which Is consistent with the agency's Continued attempts to kill the crypto Industry by any means even by making Allegations that are not supported by The facts this fight has damaged our Business and our reputation but not our Fighting spirit or are resolved to Defend ourselves against unwarranted Charges we look forward to continuing to Defend ourselves in court now I will Keep you updated on any binance updates But if you hold cardano the founder Charles hoskinson embarks on Ocean Expedition to search for alien Technology so here is Charles hoskinson On the ocean digging up treasure and Cardano's founder just be doing side Quests at this point cardano founder Charles hoskinson bankrolls Harvard Astronomer Avi loeb's expedition to Recover possible alien technology from The Pacific Ocean and how this all Started from this Harvard astronomer and His team they identified a watermelon Sized object that fell from space in 2014 as an Interstellar meteor that hit Earth originating from outside of our

Solar system also NASA confirmed their Findings last year so the search is on To find alien rocks or alien Tech and in A direct quote from Loeb the Harvard guy Said this Interstellar meteor may have Been launched a billion years ago from a Distant technological civilization given Its extremely rare material strength and Got 1.5 million dollars in funding from The cardano founder with Charles Hoskinson saying and I quote I'm proud To have fun to this Expedition and it'll Be fun to go along and see if we find Something alien the expedition began Earlier this week with a journey on Hoskinson's private jet from the United States to Australia according to loeb's Blog if you hold cardano I'm going to Keep you updated on what they find Charles is posting videos I will keep Tabs on this and keep in mind Bitcoin For payments Bitcoin for Global Remittances that's a digital public Infrastructure for payments unlike Swift Unlike Visa the current systems Jack Malders explains yeah I mean we let Customers buy and sell Bitcoin and we Use the technology to improve payments I Mean you're talking about there's a Digital public infrastructure for Payments I'm just gonna moment of silence for That that's insane wift is not public Infrastructure for the world

Visa is not public infrastructure for The world it's like a park that we all Share a public utility that we get to All utilize for the benefits of our own Lives it's owned by no one accessible by Everyone we're taking new digital public Infrastructure which by the way guys Think of it like the internet the Internet is global open public Infrastructure for the world to Communicate Really really powerful thing really Really enhanced Humanity really changed Lives and really empowered fundamental Human rights and human freedoms freedom Of speech Bitcoin is very similar for money and For property rights and so we use Digital public infrastructure to make Financial transactions faster cheaper More Global more inclusive it's really Cool stuff now the publicly listed Company backed is set to delist so Lana Cardano and polygon following SEC Lawsuits meaning that this is cell Pressure for those coins for any amount That backed holds but the bigger news For people that still have coins on Celsius Celsius will officially be Selling all altcoins from all their Customers except for custody and Withhold accounts starting July 1st and Will be converting all those altcoins Into Bitcoin and eth and because of the

Celsius bankruptcy we do have a pretty Clear idea of how much of their Customers altcoins Celsius still holds Celsius will start selling their 103 Million Ada on July 1st that's about One-tenth of cardano's daily trading Volume and 60 million of that data Belongs to a single user so looking at Celsius's assets we see they have the Most of their own cell token then they Have a huge amount of Matic than Ada the Link Litecoin dot Etc and keep in mind All of this will not be sold on the Exact same day in reference to their Filing they aim to use commercially Reasonable efforts to maximize the value Of the altcoins and they do have many Many months to make this happen and most Of you have seen at least some of this Hi I'm Brad garlinghouse as many of you Know I don't often make videos like this But then again not every week has been Like this one A few days ago after two years seven Court orders and over a hundred million Dollars in legal bills the Hinman speech Documents including internal SEC emails And comments leading up to this now Infamous 2018 speech they've finally Been unsealed and if you want a recap on What these Hinman documents are seek out This video hinman's speech created new Factors to determine if a token becomes Sufficiently decentralized to no longer

Be considered a security At best these documents show that senior Officials at the SEC couldn't agree on The law and told Bill Hinman directly he Would confuse the public even more about The rules for crypto At worst they show that Hinman Deliberately ignored the law And he tried to create new laws Something only Congress can do and while He was a public servant Hinman received Millions of dollars of payments from his Law Firm which was part of an alliance With others that had a vested interest In this speech this speech isn't about Any one token or any one blockchain This is about showing the extent to Which the SEC has relentlessly pursued Enforcement actions against crypto Players while professing fake open arms And calls to come in and register all The while lying about their so-called Guidance when the lawsuit did drop Against us days before Christmas a very Grinch-like touch They made it personal They sued Chris Larson and they sued Myself Alleging we should have known all along That xrp was a security You can now see plain as day they Couldn't even agree amongst themselves And to me it still seems like they can't He is looking to kill crypto innovation

In the United States and its current Chair An unelected bureaucrat I might add is Weaponizing the lack of regulatory Clarity to exert jurisdiction over the Entire crypto space The definition of putting politics over People It's the pursuit of power over sound Policy The SEC tried to bully us into Acquiescing Thankfully we have had the resources to Fight back Ultimately as our lawsuit comes to a Close for so many others it's just Starting The fight for clarity has to continue I just want to conclude by saying to my Colleagues here at Ripple to my family My friends everyone who has supported us Over the past two and a half years and Certainly to the whole of the xrp army A very heartfelt and a very genuine Thank you for that support like always See you tomorrow