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Calized exchanges are running out of Chain link and this is your last chance To get in before Black Rock and before The world economic Forum Elite because Real world assets are about to take this Industry by storm time to discover Crypto Chills and unless you've been living Under a rock you know the world economic Forum at Davos is happening this week And the theme this year is rebuilding Trust and this theme is going to fit Strongly into the chain link narrative Uh while the world economic Forum Focuses on social and global economic Issues there's been a growing presence Of blockchain and crypto at the meetings In recent years in 2024 the focus has Shifted to the role of AI and then this Is important the tokenization of real World assets and chain link is poised to Take this narrative by storm but what is Asset tokenization and how does it work I do want to give a big shout out to Chain link God and virtual bacon they Have a lot of good chain link knowledge Tokenized assets require highquality Offchain data from secure and reliable Chain link or oracles an asset Tokenization is just a term for the use Of smart contracts and blockchain Technology to represent ownership of Rights of an asset as a tradable onchain Token but what kind of assets would we

Be talking about we're talking about Things like fiat currency think of Foreign Exchange market equities t- Bills credit Commodities carbon credits Which could be a huge narrative this Decade intellectual property and even Fine Art also similar to Gold billion Warrants and house deeds we're going to See more and more tokenization of real World assets and since they're talking About it World economic forum and you're Seeing Larry thinkink say the same thing I expect this to be a huge narrative as We get up and ready for this bull run of The next year and a half if you want to Learn more about this chain link has a Great educational website we were just Looking at the asset tokenization page And now we're going to check out oracles But not the kind that bend spoons what Is a blockchain Oracle an oracle Essentially going to take data offchain And put it onchain you can see this Graphic right here just all the Different entities within crypto that Use price aggregation and again again This is just for price so binance Coinbase Kraken Unis swap whether it's Decentralized or centralized they like To have the most accurate price data Feeds chain link oracles is a great way For that or a price data aggregator a Coin gecko coin market cap or even the Chains themselves uh BNB chain polygon

Ethereum and chain link publishes you Know how many total orac cold networks They have this is about a th000 Protocols using chain link this is very Very great for their business model and I expect this number to definitely Skyrocket I wouldn't be surprised to see This number 10,000 plus by the Q3 of 2025 and it's not just the chains that We were looking at over here here you Can see chain link is now being used on Over 78 chains 392 different protocols With over about a thousand people using It within this ecosystem and we just Scroll through I mean arbitrum ethereum Avalanche uh polygon uh there's just uh No almost no limit op optimis there's Almost no limit for the amount of chains That do use chain link now we're going To talk about the supply and exchanges Hitting a 4year low but if you want want To know a little bit more about chain Link we made a video about a this is Actually two months ago now uh best Opportunity for chain link and we we Cover the origin we cover a little bit More on oracles and we have some pretty Good future price predictions but now I'm even more bullish than I was back Then and it's because of Larry think and The world economic forum and here within The business model for chain League you Can see you know the more often you use The Oracle Services the more you're

Going to have to pay uh you know for Example if say you're going to do a Sports score well if you're playing a Baseball game the score might only Change five times maybe eight times okay Third inning okay they got a point okay You go ahead and update versus say a Basketball game imagine trying to change The score every time for a basketball Game there's going to be a lot more data Hits for a basketball game versus a Baseball game or even weather if you Want to give weather once every 24 hours Well you're going to just use that chain Link once a day but imagine you're Trying to check atmospheric pressure or Humidity at some sort of remote Antarctic station and you got to do it Every 15 minutes there's going to be Varying usage uh of those chain link Tokens also they have uh a pretty cool Protocol for upand cominging chains and Platforms and protocols they have a user Fee sharing so you don't have to have Too much money up front you end up Sharing your earnings with chain link uh The first fee sharing proposal was Between chain link and GMX uh where Chain link is going to get 1.2% of the Fees earned by GMX so great great Business model but let's talk about the Chain link disappearing off exchanges is This real multi-year high what does this Mean for the price and we're going to do

A price prediction based off this Analysis here so we're hitting a 4-year Low for the amount of chain link on Exchanges and this is from santiment so We're going to go to the Tweet right Here and they enjoyed a mini breakout Hitting around 1582 but the supply of Chain link on exchanges is now below 15% For the first time in four years the Amount of uh greater than zero coins While is also within 6% of its all-time High and right here you can see in the Graphic ratio of link on exchanges has Dropped to 14.87% f that is about only one out of Every 14 tokens so you got 15 tokens Around you might be lucky to find one on An exchange the rest Diamond hands are Holding on of these things baby this is The lowest level since February 5th 2020 Let's go back in the wayb back machine And let's check out chain Link's price Here around that time we're going to Draw a circle around February 5th just So we have a little bit of a better idea You can see it it is this candle right Here this is the last time we had this Few chain links tokens on centralized Exchanges well from the fifth in just a Very very short amount of time wow in 2 Weeks it pumped 71% and if you look at That next value area high uh 200% that Was a 3X and this was in 158 days now You're going to see a little bit of a

Squiggle line right there this is the March Co crash this is March 2020 I like To think uh you know without that Co Crash price action would look a little Bit more normalized but let's look at The rest of this bull run this was the Mini 2020 defi summer and you can see Chain link was just Trading sideways it Pretty much traded sideways for a fairly Long time although this was actually a Good pump over 150 days chain link Pumped 70% now remember you essentially Could have got that pump in 2 weeks if You held on though 6 months later you Were finally rewarded if you didn't sell At this point and you held through the Co crash and you're down and you're Upside down in your investment you Thought all hope was lost 6 months later There is a rainbow shining through the Clouds and let's look at the price Action here so after 150 days Technically closer to 5 months I want to See that this next run up so after that All right we had a 70% pump all right Well some of the gas out of the tank no There was still room to run here folks And we're going to and start this bull Run July 5th or so you can see that was About the first of the Big Green candles In a very very short amount of time After pumping 70% in 2 weeks chaining Then pumped 325 in 41 days now it took a long time

To hit that short-term top but if you Were patient you were rewarded it did Take a while it was a total of about 193 days but you had a very very good Pump now remember there was a little bit Of a drawback that we are going to blame On the you know what but now we're Hitting these levels again and what does It mean now previous to the last runup On February 5th you saw we were kind of Trading low and sideways and then we had A little bit of a rally and we're seeing Something similar here we had a very Long period of sideways action in fact If we go ahead and draw this out this Was 526 days and then we had a little Bit of a runup and now we're back into a Consolidation period and now we're Echoing February 5th of 2020 now if you Crawl the first runup was about 70% in 14 days what is a 70% runup look like For right now 70% would give us a Roughly $25 chain link and I think a lot Of people think a $25 chain link is very Attainable q1 Q2 of 2024 but let's get More bullish and let's see how high can This thing really fly and to do that We're going to see where was chain link Around this period now remember this is After the first runup this is the end of D5 summer you can see it peeking out in The middle of August this is August 16th Where where was chain link August 16th 2020 I found that uh ex exact snapshot

And chain link was a top five token and We're looking right now a top five coin Is going to give you around a 40 billion Market cap chain link right now is only Coming in for about 8 billion that is About a little bit less than a 5x eight It would be a 5x at 8 billion exactly We're at 82 billion 5x for chain link Would be a $75 chain link from this Level and let me show you why I think we Can hit a $75 chain link sooner than you Think now this is a best case scenario For all the Bulls out there but this Works for Bitcoin and we're going to try It with chain link one of the metrics We've used for determining bitcoin's Price action is look at the run-ups to The previous bull run to predict the top Of the next Bull Run we're going to look At it real quick you see here in 2012 2013 it touches actually predicts the 2017 top and then same thing here 2015 2016 you see where it touches actually Predicts the 2021 top so what happens if We do it to chain link everybody this is Are you ready are you sitting down this Is going to blow you away all right so If we hit it there we hit it there and Then exactly four years almost to the Day uh when we we topped out of September sorry right here September August of 2020 where does this give us a $75 chain link wow look at that August 2024 coming in perfectly now I don't

Predict this trend line to be accurate Here it is interesting how it works for Bitcoin and it's kind of giv us a good Prediction for chain link so with this Confluence of events we got World Economic Forum we have Larry Fink and Black rock we have you know just the Price action what we've seen lately and We have the amount on exchanges at Alltime lows I've never felt more Bullish for chain link in fact I'm going To DCA into chain link today I'm GNA buy At least two and a half everybody let's Get let's go and start stacking up this Link and I want to give you shout out to All the link Marines who've been holding Through the bare Market go ahead hit That like button if you held through the Be Market even if you knew you shouldn't Have just you just love chain link that Much make sure you check out the other Video we did on chain link if you want To learn more about what is an oracle as Well I'm D for discover crypto I'll see You and your chain link bags at the [Music] Top h