Buy The Crypto Market Dip? w/ Gareth Soloway

I am excited to share my insights on the topic of “Buy The Crypto Market Dip?” with all of you. As someone who has been closely following the crypto market, I believe it is important to examine the potential opportunities that arise during market dips. In this blog post, I will be discussing the ideas and strategies put forth by Gareth Soloway, a renowned expert in the field. Join me as we explore whether buying the dip in the crypto market is a worthwhile investment strategy. Let’s dive in!


In the world of cryptocurrency, the market is constantly evolving. One day it’s a bull run, and the next, it’s a bearish trend. As an investor, these fluctuations can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. In this article, I will explore the recent bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market and discuss whether it’s a good opportunity to buy the dip. To shed light on this topic, we will delve into a video featuring Gareth Soloway, the Chief Market Strategist of

The Bearish Trend and Traders’ Perspective

The cryptocurrency market has recently experienced a bearish trend, causing the prices of various cryptocurrencies to plummet. While this may sound like bad news for some, experienced traders view this trend as an opportunity to enter the market at lower prices. They recognize that the market is cyclical, and downturns often lead to eventual recoveries.

Gareth Soloway’s Insights

In a video interview with Gareth Soloway, he offers his insights and analysis on the current state of the market. Soloway, renowned for his expertise in trading and market strategies, shares his thoughts on various topics. These topics include the recent update on the S&P, as well as specific cryptocurrencies such as Robinhood, DraftKings, Polygon, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

S&P Update and its Influence

According to Soloway, the S&P 500, a leading stock market index, has a high concentration of five stocks. These stocks account for 25% of the index and have contributed to 70% of the gains this year. This information suggests that the performance of these stocks has a significant impact on the overall index. Consequently, a poor performance from one of these stocks, such as Robinhood, can have a ripple effect on the market.

Robinhood’s Earnings and Stock Performance

Robinhood, a popular trading platform, recently reported disappointing earnings results. This news has caused concerns among investors and might influence the stock’s performance. As a result, traders are advised to exercise caution when considering investing in Robinhood due to its current lackluster financial performance.

DraftKings and its Crypto Tie-In

On the other hand, DraftKings, a well-known sports betting company, has seen a boost in its stock price. This is attributed to the recent launch of ESPN bet and its connection to the crypto market. By venturing into the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency, DraftKings has positioned itself for potential long-term success.

Short-term Caution with DraftKings

While DraftKings has experienced strong performance in recent times, Soloway advises traders to exercise caution when considering short-term investments. The stock’s quick rise in value may be unsustainable, and a correction could occur in the short term. However, this cautionary note should not deter long-term investors from recognizing the potential upside of DraftKings.

Long-term Growth Opportunities

Looking ahead, DraftKings has promising growth prospects. With the expansion of sports betting and its ties to the cryptocurrency world, the company is poised for continued success. Analysts predict a potential upside to $42, making it an enticing investment opportunity for those with a long-term outlook.


The recent bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market has presented an opportunity for traders and investors to buy the dip. While caution is advised with particular stocks like Robinhood, DraftKings offers potential growth prospects. It’s crucial to consider expert insights, like those shared by Gareth Soloway, and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. By staying informed and keeping an eye on market trends, investors can navigate the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape successfully.


  1. How do traders view the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market?
    Traders see the bearish trend as an opportunity to enter the market at lower prices.

  2. Who is Gareth Soloway, and what insights does he offer?
    Gareth Soloway is the Chief Market Strategist of He provides analysis and insights on various market topics, including specific cryptocurrencies and the S&P update.

  3. Why is the recent performance of Robinhood important in the market?
    The recent disappointing earnings and stock performance of Robinhood can have an influence on the overall market due to its high concentration in the S&P 500.

  4. What factors contribute to the boost in DraftKings’ stock price?
    DraftKings’ partnership with ESPN bet and its connection to the crypto market have contributed to the recent rise in its stock price.

  5. Should investors exercise caution when considering short-term investments in DraftKings?
    Yes, traders are advised to exercise caution due to the stock’s quick rise in value. A correction could occur in the short term. However, the long-term growth prospects of DraftKings remain promising.

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