Can Bitcoin still hit 100k? Crypto Millionaire’s CRAZY Price Prediction!

Can Bitcoin still hit 100k? Crypto Millionaire's CRAZY Price Prediction!

Is Bitcoin entering a new bull market? How likely is it that the bottom is in? Is 100k bitcoin still possible?

Carl Runefelt aka Carl The Moon is a YouTube content creator & Bitcoin Technical Analyst. Carl has been recognized on Forbes 30 under 30, FOX Business, is part of Kasta crypto app, & has personally invested In 400 Crypto Start-Ups.

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0:00 – Intro (Bitcoin to 40k-50k in 4 months)
1:58 – Is bitcoin entering a new bull market?
7:23 – Bitcoin’s bottom is in? How sure are you?
11:02 – Is this the cycle bitcoin hits 100k?
13:51 – How do I become a millionaire?
17:41 – Carl gives millionaire advice to Altcoin Daily audience

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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According to my analysis right now Even though it might sound a little bit Um crazy but I do think it is a Possibility that Bitcoin might go up Towards 40 to 50 000 within the next Four months Real quick before we get into the charts And Bitcoin and everything what's new in The Carl the moon world Well in my world I feel like we're Finally getting back to some bullish Sentiment I see the the I think the Beginning of the bull market is you know Just around the corner if not already Started and I can see the sentiment I Can see the sentiment on Twitter and YouTube and you know in crypto in General just switched Um the past few weeks and uh people just Seem a little bit more happy and I feel Like that's a good place to be in so I'm Very happy to see that finally I think We had like Yeah it's almost a year of of bear Market now so yeah according to the Cycles which I'm going to go into a Little bit in this video it seems like Guys we're this close now to to getting Some really bullish price action That's awesome to hear now which one of Those magazines do you show when a girl Comes to your office You know what Offices of limits for the ladies I I

Have my tactics but the office is Strictly professional but uh but but This one This one the the ladies like because Because ladies they they like fast cars Right looking good looking good yeah Yeah it's nice Yeah it's a fun stuff on here actually I Was uh with the CZ actually there okay dude when I do a Video on your channel I'm gonna be Talking about some top altcoins and I do Want to talk about Finance where they're At this cycle but anyways everybody look Out for that video uh before we jump Into the charts Carl uh anything to say About Bitcoin crypto the state or you Want to jump right in I want to show you That I believe that Bitcoin is right now On the verge of a massive uh bull market So first of all let's make one thing Very very uh like um simple we've seen That Bitcoin has had uh one year bear Market there also a one-year severe bear Market right there and um right now We've also seen a one-year bear Market Approximately so you know right out of The gate here you can clearly see that According to the disciples here it's It's um It's it's natural that we see a better Market for a year and then what happens After that is that from the bottom we See a a three-year bull market and I I

Want to spread some hope out there Because I believe we deserve that Um here you can clearly see right that We have a one-year bear market and then A three-year bull market and I believe That what we're gonna see now In the coming three years Is essentially that a a bull market and And this is Um just taking previous price action and Extrapolating that and essentially Giving us some kind of a prediction here Um and of course we have the the the the Havings right so the havings they they Always happen here Um Just before the bull market and the next Having is coming up now in uh in uh 24. So we we do have the fundamentals lining Up for us now the Cycles are lining up For us Um so now that we know that the Cycles Are Are showing us That we're gonna go up then let's look For some bullish Um Patterns that can help us um realize When we're gonna see that so first of All I want to go in here on the weekly Time frame and pull up the RSI And the interesting thing we can see Here is that Bitcoin has a Very very clean and beautiful bullish

Divergence here And this should not be taken lightly This is something that usually leads to A trend reversal and everyone who's a Subscriber of mine they know that Actually a bullish Divergence embarrass Diverges is one of my favorite Indicators of um finding Trends and I'll Give you a great example of a Divergence Right up here actually look at that So we had a huge bearish Divergence that Took the bull market and turned it into A bear Market So logically and naturally if we see the Same here but the opposite a bullish Divergence It's very likely that this is going to Take us from a bear Market into a bull Market and this is something that I said Way before we saw this um this this pump That we've seen in the past few weeks so Um it's it's not something that just Came out of nothing we've seen this Bullish Divergence here for for many Weeks and I think we're just finally Seeing Um the um the consequence of that so We're finally seeing the um the um yeah The the natural Um development from a bush Divergence And then people always want to know also Where is the Target and Look if we take the the Fibonacci Retracement tool and I hope that people

Stay with me here even though it sounds Like Um a math lesson but um in the bear Market here we saw Bitcoin retrace up Exactly there to the 61.8 Fibonacci level right there And we've seen that many times before by The way uh Bitcoin loves to retrace back To the 61.8 percent so if we were to see That Say from the top to the bottom If Bitcoin goes up all the way up here To the 61.8 percent then that would mean That Bitcoin goes up here to Um Approximately fifty thousand dollars so 48k approximately so let's just say that According to my analysis right now Even though it might sound a little bit Um crazy but I do think it is a Possibility that Bitcoin might go up Towards forty to fifty thousand dollars Within the next four months it's Possible and uh I've actually put in a Bunch of long positions um that my Subscribers know all about already but I Have uh two big big compositions and one Big ethereum position and I've also been Buying a lot of Bitcoin Um at the lows here Um Sports positions because I'm getting Ready for this massive massive uh Reversal that I think is just kind of Inevitable here

So you think one the bottom is likely in And meaning then two were on the Precipice of a massive Trend change into A bull market That is exactly what I say Now like what percentage How likely do You think the bottom is in obviously Nothing's 100 would you go eighty Percent seventy percent Um I would say if we don't see any fud Let's say binance is fine we say uh all These other firms like no more no more Collapses let's say um usdt stay solvent If we just imagine no more black swans Then I would say the chance I was having Bottomed out is uh probably at 80 or Higher honestly because Um I've also been uh telling people even Before we broke down below 20K I I Always said that if we break below Twenty thousand dollars in that case we Are only gonna go down and make a Liquidity grab and go back up Um like down to like 1817 but I always Said we're not going to go down to 10K Because look when we were at 70k and 60k Many people they put their liquidation Prices below 20K because everyone Thought we're never going to blow 20K Right so that's why they put their Liquidation prices right here exactly Where Bitcoin came down but why would You put your liquidation price down at Like 10K or 8K or or 5K why would you

Because You'd rather get more profit here and And hope that Bitcoin just never goes Below 20K which no one thought we would Do anyways Um so I think most people have already Been liquidated right here and stopped Out and you know there's a lot of Liquidity to to grab here below 20K Because Yeah you know everyone thought that was Like the the the line will never broke But then FTX happened FTX happened and That threw everything off the table and Um yeah but but now we already saw that Happen and I've also been saying that When we go back about 20K I think that's It I think that means we are are back Above and I don't think we're gonna go Below again so you know I may be wrong Who knows um if we see a Black Swan Coming out then it might change that but From what I can tell right now I see no Reason for us to go lower I think Everyone who was bearish everyone who Wanted to sell they already sold Honestly like I think um you know does Do you think Peter Schiff has any more Bitcoin to sell at this point or no Probably not he's probably sold all he Could Exactly I think you know in the FTX um Dilemma or Scandal I think everyone who Was close to selling they already sold

You know so Um now it's more back to uh to um to Bullish times and of course the real Builders that have been building during This time they will be rewarded because Um you know when liquidity dries up you See a lot of the Jokers just leave the Space Um and I can see them you know I meet People on a daily basis I Network a lot And and many people they just stop they Just leave crypto they they leave their Projects and they just go Um do something else Um so so we're weeding out the Jokers And the actual Builders will stay and Will be rewarded in the in the bull Markets I like that we're talking about the bull Market because that's you know the big Question is what's the price target for The bull market and let me just say Before you answer you know back in 2014 When Bitcoin was a thousand dollars if You would have told them bitcoin's gonna 21x get to like twenty thousand dollars People wouldn't have believed you back In 2018 2019 if you would have said Bitcoin's gonna hit 69 000 they probably Wouldn't have believed you so now that We're here how high do you think Bitcoin Could go this cycle is this a cycle Carl That Bitcoin finally hits a hundred Thousand dollars

Okay so it becomes a little bit of a Guessing game but I'll just very quickly Take a um you know from the very very Bottom of the that bear Market to the Top that was a 12 000 move From this bottom up to to this top it Was a 2 000 boom so let's just stay a Little bit conservative and say we go a Thousand percent you know Um a thousand percent from the bottom if That was the bottom like I believe uh Then a thousand would put us at 170 000 so you know I would say that's Probably like a conservative Target but I think we can we can go much higher Um I even think that this talk should Have been higher and the fact that it Was not higher Means that probably Some of those gains might be saved for The next bull market but that's more Like a guessing game and I don't have Really like facts to back that up Um so it's more about me just having a Gut feeling and also seeing around the World you know the world is really Turning to who to to uh to the world and I think that more and more people are Turning to bitcoin so Um technicals are one thing right but Another more important thing is the Fundamental like the fundamentals of Bitcoin is Bitcoin becoming more and More useful and more and more relevant

Or not and of course we know that it's Going to become more relevant as we see More Um financial disasters monetary crisis Um you know we have inflation deflation Interest rates and countries going Against each other you know there are Just so many reasons out there to to put Some of your wealth in Bitcoin and more And more people realize that including Institutions and also governments are Coming in on a rapid scale so honestly I I I've never seen a better time in History to to accumulate Bitcoin like Right now it's very cheap in my opinion And the fundamentals are lining up so It's like a Perfect perfect time and that's why I've Been accumulating Bitcoin and altcoins Um in the past few um let's say past two Three months Carl something I've been Wondering something our audience has Been wondering and anybody who reads Those magazines behind you And I want like real practical advice Carl you've made it in crypto you're a Crypto millionaire How what advice do you give somebody who Wants to get where you're at because You're a young man I believe so like What advice do you have that people can Do to to get where you're at Um so usually I tell people that mindset Is the most important thing

Um because without the right mindset you Will not be able to succeed in any Industry that includes crypto and Includes other other Industries so the Mindset has to be in place and usually I I make sure that people are aware of the Fact that you have to Um use positive thoughts and positive Words you have to tell yourself that you Are Um great if you keep thinking about Yourself as a um as someone who never Makes money you feel like you're poor And you're always missing the Opportunities if you keep thinking like That then I'm telling you the universe Will just give you more of that you have To start thinking differently so what I Did I was working in a supermarket more Than four years ago I just started to Change my mindset I started to act and Believe that I was already successful I Started to um Walk over to actually like success like A wealthy places you know I I lived in The in Sweden I went to like the the Fanciest Street in Stockholm and I Imagined that you know walking there That I lived there and that I was like Part of those people and I I bought a Cup of coffee in the in the most Expensive hotel because I could actually Afford a cup of coffee to do that Um and I imagine that I'm part of this

Uh this um Elite uh people that are Successful and you know happy and just Using that energy and some people think Oh but though that sounds like a like a Hocus Pocus magic stuff but actually the Mindset is very very important that I Cannot stress that enough you have to be In the these um in this um you you need Your brain to rewire and that's the First step and then of course the second Step is to of course have a vision a Plan a passion an idea Um and you don't have to find your Passion on day one but Um at least um start uh you know Creatively think of ideas that you can You can do to to um To make money but people that chase Money rarely make a lot of money you Have to do something that makes you Happy and makes you feel fulfilled and Then the money will come to you I work Every day almost the whole day but I Don't feel like I'm working I just have Fun you know And money comes to me and people come to Me I I don't chase people they come to Me Definitely I encourage our audience to Go subscribe to Carl the moon linked Down below and I I totally feel you with You know envision your success really Really Envision yourself being Successful it does it could sound silly

To some people but when an athlete gets Up to bat or to kick a ball if they Envision it going in if they Envision The Home Run it's statistically more Likely that they will actually will Actually do that so I totally agree with That that's a very good point actually I've been talking to Formula One drivers Literally and to to people that are like Pro climbers and other Industries and They always always or at least the top Top tier they visualize the race Before The Race they visualize the wall before They climb it so why shouldn't you Visualize your future before you achieve It it's it's just the same thing so it's A good very good example I'm envisioning a 100K Bitcoin I'm Envisioning a 10K ethereum But maybe for we'll we'll discuss that Next time you come on Carl thank you so Much for coming on today Um tell our audience what you're up to And give final thoughts for the altcoin Daily audience Final thoughts yeah I mean what I'm up To is I'm I'm building look at that That's a handsome guy right there So yeah medieval Empires is under Construction of course uh very close to Being um being finished and finalized The the out the alpha that actually is Playable Um and um I'm excited for crypto gaming

I think we talked about that in last Video because crypto gaming is Definitely the future of of crypto and Gaming it's uh it's a new multi-trillion Dollar industry Um and yeah guys like if I were you Everyone out there I would go full-time Crypto right now I would put at least Some of my wealth in crypto I would get A job in crypto I would um uh start a Business in crypto get cash flow in Crypto because if you want to become a Millionaire in crypto it's not enough to Just take 10K and buy Shiba Inu Um you have to create cash flow and take This cash flow and invest it you know People think I'm I became wealthy from Buying Bitcoin low no my lowest bitcoin Price was three thousand dollars my Wealth comes from steadily creating cash Flow from my businesses investing that And and making over and over like Decisions that that you know Um take my to make my money worth more Instead of just letting it sit somewhere Uh so that's that's my final thoughts Appreciate you look out for my video on Carl's Channel see you guys

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