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Cardano uh Ada troubles Come on [Music] [Music] [Music] Cardano set to be delisted on huobi will It Dent the Ada price yet another thing Is delisting cardano here consequently Has been directly affected by the recent Scrutiny imposed by the SEC despite the Recent news of the trading pairs being Delisted the mug response has been Relatively subdued looks like it Reflected a decline of 1.8 percent in The past 24 hours that was roughly Wherever it was when we just checked About a half hour ago but it's worth Noting that the price movement cannot Solely be attributed to the de-listing Moving on investors and Traders have Shown confidence in its ability to Withstand challenges and maintain its Value Even in the face of negative Developments um Move this as part of their strategic uh Decision here however it's important to Note that the trading Ada with usdt and Bitcoin will remain unaffected so it Looks like they just removed various Trading pairs uh cardano price to crash 50 says Benjamin Cowan bin Ben That's one guy I don't want to say he's Wrong because if you if you ever watch

Ben Collins videos yeah I'd see him Sometimes anybody who creates their own Math equations And you're like Is this a Egyptian hieroglyphic what am I looking at here right uh yeah not I'm Saying you know like he can plug in data Into an existing equation no he he makes His own equations so I'm like well Clearly you know I think he has a math Degree uh Masters in math I'm not if I'm Not mistaken I can't remember Um so like I I I'm hesitant to just say He's wrong you're wrong Ben you're wrong Benjamin Cowan that is Um but maybe maybe I I feel like he is Let's see what the heck this man thinks I don't know I want to see what he says Here but I think I think I read this Article I think I'm in agreement I might Have to watch this video yeah all right Uh in a recent oh no this is a Twitter Thread uh he shared his perspective on Price action I'm definitely going to Check out this tweet thread indicating a Potential downturn on the horizon According to him okay so he's looking at The Ada Bitcoin exchange rate and Currently it is 900 sets a level Reminiscent of four years ago to point Out the historical data suggests that ADA could experience a significant drop Within the next five to six weeks he Believes the altcoin market can be

Unforgiving warning investors have a Potential 50 decline it is important to Note he's not saying a 50 decline in Price which is important to note a 50 Decline in the BTC trading pair now I'm More apt to say is very possible uh 50 Decline in price would be no way I see That but this would mean you know hey Bitcoin could go up and prize cardano Could go down in price and you're going To see the you know we start getting Closer to his numbers Foreign [Music] [Music] He primarily evaluates all coin charts In relation to bitcoin however his Skeptical skepticism extends to Ada's Value in dollars as well he anticipates That his price May revisit to previous Lows before the year comes to a close uh Where were we on the previous lows let's Look right now uh we're gonna go to coin Gecko's main site we're going to go to Those six coins sorry eighth coin what An idiot he doesn't even know the market Cap number uh and then we're going to Just hit the one year just to see you Know large uh downward price action okay So we have the December FTX collapse uh Actually I wanna wow it was relatively Strong in June uh so June was Terra Luna Um yeah so we're looking at June yeah June June was fine June was fine so we

Need to look at the December lows that's The FTX lows not the Celsius uh Terra Luna lows the Terra Luna Lowe's was an All-time low for East uh post poster tie Uh not not this not soap for cardano so Okay it depends Like there are certain exchanges that Here in June hit 21 cents yeah yeah That's all I just got done yeah we scam Booked down to 21 so I don't know I don't know I'd have to See the BTC Ada trading pair though Though so uh Doesn't really mean too much to me Because I don't have like the Satoshi Numbers memorized like that in my head So I'd have to I'd have to check it out So here's here's the thing if he's Talking about 50 dominance on the 88 or The is it 50 down in the Ada over Bitcoin chart I get you there what I'm Saying is he there's not even Necessarily against it that it could Drop 50 in price action uh hitting even If you don't count the scam Wick coming Back down close to just right above the Previous low guys there's gonna be Another dip again even for Bitcoin I Have a i investing Bros Community knows This I have a box on my chart between 18 And 14 cents guess what the price is Right now 27 and a half let's just go Ahead and round up a little bit it's Been hovering around 30 years with a 50

Or a 50 pump on 18 would lead you to 27. What I'm looking at right now I mean I'm Piecing my thoughts I still think 36 is An interesting Zone to look for a top For Bitcoin in this pre-bull market Rally is what I call it I think you see Cardano May maybe get back up to 38 40 Cents 50 dips 19 20 cents that's right above my zone Could go a little deeper down to 18. I I Don't even think 50 dip on cardano's out Of the question and that doesn't kill it Doesn't kill the long-term prediction of A seven to twelve dollar cardano at the End of the bull market it just means a Juicier spot to buy [Music] [Music] [Applause] All right [Applause] [Music]