Cardano PUMPED By Netflix! (Algo Needs To Wake Up)

Cardano PUMPED By Netflix! (Algo Needs To Wake Up)

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0:00 Intro
00:37 Glassnode bitcoin owners
01:27 Elon doing spaces with Robert Kennedy
02:06 Netflix tweeted cardano games
03:01 Algo needs to wake up
05:47 Tim baby story

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Easy okay there we go I did it first Yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] Would you be able to explain this like I'm five Me yes No now we need Cali out here we need Kelly uh while transferring to new Demand wealth transferring to experience Holders so you can see this is going to Be uh as money goes up new money is Going to be coming in at the peak is is Basically all new money at the bottom Just think hey this is the the smart Money sticking around well right now it Seems like we have bottomed out from the The smart money you know we saw that Little bit of a dip uh with the I think This November December 22 crash now we Are on the way up last time we are Looking at a similar metric on the Bottom we had a pretty nice run up here Uh so I'm not saying that's going to Happen again that was the 2019 run-up Before the March 20 crash I think of That crash hadn't happened that just Would have been more of a chop Consolidation period there this is Really really huge Elon Musk asking Robert Kennedy Jr to do a spaces next Week I think Monday 2 p.m Robert Kennedy Jr already replied he is down so we're

Gonna have another huge Twitter spaces Uh did you listen to the DeSantis one no I didn't listen that one but I wanted to And then I was just pretty pretty good Educated me on a lot of issues I was Misinformed about as far as Florida goes A lot of shed a lot of light on the Disney situation and shed a lot of light On the misinterpreted book Banning where It really isn't a book Banning it was Just empowering parents to decide what Schools are in like their Elementary and Middle School libraries yeah call me Crazy I think that's kind of a good idea They pointed this out here The Witcher The official Netflix Witcher tagged Cardano gaming Thoughts isn't that huge No one's talking about this no one's Seen this I haven't seen anyone talking About it it's pretty big to me though And it's a you know it's it's not like The iohk account it's a smaller account Uh but yeah pretty big pretty big big Stuff there big big stuff pretty bullish Foreign [Music] [Music] So let's pull it up we got it pulled up On coin market cap right now it's Currently coming in at 15 cents let's Look at the all-time price before we Look at the tokenomics so obviously you Know I've talked about this launch

Before I'm not going to repeat anything I said but I think by any objective Measure this is not an ideal launch uh You know when you're launching uh I Think it was above 3. yeah above three Dollars and then it crashes all the way Down to 20 cents it's not ideal it's not It's not what your community wanted uh Below 20 cents actually but then you Know with the Bull Run This fits in my thesis I am more bullish On coins I had a second high in 21 Versus uh the the May of the April High There so they they had a higher high I'm Bullish uh they went all the way Roughly uh close to 2.50 right now Coming in at 15 cents all right so a 10x Is a dollar fifty fifteen X is going to Be 2.25 so you're looking at roughly a 16.5 X here folks this is pretty big uh For it to reach all-time highs I'm not Saying it will but I'm saying if it did You're looking at a 16x uh market cap Right now is a billion it's kind of high But hey that can definitely go higher Fully diluted 1.5 so we got about two Thirds of the coins in circulation uh Here you can see it's actually 76 Percent uh total Supply uh Max Supply 10 Total Supply is 76 okay so that is the Circulating so we could have more 72 Percent are saying right here actually So we have different for total and Circulating

Um there's a lot of stuff with the Centralization of the nodes uh and I've Done a little research and I'm not Trying to come off as bearish but they Have two sets of nodes one anybody and Everybody can be a node but all these Nodes got to be under these 100 relay Nodes and the 100 relay nodes is the Centralized aspect of algorithm they are Hand selected from the algorand Foundation so you you know they have to Like you for you to be able to be given That or you know you have Deep Pockets Like if you know if Apple wants one They're going to get one of course So that part you know it is a little Centralized but I think centralized to a Degree is what is going to get VC money Uh happy and I think we've seen VC Monies invested I think you know there's Clinton Foundation connections do you Have any thoughts on that no I mean I Don't have thoughts on that with algo When it comes to all go it seems like Where other coins kind of shook it off And just kept moving Ever since the SEC went after I'll go And called an uh security I'll go like the centralization of the Nodes that the devs it just seemed to Have I took the wind out of the sales of The community they've fallen asleep took The wind out of their sails yes they Need to wake up because it's still the

Potential is still there it is and I Want I wish AJ was around here so he'd Come talk about it too because he knows A lot more but he's not he's not out on It but he agree I don't want to speak For him but he said like he agrees Al Gran needs to wake up my wife and I just Had a baby people have asked Tierra Before like where's TJ first of all TJ Is is hanging on TJ's getting other work Done too but TJ's wife's about to have a Baby my wife we just had a baby he's a Little over a week old Um so I this weekend have been spending More time with him uh you know helping My wife take care of him he has been Awesome his name I know some people Don't like names his name's Brody so if You guys ever if you guys do nighttime Prayers and you guys pray over people Pray over Brody he's a fresh one just Keep him out of the Adrena Chrome Farms Keep them out of that farm for sure uh But yeah that's my my weekend for the Next Long Wild easy is going home and Spending time with Brody so ah are you Doing the skin to skin contact oh yeah Oh dude he he loves loves like at night Time like I don't know babies are Supposed to they're supposed to eat like Every two to three hours but sometimes Like he'll sleep with me like in my arm And it'll he'll sleep like five hours Straight he loves it so it's awesome it

Is it has been one of the greatest Things that's ever happened to me uh and You never know for anyone who's a parent Out there they're gonna be able to Support this 100 you never know how Awesome it's gonna be to have a child Until you actually have it well it's our Biological imperative to continue our Genetic material yep you know not to Sound like a robot no no it's it's love Family now it's about someone wiping Your butt in 50 years folks let's be Real [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music]