Cathie Wood Dumps Ethereum ETF Plans🗑️Biden Vetos Bank Crypto Custody🚫

Cathie Wood Dumps Ethereum ETF Plans🗑️Biden Vetos Bank Crypto Custody🚫

Cathie Wood has decided to scrap her plans for an Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF), while President Biden has vetoed the proposal for banks to offer crypto custody services. In this blog post, their contrasting decisions and the implications for the crypto market will be explored.

Cathie Wood Dumps Ethereum ETF Plans, Biden Vetoes Bank Crypto Custody


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, news of renowned investor Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest pulling out of the Ethereum ETF race sent ripples through the industry. As the market adjusted to this surprising move, President Biden made a significant decision by vetoing the SAB-121, impacting the realm of bank crypto custody. This article delves into the implications of these events and their broader effects on the cryptocurrency landscape.

Cathie Wood’s Exit from Ethereum ETF Race

  • Ark Invest’s withdrawal from the Ethereum ETF competition raised eyebrows in the crypto community.
  • What led Cathie Wood to abandon plans for an Ethereum ETF?
  • How did the news affect Ethereum’s market value and overall perception?

Biden’s Veto on Bank Crypto Custody

  • President Biden’s official veto on SAB-121 brought forth debates on the regulatory environment.
  • What factors influenced Biden’s decision to block bank crypto custody provisions?
  • Is the veto purely based on regulatory concerns or potential political implications?

Industry Reaction and Speculation

  • How is the cryptocurrency market reacting to Wood’s exit and Biden’s veto?
  • Are doubts surrounding approval processes intensifying with the partnership between 21Shares coming to an end?
  • What does Bitwise’s evaluation of FIT21 chances reveal about the current regulatory climate?

Impact on Crypto Ecosystem

  • Coinbase’s generous donation to Fairshake emphasizes the importance of community-oriented initiatives in the crypto space.
  • The emergence of the Crypto Lobby signals a shift in influence and advocacy within American regulatory spheres.
  • How are these recent developments reshaping the trajectory of the Ethereum ETF war and the overall perception of crypto assets?

Evaluating the Future

  • With 21Shares proceeding with a solo ETH ETF, what are the implications for the market and investors?
  • How does the evaluation of the Ethereum ETF as a product reflect the evolving dynamics of the crypto investment landscape?

In conclusion, as Cathie Wood’s departure from the Ethereum ETF race coincides with President Biden’s veto on bank crypto custody, the cryptocurrency space is experiencing significant shifts and challenges. These events underscore the complex interplay between regulatory decisions, market dynamics, and investor sentiments, ultimately shaping the future trajectory of cryptocurrencies and investment products.

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